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6 Data-Driven Leadership Trends for 2016


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At IBM THINK Leaders, we consult the experts and take a look back at the year in data-driven storytelling to make important predictions for leadership trends in 2016.

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6 Data-Driven Leadership Trends for 2016

  1. 1. 6 Data-Driven Leadership Trends for 2016 Presented by IBM THINK Leaders! 2016
  2. 2. We tapped our global THINK Leaders network for a diverse set of predictions for 2016. © 2015 IBM Corporation 2! Chief Information Officer, Usha International Vinod Krishnan Author, The Business Romantic Tim Leberecht Chief Information Officer, UCB Herman de Prins Chief Technology Officer, Catalina Steve Rubinow Author, Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business Michaell DuDell THINK Leaders Editorial Team
  3. 3. “How is data going to influence executive decision-making in 2016?”
  4. 4. #1 Data-Powered Personalization © 2015 IBM Corporation 4!
  5. 5. From e-commerce to brick-and-mortar, consumers demand a personal touch. Businesses will leverage user data at key touchpoints to guide product development and personalize customer journeys. #1 Data-Powered Personalization © 2015 IBM Corporation 5! "We expect to use the insights gleaned from this ! data to tune our product and service offering. ! We expect the online insights to have tremendous ! impact in the offline world.”! -Vinod Krishnan, CIO, Usha International
  6. 6. #2 Big Empathy
  7. 7. Big Data and artificial intelligence will make companies smarter and more compassionate. Datasets will inform more decisions, but will not replace intuition. #2 Big Empathy © 2015 IBM Corporation 7! “Business leaders will start using big data for 'big empathy,' and look to artificial intelligence to become more emotionally intelligent, both about their customers and employees.” -Tim Leberecht, Author, The Business Romantic
  8. 8. #3 Data-Driven Culture
  9. 9. Data and analytics will continue to demand a seat at the table. Executives will embrace a data-driven mindset, and expand this thinking organization-wide. #3 Data-Driven Culture © 2015 IBM Corporation 9! "Data and analytics will enable us to make better decisions. And even more important, to improve our execution on the decisions.” -Herman de Prins, CIO, UCB
  10. 10. #4 Survival of the Fittest Data © 2015 IBM Corporation 10!
  11. 11. As more data becomes available, companies will prioritize datasets that provide a real competitive advantage. Data with real business value offers actionable insights or acts as a direct source of revenue. #4 Survival of the Fittest Data © 2015 IBM Corporation 11! "Additional data sources that will stem from the growth of the Internet of Things will add to the richness of data and understanding of the world —but not all will prove to be equally useful.” -Steve Rubinow, CTO, Catalina
  12. 12. #5 Hyper-Relevancy © 2015 IBM Corporation 12!
  13. 13. Companies will use data at the right moment to tell the right story. Location analysis tools will target individual consumers, immediately connecting personal devices with physical structures in the real world. #5 Hyper-Relevancy © 2015 IBM Corporation 13! "[As organizations] embrace a more contextualized approach, location analysis tools will become increasingly important to achieving this goal— especially as it relates to out-of-home marketing and advertising.” -Michael Parrish DuDell, Author, Keynote Speaker
  14. 14. To arrive at our final prediction, our editorial staff analyzed the language used in all articles we published in 2015. © 2015 IBM Corporation 14!
  15. 15. #6 Data by Design © 2015 IBM Corporation 15!
  16. 16. Savvy executives will creatively apply design thinking (a focus on the needs of the user) to data streams to generate new revenue, tap into new markets and optimize operations. In 2016, design thinking—as a guide to product development and corporate culture—will continue to be integrated into companies, through dedicated internal business groups or external consultants. #6 Data by Design © 2015 IBM Corporation 16!
  17. 17. THANKS! @IBMThinkLeaders Get how-tos, read candid C-suite interviews, and register for events on data-driven leadership at © 2015 IBM Corporation Designed by Elizabeth Wood