THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The Thanks of Giving 365-24-7


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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The Thanks of Giving 365-24-7

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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The Thanks of Giving 365-24-7

  1. 1. 1 THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – The Thanks of Giving 365/24/7 Happy Thanksgiving often some people talk about letting go and forgiving others for what they’ve done or them even finding it in there heart to possibly even forgive you. It seems many may find letting go (or saying they have) to be therapeutic. But never be under the impression that people with hatred in their hearts will let go of you although you’ve consciously been able to move on. Misery does and will forever seek company & forgiving or trying to forget one for their indiscretions time and time again eventually becomes your hardship when truthfully it's not. There will come a time when you’ll have to condition your self to omit dysfunctional people and things out of your life. People with baggage seem to have a tendency to reach out for the sympathy and most of the times out of guilt will find compassionate individuals to manipulate effectively. Not so long ago I consciously begin to remove people from my life who may have claim they even love me but truthfully would manipulated the bond which was supposed a mutual one of love. Some may have even despised or even patronized me for years and truthfully we always do have an idea of who and where these type people are, but our compassion at times won’t allow us to face reality. I’ve have tolerated some of the people not because I was gullible but because I may have truly held them endearingly in a place close to my heart.
  2. 2. 2 But repeatedly I empowered them giving them passes because of love (which in the long run) over and over again only made a mockery of what love truly represented to me. Love becomes dysfunctional when we allow things (because of love) knowing it is not being reciprocated. Don't always assume that when love is verbally exchanged the essence of the state of being or showing loves being reciprocated. We love to romanticize with the word and act of love being a life prerequisite, guaranteed in the hearts of everyone in our lives but it's not. If loves in any way replicated by just clicking on the send button honestly would this make the world a better place? Quite obviously we have lots of work to do and it starts by communication not appeasement and by being objective not judgmental. I with intent have always consciously never obligated anyone to reciprocate or feel anything that is unnatural. My love has never been scheduled it's unconditional and those who understand it have never questioned it at all & God for sure understands me. During the holidays every year especially Thanksgiving the cycle begins over and over again every year where suddenly like a plague which only last for a month. And in its epiphany like state it resonates contagiously through society and suddenly for as mention a month everyone develops a love for one another. Wouldn’t it be such a loving society if as a collective people we really began to love and tolerate one another for our imperfections? And instead of helping each other only during the holiday seasons extending the same hand of brotherhood and fellowship throughout the entire year? It’s beautiful seeing goodwill and peace being extended throughout the land but image one for second if it was extended all year around? It truthfully seems the holidays are almost similar to running a100yard dash for way to many people. Because it’s starts so abruptly and ends the same way and if you turn your head for one second you’ll miss everything. Just like that it’s over the roar of the crowd and the applause seem to what motivates most and not goodwill. Hopefully people don’t take it offensively if my demeanor seems the same all year around reason being I am conditioned for a marathon and not a dash. I love for 365 days a year and not just for 30 days I built for a marathon not a dash. That’s what love truly is to me I am conditioned and trained to love all year around. Happy Thanksgiving here’s to being appreciative every single day. Respectfully, THE WHEEL (The Way Humanity Expects Everyone to Live)