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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – Relegated


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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – Relegated

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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – Relegated

  1. 1.   THE  WHEEL  SPEAKS  ON  2013  –  Relegated       This  week  and  been  filled  with  so  many  emotions  all  throughout  social  media  a   gamete  of  opinionated  statements  promoting  harmony  hatred  and  vengeance.   Demands  of  boycotts  of  all  items  manufactured  or  associated  in  any  capacity  with   Koch  industries  and  the  request  for  everyone  to  march  in  protest  or  in  peace  in   various  places  throughout  the  United  States.  All  people  have  mixed  emotions  and   rightfully  so  although  unfortunate  it  is  a  constitutional  right  as  well  basically  even  if   we're  not  in  agreement  people  are  going  to  say  and  do  whatever  they  want.  And  it's   becoming  very  clear  that  some  are  trying  to  be  as  outrageous  as  possible.  In  the   request  or  quite  honestly  maybe  fed  up  with  what  the  world  has  seemingly  over  and   over  again  done  in  their  eyes  to  regularly  and  that  plain  and  simple  was  failing  them.   Just  like  anyone  in  this  world  today  even  if  you  didn't  follow  the  trial  (I  didn't   because  I  knew  the  verdict  would  be  an  acquittal  I  hate  to  say)  although  it's  difficult   please  don't  let  hate  consume  you  as  a  person.       At  an  alarming  rate  I  am  seeing  people  who  I  know  to  be  great  people  really   speaking  differently  and  I  am  pretty  sure  it's  affected  their  mannerisms  as  well.  Just   as  they  saying  goes  we  are  what  we  eat  it  shouldn't  surprise  any  of  us  at  all  and  safe   to  say  we  are  truly  what  we  speak  as  well.  On  Saturday  the  acquittal  infuriated  me   and  as  well  millions  of  people  of  all  ethnicities  around  the  world  very  honestly.  I  see   people  from  all  walks  of  life  suffering  and  a  word  like  violence  gunfire  murder  and   killing  have  become  words  that  some  people  have  become  immune  to  being  there   used  so  often  in  this  society.  News  publications  and  well  cable  stations  with  24   hours  news  coverage  have  one  objective  and  that's  to  trigger  us  all.    
  2. 2. And  not  for  one  second  will  they  let  up  until  another  money  generating  catastrophe   proves  even  bigger  than  this  present  one.  And  believe  me  they'll  devour  the  tragedy   of  another  family  and  nation  with  even  more  intensity  to  take  attention  off  of  their   last  victim.       The  same  of  everything  that's  happening  right  now  is  that  the  children  whether  we   want  to  believe  it  or  not  they're  the  ones  suffering.  Only  thing  I  am  saying  is  that   although  it  hurts  remember  our  number  one  priority  is  still  to  nurture.  Years  ago   when  in  my  twenties  I  decided  that  there  was  a  way  that  I  could  make  sure  not  any   human  being  have  nerve  to  say  anything  negative  to  me  and  that  was  going  to  the   gym  and  lifting  weights.  Benching  300  pounds  squatting  like  an  Olympian  and   looking  like  the  last  thing  anyone  would  want  to  say  was  anything  that  would  piss   me  off.  Every  week  split  days  sometimes  2  workouts  a  day  and  constantly  receiving   self-­‐gratification  from  quite  honestly  a  mirror  because  of  a  sculpted  appearance.  It   wasn't  something  that  I  would  look  back  in  hindsight  as  if  it  was  a  waste  of  time  at   all  but  maybe  incentive  wise  I  may  have  lost  focus  as  well  direction.       Especially  to  my  younger  brothers  I  speak  directly  to  right  now  physical  strength  is   nothing  without  brainpower.  And  always  remember  for  every  pull  up  or  push  up   you  can  do  there's  somebody  someplace  who's  main  objective  will  always  be  to   make  sure  an  area  is  supplied  where  you  can  get  all  the  exercise  you  need.     In  cities  all  around  the  world  you  better  believe  departments  are  being  prepared   and  will  not  under  any  circumstances  allow  conditions  to  become  duress  to  the   point  where  the  national  guard  will  have  to  take  over.  Pay  attention  to  how  in  black   communities  we'll  be  policed  and  relegated  to  the  extent  we're  boxed  in  and   observed  almost  like  laboratory  pets.  And  urban  blocks  throughout  the  country  are   reconfigured  infrastructure  wise  with  these  police  watchtowers  in  intervals  design   by  plan  right  on  schedule  in  particularly  because  redevelopment  suitors  have  to  be   appeased.  Almost  like  a  lions  cage  being  watch  although  he’s  alive  and  in  a  familiar   habitat  it  doesn’t  necessarily  mean  it’s  natural.  Imagine  the  thought  of  any   impressionable  child  maybe  under  10  years  old  walking  on  these  avenues  for  so   many  years  wouldn’t  almost  be  embedded  into  the  psyche  of  a  child  to  believe  it   natural  to  be  watch  and  scrutinized  each  and  every  step?  But  you’ll  never  see  this   type  policing  in  the  communities  considered  priority  at  all  it  will  never  happen.       relegate  |ˈreləˌgāt|   verb  [  trans.  ]   consign  or  dismiss  to  an  inferior  rank  or  position     Relegated  as  a  community  collectively  as  a  people  all  around  this  nation  African   Americans  are  being  programmed  and  dismissed  at  the  same  time  and  shamefully   those  who  have  been  fortunate  for  some  time  still  don’t  get  it.  Not  matter  what  you   do  or  where  you  go  there’s  already  a  descriptive  word  you  might  not  want  to  hear   that’s  being  used  when  you  step  into  a  room.    
  3. 3. No  matter  who  you  know  at  the  end  of  the  day  they’ll  never  be  able  to  identify  not   with  you  but  with  what  it  is  to  be  you.       No  matter  how  many  calls  for  peace  and  astute  intellectuals  all  around  the  world   analyze  our  situation  it’s  categorize  just  as  ours  or  theirs.  There  is  nothing  honestly   wrong  with  empowering  oneself  as  a  people.  Other  ethnic  groups  have  and  continue   even  today  only  blocks  away  from  where  you  might  be  standing  empowering  there   own  people.  How  long  are  we  going  to  depend  on  people  who  we  already  no  to  be   sellouts  to  continue  to  shop  for  groceries  it’s  ridiculous  now  the  police  departments   about  to  become  a  modern  day  paramilitary  department  adapting  the  ways  and   policy  that  will  sooner  or  later  become  viewed  as  adversarial  by  the  people  who  will   be  watched  like  animals  every  single  day.    And  there  are  those  of  us  who  saw  this   coming  and  aren’t  surprise  at  all  because  it’s  pretty  obvious  when  an  individual  with   a  plan  decides  that  a  certain  class  of  people  aren’t  a  part  of  the  plan.       There  simply  left  to  eliminate  one  another  just  like  it’s  the  jungle  does  it  sound   familiar  at  all  or  is  it  safe  to  assume  its  relegation  at  it’s  best,  or  best  disguise?     Respectfully,   THE  WHEEL   (The  Way  Humanity/Hudson  Expects  Everyone  to  Live)