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  1. 1. THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – CONTROLThis was encouraged by something I read on my cousin’s facebook page thismorning but have truthfully been lingering for the last year. Please read this intenseparagraph by motivational speakers Les Brown below.You cant go back under any circumstances! Throw gasoline on the bridge. Strike amatch and burn it. You cant go back to the old you...because you know that person isyour greatest enemy. You cant go back to the old habits...because those choices willsabotage you. You cant go back to that old relationship. That old relationship not onlyheld you back, but it got you off track, and dislocated you from yourself. You cant goback to the same old people...because the person they once knew doesnt live hereanymore. You cant go back to the old places...because they dont fit into your future.Look at yourself. Be honest with yourself. Dont look back because in doing so, you willbe pulled back in. Keep your eyes looking forward. Work on yourself. Develop yourself.Pursue your dream. Build a new life by attracting new people, and creating a newreality! This is your time! You cant go back...because youve come too far to turnaround now. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you! Youdeserve!!! ~ Les BrownMany of us although we’d like to break free of especially negative situations orparticularly people might feel helpless. Helpless because there may be a situationthat exist where you might not be empowered or feel empowered enough to breakfree from. The imminent thread of your livelihood or quite possibly a relationship ofperson you may loose who truthfully might just be the problem.Control is a word that is so a part of our everyday lives it’s ignored and we areconstantly controlled and manipulated especially by some people who whether wewant to see it or not only live for self gratification. For a long time I was associatedwith multiple people who in some cases even admitted to me they were envious ofme in the past who could never even if they tried do anything for anyone with theexception of them self.And if something was done for anyone and public perceptionwas favorable then suddenly these same individuals quickly realign themselves onthe correct side of the fence. And not even generally speaking politics at all talkingspecifically about how people for years in particularly in the city where I have beenborn and raised with intent manipulate and control the lives of people within thecity and have been for years.And just as in any process or better yet should I say in life things do change. Thechange has been very subtle but in these last few years has begun to rear its uglyhead. There are specifically respected people who have been carefully hand pickedthroughout African American communities in particularly throughout the world aswell literally to sedate there own people. Not necessarily because they maypersonally aspire to be in politics but they do aspire to have one thing. And besidesinfluence and money what makes mountains move no matter where you are isCONTROL.
  2. 2. There are some African Americans working within departments throughout citiesthroughout not only this city but the world who have been appointed and allowed todo exactly what they’ve been hired to do. And yes that is to make a total mess ofthings which takes away from people paying attention to what’s really happeningwithin what particular city government they may be a part of on a higher level. Thetrail has become more detectable and the scent stronger and the smell is no longerone that can be ignored. And although faces may change in regards to whom may atthe end of the day lead a city don’t foe one second be under the impression suddenlythe assumption of control will with what the public might want to perceive to be asa full victory.A few years ago the corruption scandal that was national news in Jersey Cityinvolving FBI informant Solomon Dwek began to raise questions. Questions aboutcreditability and also the sacrificial process started and the exorcism of exactly whohad absolutely NO POWER was exercised. And in particularly in Jersey City itcoincidentally appeared that majority everyone notably who was publicly ostracizedwas of the minority descent particularly African American.Solomon Dwekwas sentence to six years in federal prison for defrauding a bank outof millions at the height of a staggering investment Ponzi scheme, Solomon Dwek,the corrupt real estate tycoon who helped federal authorities ensnare 46 people in amassive sting operation, was sentenced this morning in state court to four years inprison for another bank fraud.Dwek’s six-year cooperation with federal authoritiesafter his 2006 arrest on charges of kiting $50 million in checks from PNC Bank thatcould have landed him behind bars for up to 30 years. And with all of that being saidthe most notable people to fall from grace in Jersey City were of course AfricanAmericans.And with that being said we’ll continuously as a collective people being AfricanAmerican in particularly those of us in Jersey City be provided with someleaders.Some leaders who might look like us and in some sense even honestly haveall intention of admirably representing the communities where they may have beenraised. But don’t under any circumstances be under the impression that justice hasbeen served just because a few sacrificial lambs have been fed to the wolves and as Imention don’t assume that a change on the surface means anything at all in politics.Sometimes the boat needs to be navigated by a more astute Captain, remembercontrol is everything.Respectfully,THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013The Way Hudson/Humanity Expects Everyone to Live