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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – Agent Orange Food Disorder


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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – Agent Orange Food Disorder

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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – Agent Orange Food Disorder

  1. 1.   1     THE  WHEEL  SPEAKS  ON  2013  –  Agent  Orange  Food  Disorder     My  little  brother  Brad  Thomas  who  honorably  served  these  United  States  of  America   for  more  than  half  of  his  life  inspired  this  feature  of  THE  WHEEL  SPEAKS  ON  2013.   Yesterday  he  post  a  picture  on  facebook  that  he’d  taken  with  a  Vietnam  veteran  and   had  also  reference  our  uncles  all  of  them  great  men  who  served  and  fought  in  the   war  so  infamously  known  now  as  a  part  of  American  history  that  many  just  want   and  wish  they  could  erase.  There  were  many  men  that  served  this  country   unfortunately  at  the  time  just  teenagers  who  lost  their  lives  and  many  of  them  who   were  fortunate  enough  to  return  did  so  some  as  amputees  or  some  in  a  mental  state   that  especially  in  the  60’s  many  doctors  weren’t  prepared  to  adequately  diagnose  or   treat.  In  particularly  speaking  of  Agent  Orange  and  how  it  devastates  the  lives  of   those  having  been  directly  or  indirectly  expose  to  it  over  50  years  later  ruining  lives.     My  uncle  Sonny  birth  name  George  Rogers  Jr.  was  a  brilliant  he  was  a  sharp  dresser   very  handsome  but  the  thing  that  impress  me  most  of  all  about  uncle  Sonny  was   how  smart  he  was.  He  had  an  incredibly  high  IQ  intelligence  quotient  which  didn’t   mean  much  to  many  but  for  some  reason  I  always  even  as  a  child  was  more   inquisitive  than  most  in  the  family  when  it  came  down  to  him.      
  2. 2.   2   I  tried  to  walk  like  him  and  talk  like  him  but  when  he  came  home  from  Vietnam  like   so  many  young  men  something  just  didn’t  seem  right  and  it  would  at  times  just   suddenly  reveal  itself  when  least  expecting  it.  Sometimes  my  uncle  who  was  the   smoothest  most  charismatic  person  you’d  ever  want  to  see  would  suddenly  become   violent  and  uncontrollably  physical  mannerisms  such  as  speaking  to  himself  which   especially  for  me  and  my  brothers  especially  was  hard  to  relate  to  as  young  children.   Then  finally  I  ask  my  mother  to  explain  what  was  wrong  with  uncle  Sonny  to  me   because  she  would  always  tell  me  “always  love  him  but  remember  he’s  not  the  same   anymore  and  he  can’t  help  it”  finally  she  explain  it  to  me  (Agent  Orange).   It  became  very  real  to  me  one  day  when  I  was  about  12  years  old  and  I  saw  uncle   Sonny  walking  on  Bergen  Avenue  near  our  building  one  day  and  I  brag  to  all  of  my   friends  “there’s  my  cool  uncle  Sonny”  and  as  we  got  closer  it  was  obvious  that  he   was  having  an  episode  from  cause  by  the  side  effects  from  the  Agent  Orange  he’d   been  exposed  to  in  the  war.  It  destroy  a  successful  man  who  had  a  great  job  working   as  an  engineer  for  Western  Electric  with  a  beautiful  home  and  adoring  family  as   well.  All  lost  as  well  he’s  mental  awareness  and  sadly  eventually  he  didn’t  recognize   anyone  in  the  family  and  sadly  this  happened  to  families  all  around  the  United  States   in  the  1960’s  and  70’s  it  was  shameful.     Agent  Orange  is  the  combination  of  the  code  names  for  Herbicide  Orange  (HO)  and   Agent  LNX,  one  of  the  herbicides  and  defoliants  used  by  the  U.S.  military  as  part  of   its  chemical  warfare  program,  Operation  Ranch  Hand,  during  the  Vietnam  War  from   1961  to  1971.  Vietnam  estimates  400,000  people  were  killed  or  maimed,  and   500,000  children  born  with  birth  defects  as  a  result  of  its  use.     The  Red  Cross  of  Vietnam  estimates  that  up  to  1  million  people  are  disabled  or  have   health  problems  due  to  Agent  Orange.  The  United  States  government  has  dismissed   these  figures  as  unreliable  and  unrealistically  high     Agent  Orange  and  exposure  -­‐  About  3  million  people  served  in  the  US  military  in   Vietnam  during  the  course  of  the  war,  about  1.5  million  of  whom  served  during  the   period  of  heaviest  herbicide  spraying  from  1967  to  1969.     In  studies  comparing  Vietnam  veterans  with  veterans  who  had  served  at  the  same   time  elsewhere,  blood  TCDD  (dioxin)  levels  were  found  to  be  higher  among  those   who  had  served  in  Vietnam,  although  these  levels  went  down  slowly  over  time.   Exposure  to  Agent  Orange  varied  a  great  deal.  Most  of  the  large-­‐scale  spraying  in   Operation  Ranch  Hand  was  done  with  airplanes  and  helicopters.       However,  some  herbicides  were  sprayed  from  boats  or  trucks,  and  some  were   applied  by  soldiers  with  backpack  sprayers.  Those  who  loaded  airplanes  and   helicopters  might  have  been  exposed  the  most.  Members  of  the  Army  Chemical   Corps,  who  stored  and  mixed  herbicides  and  defoliated  the  perimeters  of  military   bases,  probably  also  had  some  of  the  heaviest  exposures.     Others  with  potentially  heavy  exposures  included  members  of  Special  Forces  units   who  defoliated  remote  campsites,  and  members  of  Navy  river  units  who  cleared   base  perimeters.  
  3. 3.   3     Exposures  could  have  occurred  when  the  chemicals  were  breathed  in,  ingested  in   contaminated  food  or  drink,  or  absorbed  through  the  skin.  Exposure  may  have  been   possible  through  the  eyes  or  through  breaks  in  the  skin,  as  well.   One  of  the  challenges  in  assessing  the  health  effects  of  Agent  Orange  exposure  has   been  determining  how  much  any  individual  veteran  was  exposed  to  (or  even  what   they  were  exposed  to),  as  very  little  information  of  this  type  is  available.     Agent  Orange  and  Cancer  -­‐  About  3  million  Americans  served  in  the  armed  forces   in  Vietnam  and  nearby  areas  during  the  1960s  and  early  1970s,  the  time  of  the   Vietnam  War.  During  that  time,  the  military  used  large  amounts  of  mixtures  known   as  defoliants,  which  are  chemicals  that  cause  the  leaves  to  fall  off  plants.  One  of  these   defoliants  was  Agent  Orange,  and  some  troops  were  exposed  to  it.  Many  years  later,   questions  remain  about  the  lasting  health  effects  of  those  exposures,  including   increases  in  cancer  risk.     (Please  review  this  informative  website  facilitated  by  the  American  Cancer  Society  which   provides  detailed  information  about  the  correlation  of  Agent  Orange  and  cancer­‐ orange-­‐and-­‐cancer  )     And  in  a  featured  article  provided  by  ABC  News  on  May  23rd  it  states  “exposure  four   decades  ago  to  Agent  Orange  in  the  Vietnam  War  appears  to  boost  veterans'  risk  for  a   recurrence  of  prostate  cancer  even  after  the  organ  is  surgically  removed,  a  new  study   shows.  And  if  the  cancer  does  return,  it  tends  to  be  more  aggressive  among  veterans   exposed  to  Agent  Orange  than  in  those  not  exposed  to  the  chemical  defoliant,  the   researchers  found.  Black  veterans  are  especially  vulnerable  to  these  tough-­‐to-­‐treat   recurrences,  the  researchers  said.”  (Please  review  this  informative  article  by  ABC  News   which  provides  detailed  information  )     Black  Men  and  Prostrate  Cancer  -­‐  Since  only  Black  men  are  dying  from  prostate   cancer  earlier  and  at  twice  the  rate  over  every  other  racial  group,  medical   professionals  might  as  well  now  throw  out  what  many  health  officials  believe  is  the   best  test  for  detecting  prostate  cancer  in  Black  men.     The  debate  rages  on  in  the  medical  community  under  the  recent  recommendation   that  doctors  stop  offering  the  PSA  blood  test.  It  comes  as  a  big  surprise  to  local   family  practitioner  Sanaa  Ligons.  The  Prostate  Specific  Antigen  test  is  always  one  of   the  first  tests  she  orders  for  her  over-­‐50  male  patients.  Dr.  Ligons  at  the  Whitney   Young  Family  Health  Clinic  in  San  Bernardino,  said  that  she  understands  that  the   test  that  may  not  be  so  critical  for  other  racial  groups.  Even  so,  she  said  that  Black   males  should  not  only  continue  PSA  testing,  but  start  earlier  than  the  current   recommendations.  
  4. 4.   4   "In  some  populations,  maybe  the  Hispanic  and  Caucasian  population,  where  it's  not   so  frequent  or  so  bad,  it's  okay  not  to  [PSA]  screen,  but  for  African  American  males,  I   think  we  should  be  screening  earlier,"  Dr.  Ligons  said.   At  the  Whitney  Young  Clinic,  African  American  men  over  age  50  can  routinely  expect   to  get  the  essentially  painless  PSA  test,  an  important  protein  marker  that   determines  if  a  man  has  prostate  cancer.  If  they're  over  the  recommended  age,  she   automatically  orders  the  lab.   The  other  alternative-­‐the  dreaded  Digital  Rectal  Exam-­‐is  often  a  deal  breaker  for   Black  males.   Dr.  Ligons  said  the  clinic  doesn't  use  DREs  anymore,  just  the  PSA  because  it  is  more   reliable  to  detect  the  cancer.   When  men  get  their  annual  PSA,  it's  easier  to  spot  the  trend  over  time.  If  the  protein   marker  rises,  it's  one  indicator  that  he  may  have  the  beginning  stages  of  the  cancer.   With  that  earlier  indicator  comes  a  better  chance  of  survival.   But  she  said  patients  must  also  watch  for  other  symptoms.  Urination  shows  the  first   signs  of  trouble  if  the  patient  sees  a  slower  or  weak  urine  stream,  which  could   indicate  prostate  enlargement  or  cancer.  Those  symptoms  could  be  benign,  meaning   not  cancerous,  but  no  one  should  take  the  chance  by  avoiding  the  test.   Black  men  are  most  likely  to  get  and  die  from  prostate  cancer,  but  she  said  that  they   are  still  not  getting  better  about  walking  into  her  office,  and  asking  for  their  PSA   tests.   "Nope,  not  at  all.  They  don't  come  in  and  request  it,"  she  said.   Recommendations  on  prostate  screening  come  by  way  of  the  U.S.  Preventive   Services  Task  Force,  and  is  being  criticized  for  calling  to  curb  PSA  testing,   particularly  since  Black  men  comprise  those  most  at  risk  of  dying  from  the  cancer.   However,  they  reportedly  only  made  up  about  4%  of  the  Task  Force's  case  study.   Essentially,  medical  advocates  argue  that  throwing  out  the  PSA  test  would  be  a  killer   for  more  Black  men.   Men's  Health  Network  (MHN)  and  the  Veterans  Health  Council  also  stand  strongly   opposed  to  the  decision  to  curb  testing,  claiming  that  Vietnam-­‐era  veterans  were   also  more  at  risk  from  over-­‐exposure  to  Agent  Orange.     The  group  blasted  the  Task  Force  for  not  consulting  with  the  National  Cancer   Institute,  or  its  studies  showing  that  PSA  screening  was  attributed  to  a  45-­‐70   percent  decline  in  death  rate,  as  presented  at  the  annual  African  American  Prostate   Cancer  Disparity  Summit  last  year.     "The  recommendation  against  PSA  testing  puts  men's  lives  in  jeopardy  as  they  will   be  discouraged  from  getting  screened  for  prostate  cancer.  This  especially  affects   African-­‐American  men,  men  exposed  to  Agent  Orange,  and  men  with  a  family   history,  all  of  whom  are  at  greatest  risk  of  developing  prostate  cancer  and  dying   from  the  disease.  In  the  U.S.  alone,  30,000  men  die  from  prostate  cancer  annually,  a   staggering  number.  Early  detection  is  key  and  PSA  testing  is  the  best  available  tool,   reducing  prostate  cancer  mortality  by  40  percent  since  its  inception,"  commented   Ana  Fadich,  MPH,  CHES,  Director  of  Programs  and  Health  Promotion  at  MHN.    
  5. 5.   5   For  information  on  screening,  call  Whitney  Young  Family  Health  Clinic  at  (909)  386-­‐7600   (Please  review  this  informative  article  by  Dianne  Anderson  in  the  Washington  Informer  which   provides  detailed  information­‐ men-­‐prostate-­‐cancer/  )     This  country  has  been  infamous  for  using  unsuspecting  individuals  for  research   living  guinea  pigs  being  analyzed  as  they  slowly  deteriorate  and  eventual  die  and   with  intent.  has  provided  detailed  listings  of  various  experiments   through  the  years  the  government  has  conducted  on  in  the  article  A  History  Of  US   Secret    Human  Experimentation  this  paragraph  comes  from  the  mention  article.   “Back  in  1932  The  Tuskegee  Syphilis  Study  begins.  200  black  men  diagnosed  with   syphilis  are  never  told  of  their  illness,  are  denied  treatment,  and  instead  are  used  as   human  guinea  pigs  in  order  to  follow  the  progression  and  symptoms  of  the  disease.   They  all  subsequently  die  from  syphilis,  their  families  never  told  that  they  could   have  been  treated.”  (  )     Which  brings  us  to  date  to  something  known  as  Agent  Orange  Food  Disorder  –     Agent  Orange  Food  Disorder,  AOFD,  is  an  ongoing  mutation  of  cells  from  consuming   pesticide  regularly,  in  other  words,  it  is  the  cumulative  effect  of  consuming  toxins   over  time.  This  type  of  cancer  is  not  contagious  and  is  not  inherited,  rather  it  is   created  inside  the  body  and  perpetuated,  until  it's  often  too  late  to  defeat,  or  so   "chronic  care  management"  would  have  you  believe.  -­‐  See  more  at:­‐is-­‐a.o.f.d,-­‐agent-­‐orange-­‐food-­‐disorder,-­‐ and-­‐how-­‐many-­‐americans-­‐have-­‐it-­‐right-­‐now.html#sthash.r7mw65t9.dpuf       If  you  don't  know  already,  Agent  Orange  was  a  defoliant  used  in  Vietnam  to   decimate  the  Southeast  Asian  jungles  so  the  enemy  couldn't  hide.  Because  of  the   ingredient  "2,4-­‐D's"  links  to  Agent  Orange,  people  have  dubbed  the  GMO  corn  as   "Agent  Orange  corn,"  but  that's  just  the  beginning  of  the  cancer  breeding  madness.   (  Most  of  the  U.S.  soldiers  who  hiked  through  Agent  Orange   came  home  to  the  U.S.  with  cancer,  and  they  didn't  even  know  it.  Now,  most   Americans  are  "walking"  through  the  same  nightmare  by  consuming  GMO  foods.   What  is  the  cure?  Understand  this;  there  is  no  starting  point  for  AOFD,  only  an  end.   People  must  use  their  common  sense  to  beat  cancer.  Put  it  this  way,  would  you   spray  a  little  "Raid"  roach  killer  on  your  food  if  it  made  it  taste  better?  What  if   "RAID  FOOD"  was  a  little  cheaper  than  organic  food,  would  you  buy  that  instead?   Wake  up  and  smell  the  bug  killer!  -­‐  See  more  at:­‐is-­‐a.o.f.d,-­‐agent-­‐orange-­‐food-­‐disorder,-­‐and-­‐how-­‐ many-­‐americans-­‐have-­‐it-­‐right-­‐now.html#sthash.r7mw65t9.dpuf   In  a  article  written  by  S.  D.  Wells  for  the  African  American  Wellness  Initiative  in   detail  he  speaks  of  the  correlation  between  Vietnam  Agent  Orange  and  what  we  as   African  Americans  consume  on  an  economic  level  and  as  well  what  we  digest.   (S.  D.  Wells  for  the  African  American  Wellness  Initiative­‐is-­‐a.o.f.d,-­‐agent-­‐orange-­‐food-­‐disorder,-­‐and-­‐how-­‐ many-­‐americans-­‐have-­‐it-­‐right-­‐now.html  )  
  6. 6.   6     Monsanto  -­‐  is  the  "wicked  witch"  of  agricultural  biotechnology.  In  2010,  the   company  reported  sales  of  approximately  $10.5  billion  and  had  over  27,000   employees.  This  monstrous  company  produces  biotechnology  and  the  horror  toxin   of  the  cancer  epidemic  called  Roundup.  Other  Monsanto  products  include  the  now   ubiquitous  PCBs,  DDT,  Recombinant  Bovine  Growth  Hormone  (rBGH)  and   Aspartame.  Monsanto  is  one  of  the  "Big  Six"  biotech  corporations,  along  with  BASF,   Bayer,  Dow  Chemical  Company,  Dupont,  and  Syngenta.  Starting  to  sound  familiar?   Yes,  we  are  talking  about  Nazi  scientists  working  for  American  corporations  and   breeding  cancer  in  vegetables.     Vietnam's  Agent  Orange  and  Roundup:  Monsanto's  deadly  legacy.  August  of  2011   marked  50  years  since  Agent  Orange  was  first  used  by  the  U.S.  military  in  its  war   against  Vietnam,  and  its  effects  persist  to  this  day,  with  three  generations  of  exposed   Vietnamese  families  and  American  veterans  suffering  from  horrific  birth  defects  and   disabilities.  Of  course,  Monsanto  and  Dow  profited  greatly  from  its  production  and   use,  but  are  not  responsible  for  reparations  for  the  millions  it  crippled  with   disabilities  and  birth  defects.  Instead,  Monsanto  and  Dow  continue  to  profit  from   their  poisons.  Today,  they  are  currently  seeking  approval  for  genetically  modified   crops  that  can  withstand  massive  doses  of  2,4-­‐D,  the  major  chemical  agent  used  in   Agent  Orange.     Monsanto's  best-­‐selling  herbicide  RoundUp  causes  birth  defects.  A  new  generation   of  babies  born  near  fields  of  "RoundUp  Ready"  (genetically  modified)  soy  in   Argentina  are  suffering  birth  defects  as  terrible  as  those  found  in  the  Agent  Orange   contaminated  areas  of  Vietnam.       Roundup,  the  most  widely  used  herbicide  in  the  world,  causes  endocrine   disruption,  damage  to  reproductive  organs  and  to  DNA,  and  it  causes  cancer.     Genetically-­‐Modified  Organisms  (GMO)  -­‐  What  do  GMO,  Zyklon  B,  RoundUp,   Pesticide,  Glyphosate,  2,4-­‐D,  Dimethylphthalate,  and  "Raid"  Ant  &  Roach  Killer  have   in  common?  They  all  kill  bugs,  weeds,  rats  and  humans,  but  still  most  Americans   have  NO  IDEA  just  how  pervasive  genetically-­‐modified  organisms  (GMO)  have   become  throughout  the  food  supply,  especially  in  GMO  corn,  soy,  cottonseed  oil  and   canola  oil.  So  called  "inert"  ingredients  can  kill  you!     Wikipedia,  the  free  encyclopedia  describes  Crack  cocaine  as  the  freebase  form  of   cocaine  that  can  be  smoked.  It  may  also  be  termed  rock,  work,  hard,  iron,  cavvy,   base,  or  just  crack;  it  is  said  to  be  the  most  addictive  form  of  cocaine,  although  this   has  been  contested.  Crack  rocks  offer  a  short  but  intense  high  to  smokers.  Crack   appeared  primarily  in  impoverished  inner-­‐city  neighborhoods  in  New  York,  Los   Angeles,  and  Miami  in  late  1984  and  1985.        
  7. 7.   7   It  ravage  families  and  destroyed  particularly  the  African  American  infrastructure  of   family  which  only  until  the  year  2000  seem  to  be  probably  to  the  dismay  to  let’s  be   truthful  the  government  had  finally  started  to  recover  as  a  collective  ethnicity.   Suddenly  back  folks  were  starting  to  care  and  across  the  nation  especially  in  major   cities  like  those  already  mention  there  had  to  be  something  created  to  debilitate  an   ethnic  group  of  people  once  again  and  the  best  way  to  do  so  unfortunately  which  has   been  proven  is  through  our  (African  American  people)  wellness.       Agent  Orange  Food  Disorder  is  nothing  to  take  slightly  at  all,  regulate  what  you  eat   pay  particularly  close  attention  especially  to  what  your  children  eat  at  all  times.  Pay   very  close  attention  because  even  if  the  price  is  right  that  doesn’t  necessarily  mean   it’s  good  for  you  a  bargain  shouldn’t  always  be  a  priority.  Please  pay  attention  to   vegetables  and  as  I  mention  early  in  this  article  herbicides  utilize  in  the  growing   process.  There  are  organic  locations  popping  up  everyplace  other  than  the  African   American  communities  and  there  are  some  folks  counting  on  this  mention   demographic  to  do  exactly  what  it  has  historically  done.  And  that  is  to  be  satisfied   with  what  we  as  a  collectively  unit  are  fed  and  it’s  time  to  change  this  culture.   Speak  to  older  members  of  your  family  especially  those  who  have  served  or  are  very   much  aware  of  the  travesty  that  Vietnam  War  was  and  how  it  continues  to  even  kill   our  people  everyday.       Agent  Orange  Food  Disorder  should  be  thoroughly  research  and  evaluated  please   review  every  article  link  I  have  provided  educate  one  self  and  re-­‐program  our   children  eating  all  of  this  fast  food  with  all  kinds  of  steroids  and  toxicants  injected   with  intent.  Because  they  surely  do  know  for  sure  who’s  eating  it  and  don’t  ever   doubt  that.       Respectfully,   THE  WHEEL  SPEAKS  ON  2013     (The  Way  Humanity/Hudson  Expects  Everyone  to  Live)