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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – 1964>2014=?


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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – 1964>2014=?

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THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – 1964>2014=?

  1. 1. 1 THE WHEEL SPEAKS ON 2013 – 1964>2014=? The definition of the word pawn is a person used by others for their own purposes. And two of the most revered African American leaders ever were basically pawned before the entire world that seemingly still continues to slumber. In March 26, 1964 the impromptu only meeting between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X took place outside the capitol building. When we look at that image capture 50 years ago we romanticize with what is an illusion. That handshake was unscripted and the meeting last maybe a minute on a crowded street with cameras flashing. They never talked or walked together but both eventually died in vain being savagely murdered. Truly Malcolm X and King never had the chance, though, to explore an alliance.Malcolm X was assassinated in Harlem in 1965. King was murdered three years later. Evaluated these facts and ask yourself how long will we allow the powers that be to consciously control what seems to always alleviate us as a people. Both assassinated at 39 years old. Both had been abandoned by former supporters. And both left virtually no money to their wives and young children. Because they refused to profit from their activism.The photo of their meeting endures because it’s an image used to lullaby especially African American people to sleep as a collective unit of people.I’ve always had an admiration for athletes especially two in particular when I was a mere child mostly because of stories my father told me. Regarding there battles but more for the friendship they had in which many had no idea even existed. During the prime stages of there illustrious careers Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell would eat holiday dinners at each others homes being they usually played against one another on Thanksgiving. They picked one another up from the airports when the other would arrive in the hosting city. Constantly they appeared together in support of civil rights during the 1960’s and remained close personal friends until Chamberlains death.
  2. 2. 2 It’s well documented how Muhammad Ali would belittle Joe Frazier especially during the time when Ali was trying to fight Frazier for his title back, and afterwards. But what’s little known is during the time when Ali was almost destitute and unable to earn a living boxing Joe Frazier was always supportive. And even lobbied the boxing commission in Ali’s favor helping to get his license to box reinstated. Basically I write this today just to make sure some folks are aware there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a competitive spirit and especially having a known adversary. Adversaries depending on the type of individual you are can inspire so many positive things in you. Character building qualities necessary in order to survive but the danger arises when one suddenly allows outside parties to infiltrate what may have been spirited and genuine. Politics activism and or sports can’t and won’t ever supersede logic not one individual will ever have an answer for everyone. Our destiny will never be written or scripted by especially anyone who already has the instructions in their suit pocket. Today it’s so much easier to manipulate millions of people and it happens simply every time the send button is engaged. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X especially at the point when Malcolm was assassinated had become so much alike and it had become rather dangerous to allow them to be in one another’s company. Time repeats itself so many times over and it doesn’t what you or even I would like to believe at the end of the day the situation becomes more dismal. We’ll continue to pay attention to people and things specifically force fed to us intravenously having not a clue. And once again we’ve not only lived up to what’s expected we continue to sadly prove just how inferior many think of us as a people. Money is calculated and can be taken away at any moment. And for anyone living their personal lives at the expense of others without taking into consideration reparations aren’t negotiable one day soon you’ll be directly affected. The greater than sign normally points to the right. The symbol is '>' and it is used in cases where one value is bigger than another. The opposite of this sign is the 'less than' sign. And as we fast move towards the year 2014 are we any better off today than what we were in 1964 as a collective people and particularly as African Americans? Or as my professor would say simplify the problem 1964>2014=? Respectfully, THE WHEEL (The Way Humanity Expects Everyone to Live)