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THE WHEEL SPEAKS 2012 – Criteria: Influential Political Nepotism?


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THE WHEEL SPEAKS 2012 – Criteria: Influential Political Nepotism?

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THE WHEEL SPEAKS 2012 – Criteria: Influential Political Nepotism?

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  2. 2. THE WHEEL SPEAKS 2012 – Criteria: Influential Political Nepotism? Nepotism a word that goes hand and hand with most any and everything associated with city and county affairs historically and on a national level as well and undoubtedly here locally in Jersey City and if anyone even has the nerve to deny this what so ever is probably more than guilty. Just peruse through any payroll or staff roster and you’ll surely recognize familiar last names of possibly current presiding elected officials of the past or even current in all due respect not questioning the competence of anyone at all. Nepotism |ˈnepəәˌtizəәm| noun the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, esp. by giving them jobs. Now it seems some city officials are being persuaded to recognize family members of influential constituents into naming streets after their decease family members who in all due respect haven’t done anything that merits such an accolade or honor. But as mentioned the key word here is influential and it is definitely political nepotism without a doubt. There are some groups and people now who will champion such actions in particular with street naming and directly bring it to the attention of especially an official who they may have probably helped in a campaigning capacity. And taking into consideration that maybe some of these particular individuals might know hundreds or thousands of people and the last thing any political hopefuls or incumbents wants to is to be viewed as unfavorable and of course they are immediately on board with the crusade. Almost like repayment or a down payment on what the true objective is down the road, which is of course future support or to form a cooperative allegiance. With this all being cleverly brought forth to the city council and some members (remember some members as mention) even acting as if they had no idea this was being propose but already being prepared with a speech they’ve rehearsed when they truly knew nothing of the particular person who family members are attempting to have the streets named after. Here’s where the city and all of it’s constituents need to be very concerned because evidently there is no criteria established at all and it is irresponsible and shameful for any elected official to even entertain such a permanent action especially a street naming. One thing that is a constant in Jersey City and in any city nation wide or world wide of course are the street names in which we reside, and this means that every child that consciously looks up and can read has now registered this particular name in the psyche forever. In all due respect the current process is non existent the reliance upon family members to provide old stories when quite honestly every resident in this particular has someone in there own family in which we all could speak of and tell admirable stories about I am quite sure.   2  
  3. 3. In all due respect the councils running into territory that’s unchartered possibly in the future even opening the door for even hypothetically individuals with tainted reputations and those none and associated with illegal activities being recognized with streets being named in there honor, what kind of message would this send in a city that’s already riddled with drug crime and violence and various other forms of illegal activity? Criteria |krīˈti(əә)rēəәn| noun ( pl. -teria |-ˈti(əә)rēəә|) a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided What is the criteria, has one been established? Or better yet now that this question must be directly addressed will their now be animosity or a grudge directed to anyone whobrings it to the attention of constituents? Especially because it is a legitimate question and are of concern which needs to be addressed and hasn’t and will be a recurring issue?Someone is your girlfriend or friend or your political associate and you back support andchampion a street naming based on old stories members of that persons particular family may have shared with you (being an elected official)? Like anyone who loves a familymember I doubt that most would ever share any disingenuous information quite honestly which is only on a need to know basis. But it should be taken into consideration that homes are located on streets and they are a part of neighborhood which of course make our communities what they are. And not necessarily everyone should be expected to be so receptive to what seems to be a very questionable process and although one may even have admiration for family of a particular person who’s name has been submitted for such a decorated action it still doesn’t indemnify anyone from merit and as mention establishing a criteria. I will be addressing via e-mails and inquiries what in particularly it seems some members of the city council would rather not be brought to the attention of constituents because quite honestly this has been for years an effective way for some members & various elected officials to receive gratuitous support from someone who may have possibly not even held them in favor. A sentimental gesture can make the toughest person soft as tissue it can totally turn someone who formerly may have been on the fence into an ally. In all due respect at times it appears very apparent that the councils having a difficult enough time being a cohesively run as an entity at times and especially being that someno longer champion a particular issue because it may be the right thing to do but some geton board with the hope that the favor will be returned (and as mentioned down the road). Unbelievable supporting an issue because it is the right thing to do is apparently no longer in vogue and frowned upon and it comes to past very predictably when you pay very close attention to the direction of very respectably I must say of some city council members when voting on a particular issue.   3  
  4. 4. Anyone as I initially mention in this article will say admirable things about family members publicly just as all councilmembers will speak quite admirably about one another publicly. As professionals and in this particular scenario I am positive not one councilmember will publicly and comfortably even address any sensitive issues without properly researching it and this same approach needs to be adapted when it comes to naming a street. Depending on one-sided accounts for anything will open the flood gates for this to be a recurring and very uncomfortable process in all due respect for council members for years to come. Accountability is a word that’s constantly used whenever I have attended city council meetings and my question is who is accountable when a stamp of approvals put on something that’s obviously voted on unanimously by the council? Was it done based on merit or influence by a political nepotistic personal attempt to enhance possibly some particular elected official or one with aspirations to even advance ones own career in order to be held in favor (down the road) what is the real objective? In all due respect I haven’t requested this opportunity to deface a council and process Iam very respectful of and in addition individuals I have been and will remain cordial with on my behalf. But unfortunately just as some of our laws and policies are obviously outdated this as wells very questionable and a criteria must be implemented. Respectfully, THE WHEEL The Way Hudson/Humanity Expects Everyone to Live   4  
  5. 5. (THE WHEEL a non political group located within the facebook application user environment created by Jersey City native Basil Thomas established in 2008) The WHEEL (is an acronym for The Way Hudson/Humanity Expects Everyone to Live) was established in 2008 this group which contains pictures/events and prominent people ranging from human interest socially politically entertainment sports and business associated. Although initially upon conception most articles were politically inspired it should be noted that Hudson County is about more than politics. It is a diversified city expanding in growth everyday progressively and hopefully the group can be used resource wise as an alternative to what has been provided to us in regards to information in the past. It should be noted that the group in fairness to those who have political aspirations will not offend or slander an individuals name. Although incumbent politicians and candidates are welcome the group should not be utilized as a personal platform for the respective office a candidate or incumbent may be seeking unless authorization has been granted by the facilitator/administrator. This forum has been created for the benefit of us collectively for insight and possible solutions to work in a cohesive manner in a city most of us have been born and raised in and as well we embrace and welcome new residents of all nationalities. Like anything conceived this group is a vision for the hope of a harmony and cohesion in Hudson County. Where although people and opinions may differ we all in conclusion can and will find balance and are able to work in a productive cohesive manner together. For the betterment of our community no matter what race creed religious or political belief especially. "The Way Hudson/Humanity Expects Everyone to Live" Respectfully, Basil Thomas (creator of THE WHEEL) (NOTED: THE WHEEL has the discretion to "remove" unwanted items and members in accordance if etiquette is considered detrimental to the group environment. No profanity or abusive vocabulary will be used while formally posting or in forum discussions and debates of topic/agenda of focus)   5  
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