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Pro Active Situational Survey PASS 2008 creator Basil Thomas submitted to the Board of Chosen Freeholders and Department of Corrections. Documented proof from 2008 that tensions were high this initiative was submitted as a remedy. As far back as 2008 when I came home there were people who paraded themselves as if they were friends confidants even brothers. And for good reasons it being insecurity some would rather do anything to you just in order to set you back. Especially when a person might be at there all time low that's when demons will offer you crumbs. In a hope that you'll show solidarity to an agenda or mission that's meant for personal advancement. It's scary when you begin to realize through the experiences that the people who might walk and talk as you do may be the guiltiest. Struggle is sometimes blinding but god gives us the vision necessary to recognize those bearing false gifts and I did. Some people get so encouraged by other demons and caught up in there lies that they'll never stop no matter what. As long as I live the only thing I've ever tried to do was to create an atmosphere for everyone that encourage positivity as well camaraderie. Please review this initiative I prepared in 2008 and sent to the Board Of Chosen Freeholders on numerous occasions accessible via I will be making an extensive 18 page report accessible to the public which documents the everyday discrimination I was subjected to each and everyday while working for Hudson County from 1981-89 and once again from 2012-2013. It just goes to show you know matter how much things change they stay the same but discrimination has a new color in this day and age. ~ THE WHEEL

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PASS presentation Sept 2008 ii

  1. 1. PASS(Pro Active Situation Survey)Definition of The Acronymn Pro: On the affirmative side.n Active: Endowed with or exercising the power orquality of action.n Situation: A positive location, circumstance, as inthis situation, employment, a job.n Survey: To ascertain the exact area, andboundaries of, to study and a particular area of.
  2. 2. PASS(Pro Active Situation Survey)Pro Active Situation Survey PASS is aninitiative created by Jersey City native BasilThomas once a sergeant for the Departmentof Corrections in Hudson County havingworked in a difficult environment for yearshas provided Basil with the tools andexperiences necessary to create this initiative.In addition having served the NationalReconnaissance Office NRO, Department ofHomeland Security DHS and Department ofDefense DoD for the United States Embassyin the Dominican Republic and havingtrained the police, military and governmentofficials.
  3. 3. PASS(Pro Active Situation Survey)As a youngster Basil was fortunate to have positive images inhis youth like the deceased former Senator/Honorable MayorGlenn D. Cunningham,Chief Justice Shirley Tolentino.And greatly respected former Lincoln High School/NJCU coachCharles Brown, former Hudson County Freeholder ElnardoWebster, JC Basketball icon Harry Laurie and former probasketball and JC Basketball icon Gerald Govan all providedpositive examples through his youth.
  4. 4. PASS(Pro Active Situation Survey Overview)PASS is being pro-active and not waiting for a situation to escalate.Morale is an extremely delicate and valuable towardsestablishing a positive work atmosphere.PASS will allow the Hudson County Freeholders Office andDepartment of Corrections to remain in contact with moraleissues which may be developing or be changing. In additionallows HC and DOC officials to work towards the creation of anew pro-active approach towards daily issues within theenvironment. Not only in the Hudson County Jail butthroughout the county if the initiative is implemented in thecounty which would suggest and show change beingimplemented for the better.
  5. 5. PASS(Pro Active Situation Survey)Pro Active Situation Survey or the acronym PASS would beresponsible for the daily assessment and morale monitoring ofcorrections officers, civilian personnel and individualsincarcerated in the facility. Maintaining a cohesive relationshipwith social services department adhering to the supervision andinstructions of the Chairman of the Board of Freeholders officeand the Director of Corrections Oscar Aviles.The PASS initiative is a collaborative assessment of general areasthat have been unaddressed in regards to morale which has beena concern of both the DOC and Chairman of the Freeholders JeffDublin.The PASS initiative will enable management to initiate a more pro-active assertive approach for necessary for change.
  6. 6. PASS(Pro Active Situation Survey)PASS representatives will submit weekly/monthly reports inaddition to a pro-active assessment of possible problems, issuesor situations that may be imminent in the facility ormaterializing within the staff in an effort towards an amicableresolution or agreement.PASS representatives will also conduct monthly surveys andestablish a PASS web-site which will provide employees withthe day by day ability to communicate any issues or concerns.In addition providing the Hudson County Board of Freeholderswith an informative resource in regards to the DOC and it spersonnel.PASS will also allow employees to file or discuss issues inconfidence or informal . In some instances an informal sit-down may provide employees with possible issues withvaluable information or more in sight and a possible resolutionof the problem.
  7. 7. PASS(Pro Active Situation Survey Overview)PASS representatives will consult each morning with departmentof social services department for any pertinent information whichmay have been filed in regards to reports associated with:Alleged physical abuse and or work related incidents.PASS representative will check all activity daily for anycorrespondence regarding possible issues, status changes orconcerns.PASS representatives will make progress reports and submitthem weekly to the Director of Corrections and the Chairman ofthe Board of Freeholders office.
  8. 8. PASS(Pro Active Situation Survey Overview)n  PASS representatives will attend daily Pro-Active-Situation-Surveyoverview meeting each morning with members of social servicesdepartment.n  PASS representatives will ascertain pertinent information regardingsubmitted: reports, officer behavioral or assault allegations, charges orcomplaints and submit a situation survey of pending finding or issues.n  PASS representatives will immediately direct pertinent information to theDirector of Corrections and Chairman of Board of Freeholders in order toinsure that falsified or unauthorized information is not distributed to thepress.n  PASS representatives will submitted a monthly situation survey reportmonitoring the progress or resolution of current/pending issues of concernwithin the facility which will be submitted to the Director of Correctionsand Chairman of Board of Freeholders.n  PASS representatives will conduct weekly situation survey of collective/individual morale of corrections staff and civilians.
  9. 9. PASS(Pro Active Situation Survey Overview)n  PASS representatives will conduct weekly situation survey ofrelationship/cohesiveness of subordinates and supervisors.n  PASS representatives will conduct weekly situation survey ofwork conditions and environment.n  PASS representatives will conduct necessary mediationpanels or conflict resolution sessions following negativesituation surveyn  PASS allows the HC Board of Freeholders a direct contactwith imminent or potential problems.n  PASS will also prevent the embarrassing recurrence ofnewspaper articles which remain detrimental to the positiveinitiative and perception necessary for the Department ofCorrections management to create a cohesive environment.