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Pro Active Situational Survey PASS 2008 creator Basil Thomas submitted to the Board of Chosen Freeholders and Department of Corrections. Documented proof from 2008 that tensions were high this initiative was submitted as a remedy. As far back as 2008 when I came home there were people who paraded themselves as if they were friends confidants even brothers. And for good reasons it being insecurity some would rather do anything to you just in order to set you back. Especially when a person might be at there all time low that's when demons will offer you crumbs. In a hope that you'll show solidarity to an agenda or mission that's meant for personal advancement. It's scary when you begin to realize through the experiences that the people who might walk and talk as you do may be the guiltiest. Struggle is sometimes blinding but god gives us the vision necessary to recognize those bearing false gifts and I did. Some people get so encouraged by other demons and caught up in there lies that they'll never stop no matter what. As long as I live the only thing I've ever tried to do was to create an atmosphere for everyone that encourage positivity as well camaraderie. Please review this initiative I prepared in 2008 and sent to the Board Of Chosen Freeholders on numerous occasions accessible via I will be making an extensive 18 page report accessible to the public which documents the everyday discrimination I was subjected to each and everyday while working for Hudson County from 1981-89 and once again from 2012-2013. It just goes to show you know matter how much things change they stay the same but discrimination has a new color in this day and age. ~ THE WHEEL

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PASS Initiative Plan (table of contents tablet)

  1. 1. PASS Pro Active Situation SurveyDirective and Initiative PlanPASS Pro Active Situation SurveyVERSION: 1.1CONTACT: Basil ThomasEMAIL: frombasil2u@hotmail.comDATE: October 29, 2008Distribution is subject to Hudson County Board of Freeholders approval
  2. 2. Unclassified//FOUOPASS Pro Active Situation SurveyDirective and Initiative Plan29 October 2008 Page 2 of 10Unclassified//FOUODisclaimersThe information contained in this document is the proprietary and exclusiveproperty of PASS Pro Active Situation Survey except as otherwise indicated. Nopart of this document, in whole or in part, may be reproduced, stored,transmitted, or used for design purposes without the prior written permission ofPASS Pro Active Situation Survey.The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.The information in this document is provided for informational purposes only.Privacy InformationThis document may contain information of a sensitive nature. This informationshould not be given to persons other than those who are involved in the PASSPro Active Situation Survey project or who will become involved during thelifecycleVersion HistoryREVISION CHARTVersion Author(s) Description of Version Date Completed1.1 Basil Thomas PASS Pro Active Situation Survey 29 October 2008
  3. 3. Unclassified//FOUOPASS Pro Active Situation SurveyDirective and Initiative Plan29 October 2008 Page 3 of 10Unclassified//FOUODocument OwnerThe primary contact for questions regarding this document is:Author: Basil ThomasProject Name: PASS Pro Active Situation SurveyPhone: 201-433-7671Email: frombasil2u@hotmail.comDocument ApprovalDocument Name: PASS Pro Active Situation SurveyPublication Date: 29 October 2008:Prepared by: Basil ThomasApproval Pending: __________________________Hudson County Board of Freeholder(s) memberConcurrence Pending: _________________________Chairman Hudson County Board of Freeholders Jeff Dublin
  4. 4. Unclassified//FOUOPASS Pro Active Situation SurveyDirective and Initiative Plan29 October 2008 Page 4 of 10Unclassified//FOUOTable of Contents1 PASS INTRODUCTION 51.1 Objective and Mission 51.2 PASS Creator and Administrator 51.3 Key Stakeholders 61.4 Sign-Off Criteria 61.5 Points of Contact 71.6 PASS Overview 81.7 PASS Assessment 81.8 PASS Questionnaire 92. PASS Monthly Review Panel 10
  5. 5. Unclassified//FOUOPASS Pro Active Situation SurveyDirective and Initiative Plan29 October 2008 Page 5 of 10Unclassified//FOUO1 PASS IntroductionPASS Pro Active Situation Survey directive and initiative is being pro-active and not waiting for a situation to escalate which may becomedetrimental to the continuance of cohesive operations within thedepartment. Morale is an “extremely” vital towards establishing apositive work atmosphere.PASS will allow the Hudson County Freeholders Office andDepartment of Corrections to remain in contact with morale issueswhich may be developing or changing. In addition allows HC and DOCofficials to work together in the creation of a new pro-active approachtowards daily issues within the environment. Not only in the HudsonCounty Jail but throughout the county if the initiative is implemented.PASS would suggest and show change being implemented for thebetter.1.1 Objective and Mission• The acronym PASS stands for Pro Active Situation Survey this missionand initiative has been specifically created for the Department ofCorrections in Hudson County.• Incentive is to provide Hudson County with a modern pro active approachtowards the daily life’s and occurrences of staff employed by theDepartment of Corrections.• And to be assertive in creating an atmosphere which would be one ofproductivity and comfortable to all personnel and staff employed within thefacility or visitors.1.2 PASS Creator and AdministratorThe technical and managerial points of contact for the areas involvedwith PASS are listed below:Program Creator and AdministratorBasil ThomasPro Active Situation Survey (PASS)
  6. 6. Unclassified//FOUOPASS Pro Active Situation SurveyDirective and Initiative Plan29 October 2008 Page 6 of 10Unclassified//FOUO1.3 Key Stakeholders• Chairman Board of Chosen Freeholders• Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders• Hudson County Department of Corrections1.4 Sign-Off CriteriaList those individuals authorized to sign off the PASS initiative Plandocument. Please note newly submitted PASS initiatives must beauthorized by Chairman of HC Board of Freeholders in order toimplement new directive.Name Role Signature DateJeff Dublin Chairman ofHC Board ofFreeholders29 October2008ThomasDeGiseCountyExecutive HCBoard ofChosenFreeholders29 October2008Oscar Aviles Director of HCDepartment ofCorrections29 October2008Kirk Eady andDavid Kruznik(*authorizationrequired byDOC)DeputyDirector of HCCorrections29 October2008Table 1 — Sign-off Criteria
  7. 7. Unclassified//FOUOPASS Pro Active Situation SurveyDirective and Initiative Plan29 October 2008 Page 7 of 10Unclassified//FOUO1.5 Points of ContactList the main points of contact for this PASS initiative document.Include the type of contact, contact name, department, and e-mailaddress:Jeff DublinChairman of Board Hudson County Chosen FreeholdersJDublin@hcnj.usOscar AvilesDirector of Hudson County Department of CorrectionsOAviles@hcnj.us1.6 PASS OverviewPro Active Situation Survey or the acronym PASS would beresponsible for the daily assessment and morale monitoring ofcorrections officers, civilian personnel and individuals incarcerated inthe facility. Maintaining a cohesive relationship with social servicesdepartment adhering to the “supervision and instructions” of theChairman of the Board of Freeholders office and the Director ofCorrections Oscar Aviles.PASS Representative – PASS representatives will submitweekly/monthly reports in addition to a pro-active assessment ofpossible problems, issues or situations that may be imminent in thefacility or materializing within the staff in an effort towards an amicableresolution or agreement.PASS representatives will also conduct monthly surveys and establisha PASS web-site which will provide employees with the day by dayability to communicate any issues or concerns.In addition providing the Hudson County Board of Freeholders with aninformative resource in regards to the DOC and it’s personnel.PASS will also allow employees to “file or discuss” issues in“confidence or informal”. In some instances an informal sit-down mayprovide employees with possible issues with valuable information ormore in sight and a possible resolution of the problem..
  8. 8. Unclassified//FOUOPASS Pro Active Situation SurveyDirective and Initiative Plan29 October 2008 Page 8 of 10Unclassified//FOUOPASS Assessment -There will be a Pro Active Situation Survey panel created in orderto ensure the Hudson County Board of Freeholders remainsinformed of any imminent changes associated with or regarding thementioned below topics:o Moraleo Abusive supervisory enforcemento Officer implications (felony offense, smuggling, assault, etc.)o Harassment (physical, sexual, verbal, etc.)o Racismo Discrimination (nepotism, racial, etc.)o Assaultso ConditionsPASS representatives will consult each morning with department of socialservices department and corrections officials for any pertinent information whichmay have been filed in regards to reports associated with:*Alleged physical abuse *and or work related incidents.PASS representative will check all activity daily for any correspondenceregarding possible issues, status changes or concerns.PASS representatives will make progress reports and submit them weekly to theDirector of Corrections and the Chairman of the Board of Freeholders office.
  9. 9. Unclassified//FOUOPASS Pro Active Situation SurveyDirective and Initiative Plan29 October 2008 Page 9 of 10Unclassified//FOUOPro Active Situation Survey Questionnaire-Job satisfaction situation survey-A. Are you satisfied with your job? Yes___ No___B. Are you content with your colleagues? Yes___ No___C. Are you normally dealt with and treated as a professional? Yes___ No___D. How would you describe the manner in which you are spoken? Yes___No___Relationship with supervision-A. How would you describe your relationship with supervisors:poor__ fair__ good __ excellent__B. In your opinion have you ever been discriminated against? Yes___No___C. In your opinion as a collective group is the supervision adequate? Yes___No___D. How would you describe relations in general (officers)? Yes___ No___Inadequate or questionable behavior or work practices-A. Have you been subjected to or witnessed any form of harassment?Yes__ No__B. How would you describe the manner in which you are spoken too?unprofessional__ satisfactory__ professionally__E. Do you feel as if there may be nepotism practiced on the job? Yes___No___F. Do you sense any animosity by or from any staff member? Yes___No___Opinion and comment section-What in your opinion is the general perception of the corrections department?What could be done to improve the public perception of the correctionsdepartment?How long have you been working for the corrections department?
  10. 10. Unclassified//FOUOPASS Pro Active Situation SurveyDirective and Initiative Plan29 October 2008 Page 10 of 10Unclassified//FOUO2 PASS Monthly Review PanelThere will be a Pro Active Situation Survey panel created-The below listed names/titles should be given priority consideration for PASSinputs:o Chairman/Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholderso PASS Creative Directoro Director of Corrections/Deputy Director of Correctionso Jersey Journal representative (* pending chairman approval)o President of Fraternal Order of Police (pending approval)o President of Policeman Benevolent Association (pending approval)o Latino American Officer (pending approval)o African American Officer (pending approval)o Female Officer (pending approval)o Director of Social Services (* pending chairman approval)The PASS panel will convent monthly and discuss prominent topic issues ofconcern involving the everyday operations of the Hudson County Kearny Jailfacility, officers, staff and inmates. PASS will disperse weekly assessmentsurveys to listed members in order to assure all participants are informed beforeattending monthly meetings.All PASS information discussed within confines of monthly meeting shouldremain internal and not release without consulting Chairman of Board ofFreeholders to any members of:o The Media & Presso All Newspaper publicationso Magazine & private writers/journalisto Family members or outside officials