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HYPE on strategic leap


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This set of slides was used to illustrate the first session of HYPE, the young planners education programme of APG Belgium. The presentation was held on Tuesday October 18, 2011.
This deck contains the slides of Tom Theys' part of the presentation, not the part from Heather LeFevre from Strawberry Frog.

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HYPE on strategic leap

  1. 1. © AMC
  2. 2. TomTheys
  3. 3. Now let’s get started.Via, found by dannidupa
  4. 4. A definitionWTF is a planner?
  5. 5. The strategic leap
  6. 6. A definitionWTF is a strategy?
  7. 7. Strategy =
  8. 8. Hi, I’m the client. Hi, I’m the creative.I have a problem. I have many problems.
  9. 9. Boy! Do you have a problem… Hello, I’m the planner!
  10. 10. The challenge:marry them
  12. 12. Frequently unasked questions Where does the strategy come from? What’s a strategy good for? How to check if I’m on the right track? What’s good and bad? And in between? Why don’t the creatives do what I tell them? How can I build up to a solid strategy?
  13. 13. A few rules of Tom
  14. 14. Find the business challenge It’s the economy, stupid!© GETTY IMAGES
  15. 15. Step 1Find the business challenge
  16. 16. Link to what’s on in society
  17. 17. Step 2Link to what’s on in society
  18. 18. Define the role of your brand
  19. 19. Step 3Define the role of your brand
  20. 20. Make it sound fresh and new
  21. 21. Step 4Make it sound fresh and new
  22. 22. © PHOTOTFUNIA
  23. 23. Honda GRRR1. Business challenge?2. In sync with society?3. Role of the brand?4. Fresh & new?
  24. 24. Best job in the world1. Business challenge?2. In sync with society?3. Role of the brand?4. Fresh & new?
  25. 25. Domino’s1. Business challenge?2. In sync with society?3. Role of the brand?4. Fresh & new?
  26. 26. Heather time!
  27. 27. Ok, but uhm… HOW DO I GETTHERE?
  28. 28. 7 tips & tricks before I retire
  29. 29. 1. Find the real problemEx: IKEA and Swedish design in UK
  30. 30. 3. Find an other marketEx: Playstation isn’t a game console, it’s home entertainment
  31. 31. 4. Find a bigger meaningEx: Olive oil isn’t about oil, it’s about a healthy ‘ceasing life’-style Eurostar isn’t a train, it’s a destination
  32. 32. 5. Look for ‘the other side’Aka: what is surprisingly uncommon?Ex: Dove – real women, Ebay – unwanted presents, Burger King – delist the Whopper
  33. 33. 6. Use a distant parallelAKA: steal great ideas« the Rolls Royce of beers », …Ex: IKEA – shopwalk based on MoMA New York
  34. 34. 7. First prove, then promiseAKA: if I can’t see it, it doesn’t existEx: Domino’s Pizza, MELK – Leon case, $73.000 bar tab
  35. 35. WTF?Make a ‘point’ -> strategic recommendationPresent it on December 13Max 20 minutesWork and present in team
  36. 36. © PHOTOTFUNIA
  37. 37. Pick one:OPTION 1 OPTION 2 OPTION 3 Attract Make Brussels Attractstudents to attractive as a wealthier come to business city families to study in come and Brussels live in Brussels
  38. 38. So what to do?
  39. 39. Don’t follow this scheme rigourously but remember to be clear on: ‘Business’ objective: What do you want to achieve? Insight / change: Who’s the target? What change do you want them to make? Strategic idea:What would be the idea to make that change?