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How to write a strategy


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This deck was made to share with junior planners and planning trainees at our agency to give them some sort of structure to what appears to be a hard nut to crack: writing The Strategy.

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How to write a strategy

  1. How to write a strategy<br />Somerulesyouwillneverfollow<br />
  2. How to write a strategy<br />This deck was made to share with junior planners and planning trainees at our agency to give them some sort of structure to what appears to be a hard nut to crack: writing The Strategy.<br />I don’t know what it’s worth, who and how it can help, but if at some point in time somewhere in the world one of these slides helps to prevent someone lying awake at night like I did so many times, I will be a happy man.<br />Tom Theys<br />Head of strategy, Publicis Brussels<br />
  3. What is a good strategy?<br />It’s a cultural logic<br />Something that lives in society<br />where your brand can play a (leading) role in.<br />
  4. The role of a tagline<br />The true success of a brand lies within its ability <br />to add higher emotional value to a true rational value. <br />It’s lifting a rational benefit up to a higher level. <br />4<br />
  5. The role of a tagline<br />
  6. The role of a tagline<br />
  7. The role of a tagline<br />7<br />
  8. The overall intention:<br />To lift the category <br />from problem-solution<br />to enriching discovery<br />8<br />
  9. The role of a tagline<br />The overall intention:<br />To lift a category <br />from solving a problem<br />to enriching one’s life.<br />9<br />
  10. How do i get there?<br />
  11. Some general rules<br />and thenthrowitaway<br />and thenthrowitaway<br />and thenthrowthemaway<br />and thenhold on to it<br />and thenhold on to those words<br />and then live up to that<br />Use a model<br />Come up with a briefing line<br />Look at the researchaverages<br />Findthe exception<br />Tell youridea to yourpartner<br />Look for the high ambition<br />
  12. And nowsometips & tricks<br />A random list of entrances towards <br />a strategic idea and how to bring it to life.<br />
  13. 1. Find the problem<br />Ex: IKEA and swedish design in UK<br />
  14. 2. Find the 3rd way<br />Ex: weekendesk / Bongo<br />
  15. 3. Find a bigger market<br />Ex: Playstation isn’t a game console, it’s home entertainment<br />
  16. 4. Find a bigger meaning<br />Aka: what does this say about me?<br />Ex: Olive oil isn’t about oil, it’s about a healthy ‘ceasing life’-style<br />
  17. 5. Find the brand’s DNA<br />Aka: is this really us?<br />Bad ex: Harley Davidson perfume<br />
  18. 6. Revive the brand’s history<br />Aka: this is where we’re based upon<br />Ex: Puma, VW Beetle, Levi’s<br />
  19. 7. Look for ‘the other side’ <br />Aka: what is surprisingly uncommon?<br />Ex: Dove – real women, Ebay – unwanted presents<br />
  20. 8. Define what’s missing<br />AKA: invent the unexisting need<br />Ex: mobile phones, …<br />
  21. 9. Make your strategy a story<br />Ex: The Book of Dreams by Honda<br />
  22. 10. Tell us what we know<br />AKA: 10 billion flies can’t be wrong<br />Ex: Mercator – women die older<br />
  23. 11. Tell us your mission<br />AKA: « I have a dream »<br />!: take on real challenges thatwillbring society forward<br />Ex: Proximus – bringing people closer<br />
  24. 12. Solve the market tradeoff<br />AKA: are you the first to bringa breakthrough solution<br /> Ex: Honda GRRR – the first quiet and ecological diesel<br /> IKEA – design furniturenowaffordable<br />Ryanair – airlineflights for almostnothing<br />
  25. 13. Use a distant parallel<br />AKA: stealgreatideas<br />« the Rolls Royce of beers », …<br />Ex: IKEA – shopwalkbased on MoMA New York<br />
  26. 14. Prove! Prove! Prove!<br />AKA: illustrate your strategy in all possible ways<br />Ex: pictures, newsflashes, research, Wikipedia, Google, Flickr, street interviews, …<br />
  27. 15. Deconstruct, reconstruct<br />AKA: the question battery<br />What, who, where, why, whoelse, why not, what if, when, how, whatever?<br />
  28. 16. Be curious. All the time.<br />AKA: whathappens to the light when the fridgeisclosed?<br /> Ex: My 2004 Christmas dinnerafterwinning the Marie-Jo lingerie pitch<br />
  29. 17. Do the Post-It board<br />AKA: stick every tiny little idea to a blackboard. Then start clustering.<br />
  30. 18. Bring it down to a point of focus.<br />AKA: In twowords, what’sit about?<br />Ex: DouweEgbertsis all about profound conversations<br />
  31. 19. Cherish the ‘account idea’<br />AKA: « Maybe I’m stupid, but isn’t it something like X? »<br />
  32. 20. Share & Check<br />AKA: jee, thatsoundedbetter in myhead…<br />AKA: kill your darlings<br />
  33. tom.theys@publicis.betwitter: @tomtheys<br />