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Poetry revision


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Some opening paragraphs for you!

Published in: Education
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Poetry revision

  1. 1. Poetry RevisionBottisham Village College2013
  2. 2. What is this?In this very simple powerpoint, we shall showyou how to answer the questions you will getnext week.I shall give you a question and then an exampleparagraph.Good Luck!
  3. 3. Compare the ways in which poets present their ideasabout power in Ozymandias and one other poem fromthe “Character and Voice” section of the anthology.Both the poems Ozymandias and Les Grands Seigneurs show power decliningover time, but they present their ideas in different ways. In Ozymandias, wesee lots of imagery and words to do with destruction. The phrase “shatteredvisage” gives us an impression that an identity has been destroyed – theonomatopoeia in that phrase makes this clear for the reader. The imagery of“trunkless legs” shows us something that has lost its meaning. The poem LesGrands Seigneurs also shows how power has declined over time. At the startof the poem we see lines that are lengthy and words that are sophisticated.The words “castellated” and “troubadour” are contrasted dramatically withwords like “bit of stuff” and “clicked” at the end of the poem. This change inlanguage and structure represents the voice’s loss of power once married.
  4. 4. Compare the ways in which poets present their ideasabout identity in The Clown Punk and one other poemfrom the anthology.Both poems The Clown Punk and Medusa show contrasting identities foreffect. The voice in the first poem seems to be very scathing about the areahe is driving through. He talks of the “shonky side of town” , the alliterationshowing his bitterness. He contrasts himself with “The Clown Punk”, notcalling him a name and, to some extent, dehumanising him. He tells hischildren “Don’t laugh”. The two identities are vital to the centre of the poem.Medusa also shows two identities but of the same person. The voice tells us“Wasn’t I young? Wasn’t I beautiful?”, with the questions showing how muchshe longs for her previous beauty. This is contrasted with the present whereshe talks of snakes that “hissed and spat”. We can see two identitiesjuxtaposed for effect.
  5. 5. Compare the ways in which poets present isolatedcharacters in The Hunchback in the Park and oneother poem from the anthology.Both poems The Hunchback in the Park and Case History present isolatedcharacters with a sense of weakness. The poet describes the tramp as“propped between trees and water”, implying that he is something of anobject rather than a person. It has the effect of showing this isolatedcharacter as dehumanised. This is also shown in Case History where thepoetic voice talks about “lugs me upstairs”. The words ‘lugs’ creates an uglysound and sounds as if she is dragging an object up the stairs not herself. Aswe can see, both poems use words to show how isolated characterssomehow loose their sense of human identity.