Conjunctive use of water and water budgeting


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Conjunctive use of water and water budgeting

  1. 1. -J.Delince
  2. 2. * *This technique involves the usage of two or more sources of irrigation to get a sustained irrigation system and to meet the crop demand *In agriculture the irrigating the field has become the major problem *To mitigate this problem the conjunctive use of water is made . *In conjunctive use the ground water and other surface flow like river ,canal water can be used
  3. 3. * *much greater water-supply security – by taking advantage of natural groundwater storage in aquifers *larger net water-supply yield – than would generally be possible using only one source alone *better timing of irrigation-water delivery – since groundwater can be rapidly deployed to compensate for any shortfall in canal-water availability at critical times in the crop-growth cycle *reduced environmental impact – by counteracting land waterlogging and salinization, and excessive riverflow depletion or aquifer overexploitation. *To maximize more water user benefits
  4. 4. * *To prevent water scarcity that occurred on the region that are remote to the river or other similar water source *To create equal distribution of water to all regions *To reduce sea water intrusion *To meet the crop demand in a sustained manner *To get reliable yield in places where we have saline water