What Is Term Life Insurance?When you purchase term life insurance, you are getting death protection for a stated period of...
What Is Term Life Insurance
What Is Term Life Insurance
What Is Term Life Insurance
What Is Term Life Insurance
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What Is Term Life Insurance


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return of premium term insurance

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What Is Term Life Insurance

  1. 1. What Is Term Life Insurance?When you purchase term life insurance, you are getting death protection for a stated period of time, or term. Term life insurance is the simplest form of insurance. It's similar to renting your home as opposed to purchasing it. Its main purpose is to provide permanent life insurance protection on a limited budget. If you die during the coverage period, your beneficiary (the person you named to collect the insurance proceeds) receives the death benefit (the face amount of the policy). If you live past the term period, your coverage ends, and you get nothing back. However, there is a new product available called return of premium term life insurance. Term life insurance is available for periods ranging from 1 year to 35 years. You may be able to renew most policies for a new term without regard to your health, but at a higher rate. Your premium goes toward administrative expenses, company profit, and a reserve account that pays claims to those who die during the term period. As you get older, the chance that you will die increases. To cover this increasing risk, your premiums will likewise rise at regular intervals. For this reason, premiums that were quite inexpensive at the time you initially purchased your term policy will become much more expensive as you get older. Most term life insurance also has a conversion feature that allows you to switch your coverage to some type of permanent insurance without answering health questions - this feature is called convertibility.<br />When Is Term Insurance Most Appropriate?Permanent insurance has its advantages, but it may not be appropriate for everyone's personal financial situation. There are two scenarios where term insurance makes sense:1. If you need a lot of insurance coverage but do not have much discretionary income leftover each month. For example, if you are the main breadwinner supporting a spouse and children you will need a significant amount of death benefit which will be fairly big outlay with permanent insurance. It is a worthwhile investment if you can afford it. If you cannot afford it, you still need the coverage so term insurance is the next best option. Term insurance will provide the lowest outlay for the maximum coverage.2. If you cannot afford permanent life insurance but would like to secure your insurability, term life insurance is the appropriate option in this instance as well. You will want to purchase a term life insurance policy with a company that also has a strong permanent life insurance product so that you can convert your term policy to a permanent policy but still maintain your age of insurability. Your age of insurability is the age at which you originally purchased the term insurance. This means that once you are able to afford permanent insurance, your premiums should be at the rate of your age when you purchased the term policy. Also, in event of other s if you are young and healthy, now is the best time to purchase insurance, term or permanent serious medical condition you are still able to convert your term life into permanent coverage. So Term life insurance provides pure life insurance in its most inexpensive form. Its premiums are the pure cost of mortality over a specified period of time ranging from one to thirty years. The advantages of term life insurance all stem from its simplicity and straight forwardness...One of the biggest advantages of term life insurance is its low initial cost. Because term life insurance policies do not have a cash value, with term life policies, you're generally just paying for the death benefit, which is the lump sum payment your beneficiaries will receive if you die during the term of the policy..Term life insurance is often a good choice for people who are beginning to form a family, especially if they have a tight budget. With term life insurance, individuals can buy high levels of protection at a time when their need is the greatest. Term life insurance is also a good option for covering temporary needs. For example, while paying off a mortgage or any other commercial loan, an individual might consider taking out a term life insurance policy that would cover theperiod of time in question..Return of Premium (ROP)Term life insurance is a relatively new product that essentially works as a term life insurance policy with a promise to return the premiums paid if the insured is still alive at the end of the term. At the end of the level premium period, 100% of the premiums paid will be returned to the policy owner - this is a great advantage of term life insurance. The premiums for ROP policies are higher than premiums for standard term life policies. In order to be able to return the premiums at the end of the term, the insurance company will invest these additional premium dollars during the term of the policy.Finally a powerful advantage of term life insurance is the convertibility option. The low cost of term insurance is a benefit early on in life when money is tight and there is a need for a larger amount of protection than you can get through a whole life policy. But when you become older and you have more flexibility, the cost of renewing the term policy might not make sense. For this reason, most companies allow you to convert your term life insurance policy into a permanent insurance policy at the original age. This will allow you to gain the benefit of a whole life insurance policy with a premium calculated at the age you started your term policy. This advantage of term life insurance makes it very attractive when premium budget is a major question.IF YOU CAN SEND ME YOU DATE OF BIRTH WE WILL SUGGEST A PLAN ACCORDING TO YOUR WORTHCALL 9849474333 TO CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT TO LET ME COME OVER AND DISCUSS SOMETHIG WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.<br />