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Cpa Presentation Dec09


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A Call to Arms for Construction Products Manufacturers and Builders to reinvent their Value-Propositions

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Cpa Presentation Dec09

  1. 1. It’s more than the product <ul><li>Whole Systems Thinking in Construction Supply </li></ul>Tim Hall Total Flow Limited
  2. 2. Construction Products Manufacturing
  3. 3. Our Industry Has Great Products but Woeful Value Propositions Engineered Systems Outperform any Component Built Artefact 2 Challenges..
  4. 4. Proud to be in Construction ?
  5. 5. Proud to be in Construction?
  6. 6. Declare Your Ambition : 20% Cost Down ¼ The Leadtime 30% Less Labour Create Product and Process Flow: Supply without Obstruction Deviation Delay Or Defects Redefine the Value Proposition
  7. 7. Bolt –on Systems Parts Engineered .
  8. 8. Component Systems Built Engineered .
  9. 9. Component Systems Built Engineered . <ul><li>? </li></ul>
  10. 10. Declare Your Ambition : 80% Better Energy Performance Zero Defects & 50% Cost Down Make to Order – Faster than stock Whole Systems Design: In-coming Materials Production Process Distribution After Market Redefine the Value Proposition
  11. 11. Total Flow’s Ambition : Create Remarkable Value Chains in Construction Whole Systems Design: Excellent Local Processes Integrated Systems Step Change in Quality and Value Redefine the Value Proposition
  12. 12. Component Systems Built Engineered . <ul><li>? </li></ul>
  13. 13. In Violent Disagreement? Happy in Your World? or Ready To Declare your Ambition? Questions…. Challenges… Ideas… Suggestions… Tim Hall, Total Flow Limited [email_address] +44 7870 274756