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Tgplan issn pgl 2013

  1. 1. Think Globally,Problem-solve Locally,Act Neighborly!Welcome to TGPLANStacy Allen Webster and Edward Tierney, Academy for Global Studies
  2. 2. globallocal =Austin, TXinternational traveling expedition to Costa Rica
  3. 3. “Teddy”Edward TierneyWorld History teacherStacyStacy Allen WebsterEnglish II/World Literature teacherAbout Us
  4. 4. About UsThe Academy for Global Studies atStephen F. Austin High School:• smaller learning community• main campus = 2000+ students• AGS = approx. 450 students 9th-12th• public urban high schoolThe AGS Dream:• globally focused curriculum• interdisciplinary, teamed model• project-based learning• rigorous for all (Pre-AP/AP courses)• service-learning• travel expeditions/field experiences• capstone/portfolio experiences
  5. 5. And now…our interpretation ofa successful ISSN school:
  6. 6. CurriculumTravelExpeditionsServiceLearning
  7. 7. TGPLAN Overview Costa Ricaserviceand thinktankIdentifyglobal andlocal issueResearchandinterviewsTakeActiongroupprojectAdvocacyproductReflective/persuasiveessayShowcaseNight
  8. 8. Sample advocacy products:
  9. 9. Learning Expedition to Costa RicaWhy Costa Rica? the majority of our students are learning Spanish we hoped to visit a Central or South Americancountry in order to connect to our spring unit oncolonization and postcolonial identity Costa Rica is safer and more navigable for largegroups than some other options EARTH University fosters a travel experience vs.a tourist experience it’s the happiest country on the planet!
  10. 10. Curriculum ConnectionsEARTH University Politics and history of bananas Methane collection and water purification The science and sociology of trash (waste, recycling, class) Sustainability/use of resources Cultural interaction and service at the FINCASBribri Indigenous Tribe Native populations in a postcolonial culture Preserving culture Service learningDoka Coffee Plantation Chemistry of caffeine Migrant worker conditions Globalization of food/farming
  11. 11. EARTH University(Escuela Agricultura de Regiόn Tropico Húmeda)
  12. 12. Global Problem-solving
  13. 13. Bribri indigenous tribe
  14. 14. Bribri service projects
  15. 15.  Big world/small world How far do you need to travel to change the world? Social/environmental umbrella Inspiration/empowermentThink Tank
  16. 16. Community Partners
  17. 17. What ideas do you have for incorporating travel,field experiences, or guest teachers to enhancea specific unit of study? What challenges/obstaclesdo you anticipate?Thought Jot
  18. 18.  Formulating driving questions to guide process Conducting research to frame perspective Interviewing primary sources Documenting the research processInvestigate the World
  19. 19. TGPLAN Workdays
  20. 20.  GROUP-designed service-learning projects INDIVIDUALLY-designed advocacy productsTake Action
  21. 21. Been there? Heard that? What obstacles have youfaced with collaborative projects? What solutionshave worked for you? What ideas would you like totry?Pair & Share
  22. 22.  Students determine their own impact (depth of project,time commitment, etc.) Service points v. grade points Original design v. existing organizations Service-learning develops ethos for the individually-created advocacy product and showcase nightTake Action service project details:
  23. 23.  INDIVIDUALLY-designed advocacy productsTake ActionBig Ideas (these can stand alone if designedand executed well):Combo-platter (these are smaller pieces,but still effective – combine 3 to create anadvocacy campaign):PSA (public service announcement) – thiscan be a short film, a slideshow ofimages with narration or text slides, etc.Podcast or collection of podcastsWebsiteDocumentary covering an issueDocumentary based on action you havetakenPhoto essayScrapbookArt/sculpture (authentic!)Song (write lyrics, composemusic?...record performance!)Social Networking Advocacy Movement(not just creating a FB group)Letter writing campaign (letters actuallymailed!)Other ideas:Poster or billboard designT-shirt designBumper stickersFlyersMagazine advertisementWrist bands (“chum”)Song lyrics/poetryButtonsSample letter for a letter writingcampaignOther ideas:
  24. 24.  Voice = power The task: use media/technology/artistic tools/crazy anticsto bring VOICE to the POWERLESSAdvocacy
  25. 25. Our newest task sheet asks students to: Consider the local manifestations or implications of aglobal issue Incorporate logos, pathos, and ethos to persuade others totake action Call the viewer to a specific action Document researchThat was then, this is now…
  26. 26.
  27. 27. SAGE Design STUDENT CHOICEAre there opportunities for students to make choices aboutcontent, process, and/or product? AUTHENTIC WORKAre students being asked to do the kind of work professionals doin the “real world”? GLOBAL SIGNIFICANCEHow are students being asked to investigate the world, recognizemultiple perspectives, communicate effectively, and/or takeaction? EXHIBITION TO A REAL-WORLD AUDIENCEHow will students have the opportunity to present their learning toan authentic audience?
  28. 28.  Reflective/persuasive essay (individual) Showcase Night (group presentation)Communicate Ideas
  29. 29. I want to remember who we aretaking action for, who we areadvocating for, because that isreally what it is about when you getto the very core of this project.This project caused meto reflect on mycapacity for change.Even though I am a highschool student, I [can]make a positive impacton my community.Youth who are experiencing homelessnesscan see that there are people around theirsame age and in their community that careabout them, and know that they are there,and will not turn their eyes away.
  30. 30. Q & A