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Newsletter #4 - 10/12/09 - Give the gift of well-being this Christmas!


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Newsletter #4 - 10/12/09 - Give the gift of well-being this Christmas!

  1. 1. Tara G Goulding M Massage Therapy T Mobile Massage Service Ph: 040 096 730 04 0 Hello! I h hope you’ve been happ and healt and enjo py thy oying the wonderful (a some no w and ot-so-wonde erful!) weat ther we’ve been havi lately. ing In this em you’ll f mail find details a about: • Christmas Gift Certif s ficates • I Need Yo Help! our • January A Availability CH MAS IS COMIN ! HRISTM NG Can you bbelieve it’s nearly Christmas alrea ady? 2009 has flown by, and it’s that time o year again where we show our b of n e family an friends ho much w appreciat them. Bu are you stuck on wh to buy fo presents? Do your l nd ow we te ut hat or ? loved ones already h have everyth hing they ne eed? Or m maybe you ju want to be a bit di ust ifferent this year, and give someth g hing other than choc colate and fllowers. Wha better w to say “Merry C at way Christmas” than wit an in-h ” th home mass sage! An In-hoome Massag Gift Cer ge rtificate is the perfect present for your speci someone Gift Cert r ial e. tificates are available e in several denominat l tions (see w website) and can be pur d rchased over the phone with your credit card, or via direc deposit, e ct money or rder or cheq que. Gift Ceertificates ca be posted to you, or direct to th recipient. an r he . Call n to hav your Gi Certific ready for Chris now ve ift cate y istmas! (R Redeemable in Parrama and Western Subur area only e atta rbs y.)
  2. 2. I NEED YOUR HELP! As part of my aim to promote good health and wellbeing, I’d like to compile a list of trusted Complementary and Alternative Therapists in Parramatta and the Western Suburbs. Seeing that the best referral is from someone you know (which is how I met alot of you!) I wanted to ask you if you know of any other therapists that you may be seeing now, or have done in the past. For example, you may have used Acupuncture in the past to successfully treat an issue, and if one of my other clients happens to ask me if I know a good Acupuncturist, I’d be able to pass on the details knowing that the therapist has been given the ‘tick of approval’ by someone I know. So if you’ve ever seen any therapists such as those listed below, and would be happy to recommend them, please let me know so that others can benefit from your therapist’s expertise! • Acupuncture • Life Coaching • Aromatherapy • Meditation • Baby/Infant Massage • Naturopathy • Bowen Therapy • Nutritionist • Chiropractic • Osteopathy • Counselling • Personal Training • Craniosacral Therapy • Physiotherapy • Dietician • Pilates • Energy Healing • Psychiatry • Feng Shui • Psychology • Hawaiian/Lomi Lomi Massage • Reflexology • Herbal Medicine • Reiki • Holistic General Practitioner • Shiatsu • Homeopathy • Tai Chi • Hypnotherapy • Thai Massage • Iridology • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) • Kinesiology • Yoga CHRISTMAS AND JANUARY AVAILABILITY Well I don’t know about you, but I’m due for a holiday! So, I won’t be available for appointments on the following dates over Christmas and January: • 24th – 26th December • 31st December • 1st January • 9th – 17th January I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family all the best for the festive season! See you in 2010!
  3. 3. For more details about my services or massage in general, please take a look at my website, where you will find information about the benefits of massage, details of appointments and gift certificates and other interesting natural therapy links. I hope to see you again soon! Yours in health, Tara Goulding Tara Goulding Massage Therapy PS - As a previous or current client, or a newsletter subscriber, you’re on my email list. If you’d like to be removed, just hit reply and change the subject line to “Unsubscribe” and I’ll make sure I don’t bug you again. Need a Massage? Tara Goulding Massage Therapy Mobile Service to Your Home or Office Ph: 0404 096 730