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Newsletter #7 - 16/08/10 - Special Fathers Day Offer Inside!


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Newsletter #7 - 16/08/10 - Special Fathers Day Offer Inside!

  1. 1. Tara Goulding Massage Therapy Mobile Massage Service Ph: 0404 096 730 Hello! I hope you’ve been happy and healthy and enjoying the glorious sunshine we’ve been lucky enough to have – it seems spring has sprung! In this email you’ll find details about:  Father’s Day Gift Certificates – Plus Special Offer!  Article – Treatment of Skeletal Muscle Cramps  I’m Taking a Break! – Upcoming Unavailable Dates FATHER’S DAY IS COMING! Sunday 5th September is a very special day indeed – the day we tell our Dads how wonderful they are, and how much we appreciate them. But are you stuck on what to buy your Dad? Does he already have everything he needs? Or maybe you just want to be a bit different this year, and give him something other than socks and ties. What better way to say “Happy Father’s Day” than with an in-home massage! An In-home Massage Gift Certificate is the perfect present for Dad, and I think you’ll agree when I say he deserves something special! Gift Certificates are available in several denominations (see website) and can be purchased over the phone with your credit card, or via direct deposit, money order or cheque. Special Father’s Day Offer! Purchase a Gift Certificate for Dad, and get a FREE $50 voucher to use for yourself! The not-so-small print: Mention this offer when purchasing. Offer closes 4th September 2010. Gift Certificate subject to expiry as per Gift Certificate page. $50 voucher valid for 6mths, and is transferrable. Limited to service area. Voucher may not be used to purchase Gift Certificates. Contact Tara now to have your Gift Certificate ready for Father’s Day! 0404 096 730 or (Redeemable in Parramatta and Western Suburbs area only.)
  2. 2. ARTICLE: PREVENTION OF MUSCLE CRAMPS With physical activity: Stretch before and after vigorous activity, along with an adequate warm-up and cool- down. Ensure adequate water intake before, during and after the activity, especially if it exceeds an hour. The natural way to replace electrolytes is with pure fruit juices; as a matter of practicality, commercial pure juices should be OK in this situation. During pregnancy: Supplemental calcium and magnesium have been shown to help prevent cramps associated with pregnancy. Professional supervision is virtually essential. Dystonic cramps: Cramps that are induced by repetitive non-vigorous activities can sometimes be prevented or minimized by things such as wrist supports, avoiding high heels, adjusting the chair position, taking breaks or finding more comfortable positions while performing the activity. Learning to avoid excessive tension while undergoing an activity can help. Some activities, such as playing a musical instrument, can be difficult to modify. Rest cramps: Night cramps and other rest cramps can often be prevented by regular stretching exercises, particularly if done before going to bed. Calf muscle stretching could make a big improvement. Also do it any time that you get up during the night, as well as a couple of times during the day. Ensuring adequate calcium and magnesium is fundamental. Take both minerals together and in the ratio of two parts of calcium to one part of magnesium. Daily doses could be anywhere between 1000mg calcium with 500mg magnesium or half these amounts. Pregnant women or women with osteoporosis would be best o have professional supervision. Taking part or all of the supplement at bedtime may help. Not only is magnesium a key to calcium absorption, it is necessary to protest against the effects of excessive calcium – muscle spasm, poor circulation and rapid heartbeat. However, people with kidney failure lose the ability to excrete excess magnesium, so they should only take minerals under the supervision of their medical specialists or dietitians. Magnesium is present in many foods – sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, nuts, legumes, oats, brown rice, rye flour, wheaten flour, coconut, English spinach, parsley, green peas, beetroot, silverbeet, avocado and many others. Cramps often cease to occur when the overall condition of the system is improved. This means increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits to around one kilogram per day. When divided into three meals, having about 300-350 grams at a meal is quite practical. In addition, an easy way to further increase the intake of the all-important alkaline minerals (potassium, magnesium and calcium) is to have a daily glass or two of vegetable juice. A good mis is one-third of the glass the juices of carrot and beetroot and the remaining two-thirds of the glass the juices of greens such as celery,
  3. 3. silverbeet and/or spinach, a small amount of parsley, a leaf of dandelion from the garden and, if palatable, some broccoli or cabbage. Vitamin E has also been found to help minimise cramp occurrence, according to anecdotal reports which are common and sometimes quite enthusiastic. Since vitamin E is not toxic in the usual doses, taking around 400 units (IU) daily is suggested, recognising that documentation on its effect on cramps is lacking. (Source: Natural and Vegetarian Life Magazine, Summer 2009/2010) I’M TAKING A BREAK! Well I don’t know about you, but I’m due for a holiday! So, I won’t be available between 21st August 2010 and 29th August 2010 inclusive. I’ll be returning for appointments on Monday 30th August 2010. I will still be checking my voicemail and emails, so if you need to contact me between these dates to make an appointment, please do so and I’ll get back to you with confirmation. For more details about my services or massage in general, please take a look at my website, where you will find information about the benefits of massage, details of appointments and gift certificates and other interesting natural therapy links. I hope to see you again soon! Yours in health, Tara Goulding Tara Goulding Massage Therapy PS - As a previous or current client, or a newsletter subscriber, you’re on my email list. If you’d like to be removed, just hit reply and change the subject line to “Unsubscribe” and I’ll make sure I don’t bug you again. Need a Massage? Tara Goulding Massage Therapy Mobile Service to Your Home or Office Ph: 0404 096 730