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Location and Evidence


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Location and Evidence

  1. 1. For Rogers House we thoughtthat using a real house as thesetting would be better thanmaking a set in school, so weused Kirbys (fellow groupmember) house.It’s the perfect place to film thisscene as there’s room for theironing board, yet we can see thetelevision clearly.
  2. 2. This is Kirby’s hallway whichwe used to film Andy(Rogers) entering andexiting the house.This will be one of the firstshots of the sequence inhope to introduce one of themain characters straightaway.
  3. 3. For the murdererssecret hide out assuch we used a schoolclassroom as weneeded someone plainand white so we couldedit it to its fullestcapacity.The table and wall wascovered with props tomake it look morescary and secretive.
  4. 4. The shots of the murderer, chatshow and murder scene were allfilmed in our drama room at school,this was a good location as italready looks like a studio anddoesn’t look to fake.The black curtains were good as itmade the background look plainand there’s nothing going on in thebackground distracting theaudience.Also the drama room had lightingfacilities making it easy to adjustlights.