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Conventions of opening scenes


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Conventions of opening scenes

  1. 1. Conventions ofan opening scene
  2. 2. Opening Scenes:The title sequence is the method bywhich cinematic films or televisionprograms present their title,key production and cast members, orboth, utilizing conceptual visuals andsound.Through this the audience are given asmall idea of what the film will beabout. Some people judge a whole filmon their opening scene.
  3. 3. Every openingscene shouldinclude thefollowing:
  4. 4. Production company:
  5. 5. Main actors/actresses:
  6. 6. Movie Title
  7. 7. Less known actors ProducerExecutive DirectorsProducers Other credits Other conventions Gripping start- Gives the audienceMakes audience want to an idea of thecarry on watching it, and storyline and whatalso makes the film more the films going to remembered be about
  8. 8. Example of a thriller opening scene:
  9. 9. Example of a family film opening scene: