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Conventions of chase scenes


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Conventions of chase scenes

  1. 1. Conventionsof chase scenes
  2. 2. • Whilst studying chase scenes I have learnt that chase scenes arent all about getting chased through a forest by an unknown creature, but they are also shown in a lot of other places but in a less obvious way.• They are found in cartoons, films and everyday life.• Chase scenes are most commonly found in horror films and action packed films, for example, car chase scenes are very popular. Horror and action chase scenes most commonly end with a big event e.g. an explosion or death.• In cartoons we can see that chase scenes are a lot more over exaggerated, and add some aspects of humour to it as well. In cartoon chase scenes props are used to slow the chaser down etc making it less realistic because when the character chasing gets knocked down he miraculously gets back up again.
  3. 3. The character chasing Sometime in scary chase There is normally either a the person/people in scenes the character one on one chase, or one a scary chase scene is chasing the victims are character chasing a large normally presented not shown to the viewer group to be a scary, dark to build up more tension and mysterious creatureIn cartoon chase Characters in cartoonscenes the characters Characters chase scenes seem toseem less worried stay alive throughabout being chased extreme events whichwhich makes it less once again make it lookbelievable unrealistic The characters beingThe character/s being chased in any chase The character chasing ischased are normally scene tend to be the normally wanting to causepresented by being ones who the viewers a threat or to harm thescared to make them seem to be feeling people being chasedlook more vulnerable sorry for
  4. 4. • The setting of a chase scene can vary depending on what type of chase scene it is.• The most common chase scenes are scary and action packed scenes e.g. car chases, being chased by an unknown creature. These are shown in quite a dark/cold/unfriendly place to build up the viewers tension. Overly used places for scary chase scenes are forests, deserted places and car parks.• Whilst studying different types of chase scenes we also realised a lot of chase scenes are actually shown in a light-hearted way, for example, kiss chase is a game commonly played in primary schools which can be played in a playground or anywhere with a large open space for fun.• There are several cartoons involving chase scenes as well, for example Tom and Jerry and Spongebob Squarepants (whilst jellyfishing), these are shown in a playful way in the same nature of the whole programme.
  5. 5. Types of Chase Scene Type of Music usedAction Chase Fast up beat music building up the viewers attention and focus . Without the music in action chase scenes we wouldn’t feel the excitement of it.Horror Chase Dramatic, scary and tense music is normally used to build up the viewers tension making them feel a part of the scene. The music is normally slow and quiet and makes people get the shivers.Cartoon Chase The music used for these are more playful, fast and happy making the viewers see that although it is a chase scene we know that it is still not real and is made more for a comical purpose.Playground Chase On television if we see a chase scene on a playground for(e.g. on television) example children playing kiss chase there is no music in particular, as you can see what is happening without it. However, if music is used to represent it, it tends to be a happy, fun and recognisable song.