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Artist Digipak Powerpoint


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This powerpoint demonstrates what my artist digipak will look look and its main features included on it.

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Artist Digipak Powerpoint

  1. 1. Artist Digipak Jack Smallpeice – Movie Scenes
  2. 2. Front Layout Front Panel Back Panel Lyrics About Jack Voteof Thanks
  3. 3. Front Design MovieScenes JackSmallpeice Tracks: 1.MovieScenes 2.StillGotGame 3.LastFridayNight 4.MovieScenes (instrumental) 5.MovieScenes (acoustic) Justabitaboutme: MynameisJackSmallpeice. Iamasinger/songwriterfromalittle towncalledBournemouth. Iam19yearsold. IloveBMX-ingandskating. Myfavouritebandare1975. LyricstoChorus: Facefrommydaydreams, Sheflirtsjustlikethemovies scenes, Delicate,gracefullydainty, Childsinthedark,thiskiss chaseissohard, Takeheroutside,handfitsin mine, Idon’tknowhowshegets me,butshegetsmeevery time, Facefrommydaydream,and flirtlikethemoviescenes, Allnight. WiththankstoBournemouthSchoolforGirls, TamiekaFlannigan,MaryWedgwood,David Callahan,myrecordlabel,myfamilyandfriendsx
  4. 4. Back Layout A large fold out poster of the musician.
  5. 5. Back Design Fold out poster of Jack, the artist. Signed by the artist himself Jack Smallpeice
  6. 6. Zoomed In Movie Scenes Jack Smallpeice Lyrics to Chorus: Face from my daydreams, She flirts just like the movies scenes, Delicate, gracefully dainty, Childs in the dark, this kiss chase is so hard, Take her outside, hand fits in mine, I don’t know how she gets me, but she gets me every time, Face from my daydream, and flirt like the movie scenes, All night. Tracks: 1. Movie Scenes 2. Still Got Game 3. Last Friday Night 4. Movie Scenes (instrumental) 5. Movie Scenes (acoustic)