Get Hip Breaking into the Mobile Apps


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Tim Fields talks about how to is getting into the industry!

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Get Hip Breaking into the Mobile Apps

  1. 1. Get mobile developmentBy Timothy Fields
  2. 2. The New Thug-Geek.comThug-Geek.comhas finished newwebsite!Lets talk aboutwhy its time to gomobile! *REFERENCE* HTTP://THUG-GEEK.COM
  3. 3. Mobile MarketsFace the FACTSPeople are becoming more mobiledependent each day!Time to get a Piece of this Marketshare!Increase profits and Provide greatcontent!Lets look at some great examples! *REFERENCE* HTTP://NEWSROOM.REBTEL.COM/REBTEL-LAUNCHES-FREE-INTERNATIONAL-CALLING-APP-FOR-BLACKBERRY/
  4. 4. G4TV Mobile & Website G4TV Mobile app works great! Transitions amazing between their website and mobile Keeps Demographic up- to-date! Both Android & iPhone App *REFERENCE* HTTP://WWW.G4TV.COM/
  5. 5. Engadget Mobile & WebsiteConnects Flawlessly toWebsiteAllows you to tap intodifferent sections ofwebsiteUsers can listen to podcastCan Easily Share Topics toSocial MediaBoth Android & iPhoneApp *REFERENCE* HTTP://WWW.ENGADGET.COM/
  6. 6. What we don’t want! is Cluttered!Mobile app is a FeederJust content with nosubstance!Very Bad Example! *REFERENCE* HTTP://DESTRUCTOID.COM/
  7. 7. Technology for theFutureDevelopment toolsneededAppceleratoriPhone Development KitAndroid DevelopmentKit *REFERENCE* HTTP://WWW.APPCELERATOR.COM/
  8. 8. Combine = InnovationCombine Mix of G4TV & Engadget AppAdd Flavor and StyleReBranding our new Product!
  9. 9. Mobile App Users Mobile app users are increasing tremendously! This is a new market we must connect with! Consumption is only getting Higher! *REFERENCE* HTTP://IPCARRIER.BLOGSPOT.COM/2011/06/MOBILE-APPS-MOSTLY-USED-FOR-GAMES.HTML
  10. 10. Ready for the NextLevelAccessing Mobile Market is key for Growth!Cost EffectiveShowcase Our Company willingness to expand!