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Affiliate Marketing Theatre; Managing affiliates: a hands-on guide


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Affiliate Marketing Theatre; Managing affiliates: a hands-on guide

  1. 1. Affiliate Marketing Management Managing Affiliates A Hands On Guide Duncan Popham Managing Director Total Search Solutions Affiliate Marketing
  2. 2. The stuff that matters• Crucial Principles• Create Your program• Creative• Communication• Conversion• Commercials• Classification• Compromise• Compliance• Cuestions? Affiliate Marketing
  3. 3. Crucial Principles• Online sales force• Be fair, generous and courteous• Willing to learn• Stay connected• One-eye on the competition• Self, Agency or Network Managed Affiliate Marketing
  4. 4. Create YOUR program Generate Sales Increase Exposure to current customers Target a specific audience Increase AOV “Own” a niche Rebrand Affiliate Marketing
  5. 5. Creative• Links• Feeds• Banners• Newsletters• Content Units• Use Everything• Be bold Affiliate Marketing
  6. 6. CommunicationBroadcast Individual What have you What have you got to say, and got to say, and why? why? Compile key Identify Target messages Affiliates Use all available Ascertain Best mediums Medium Push, measure Ask, Listen, and repeat React Don’t over do Don’t not do it! It, but do it Affiliate Marketing
  7. 7. Conversions Pricing Funnel Faults Merchandising User JourneyLanding PromotionsPages Seasonality Vouchers Affiliate Marketing
  8. 8. Commercials Affiliate Marketing
  9. 9. Classification User Offers Voucher Cashback Content Feed Driven Blog/Article MechanismsPrice Comparison PPC Behavioural Pre – Targeting Re-targeting Email Targetted List Basket Abandonment Affiliate Marketing
  10. 10. CompromiseGive Get Affiliate Marketing
  11. 11. Compliance• Paid Search Identify• Voucher Use Engage• Correct representation Understand• Domain Hijacking Mutual Resolution or….• Ad-ware End the relationship• Random Weirdness Affiliate Marketing
  12. 12. Conclusion“The more things that you do that begin with C the more effective your program will be” Duncan Popham Total Search Solutions 01277 627220 @hpops Affiliate Marketing