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Affiliate Marketing Theatre; Mobile and m commerce - the complete picture


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Published in: Technology
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Affiliate Marketing Theatre; Mobile and m commerce - the complete picture

  1. 1. Mobile & M-Commerce:The Complete Picture @Awin_Strategy @AffwinKevin Edwards, Affiliate
  2. 2. TheThe Mobile AffiliateLandscapeLandscape
  3. 3. True mobile measurement? 275% 260%
  4. 4. Mobile device split (clicks)
  5. 5. Mobile device split (sales)
  6. 6. Daily split of sales – mobile vs. desktop *w/c 13th February 2012
  7. 7. The opportunity: 2011 into 2012 £2 £2 405k 518k 8. 3. 3m 2m 9.3m 23.7m
  8. 8. Mobile basket dissected
  9. 9. with affiliate trackingTop AWin advertisers inplacewith m-commerce sites
  10. 10. What do they have in common?
  11. 11. The dilemmaHugely successful affiliateBurgeoning sector worth c.£1bnOver indexes on many customer quality indicesCreated powerful retail brand (top 50 UKHitwise retail sites)Offers range of promotional opportunitiesFocused on demonstrating incremental salesMulti-channel – 2011 app launched...
  12. 12. The dilemma
  13. 13. Missed opportunities? “Probably. My other app based on Dutch retailerDevMobile, saw conversion increase from 8 to 12%: a 50% increase in sales.”
  14. 14. Does it make a difference?2.1% sales through 3.1% sales through mobile mobile4.2% sales through 5.4% sales throughmobile (with iPad) mobile (with iPad)
  15. 15. Does it make a difference?
  16. 16. ConsiderationsAdvertisers focus on the iPhoneSector & time considerations(low basket, impulse)m-commerce sites enable mobileoptimisation and happy customers... ...and happy affiliates
  17. 17. Follow the consumer• 17% of mobile phone users downloaded a voucher on their mobile device in Q1 2011• 32% of shoppers would not have bought it if they didn’t have a voucher• 10% MVC traffic through mobile... (Neilsen)
  18. 18. Voucher insights• High traffic, fewer sales• Female, high earners• iPhone/Android now neck and neck• Used to increase footfall & AOV• Connection speed issues• What impact will NFC have?• Strong offer = wider geographic reach: B&Q
  19. 19. Closing the loop
  20. 20. Some final thoughts• Affiliates are becoming multi-channel: – Understand the range of activity• Incremental sales or minimising lost traffic?• Reporting requirements heightened• Tracking is a serious threat• Prioritise, test and optimise• Who knows how big mobile could be…?
  21. 21. Thank you!?Sign up for the Strategy Newsletterstrategy@affiliatewindow.comKevin Edwards, Affiliate Windowkevin.edwards@affiliatewindow.com020 7553 0354