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Social TV - Top Chef M6 S05 EP03 by TEVIZZ


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Social TV analytics on Top Chef,
broadcasted in France on M6 on the 3rd February
made by TEVIZZ technology.

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Social TV - Top Chef M6 S05 EP03 by TEVIZZ

  1. 1. SOCIAL TV 03 fevrier 2014 EPISODE 03 TOP CHEF COMMUNAUTE TOP CHEF M6 FACEBOOK 217K +4,3K 18.554 No em ie, a lex is, pie rre - def i PICS DE MESSAGES USERS 6.168 Gy oz as Ale xis Lat ifa , cu isin e, p eti ale lla xis nt -n eoem sa ie / veu jul r ien , po ule tc ris tin a ma rjo rie elim ine e messages 1 2 3 00h00 21H 1 2 3 NOEMIE - PATES - NONO - QUENTIN PLEURE cristina - monochrome - assiette creativite - palais Mohamed - Tartare - boeuf - 20mins revisite - cuisine - homard POPULARITE POSITIF NEUTRE NEGATIF 1.224 1.098 988 769 341 Alexis Braconnier Noemie honiat latifa ichou pierre auge mohamed si abdelkader benmoussa MESSAGES PAR PAYS Lille 4% FR 87% PARIS 43% BE 4% Us 2% CH 1% LYON 6% Bordeaux 3% Toulouse 4% Marseille 2% DEMOGRAPHIE HOMMEs FEMMES 48% 52% TAG CLOUD bearnaise fait MOHAMED pate boite soir chef faire ALEXIS PATES NOEMIE marjorie anciens cuisine cristina tartare nouveaux social media analytics by YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANION @tevizzcom