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TEVIZZ Politiczz Popularity (15 Feb - 24 April)


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Twitter popularities of parties and politicians, one months before the D-Day of the Belgian Elections.

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TEVIZZ Politiczz Popularity (15 Feb - 24 April)

  1. 1. by All the information is public data posted on Twitter’s public accounts and official Facebook fan pages of parties. This panel ex- cludes any private data which are not collected by TEVIZZ. Information has been gathered on public social networks between February 15th 2014 until April 24th 2014. “Mentions” are messages selected through TEVIZZ’s algorithms using relevant key words, hashtags (#begov, #be2505, #vk2014, #vk14), the name and hashtags of 12 the leading parties (N-VA, CD&V, Open-VLD, SP.A, VB, GROEN !, VB, PS, MR, ECOLO, CDH, PVDA-PTB) as well as names and hashtags from a panel of 270 candi- dates selected among each party. Only messages in French and Flemish are considered, except for messages emitted by parties and candidates in another languages (ex. English). Facebook’s rating is based on the number of likes on the parties’ official fan pages. For more informations: Copyright ©TEVIZZ 2014 TOP PARTIS Tweet Count 33.474 19.671 12.489 9.586 9.396 3.186 PS CDH PTB/PVDA ECOLO FDF MR TOP 10 POLITICIENS Tweet Count Elio Di Rupo Didier Reynders Raoul Hedebouw Louis Michel Melchior Wathelet 10.702 4.266 4.194 3.411 2.924 2.469 2.411 1.867 1.775 1.497 Laurette Onkelinx Joëlle Milquet Fadila Laanan Charles Michel Paul Magnette 73.386 57.235 38.767 28.945 16.682 13.357 N-VA OPEN VLD CD&V V.B. GROEN SP.A TOP PARTIJEN Tweet Count 9.846 PVDA/PTB Guy Verhofstadt G. Rutten Karel De Gucht 14.626 12.488 10.381 7.028 4.314 4.240 TOP 10 POLITICI Tweet Count Filip Dewinter 4.163 4.134 3.966 3.628 Bart De Wever Kris Peeters Bruno Tobback A. Turtelboom Wouter Beke Hilde Crevits FRANÇAIS VLAAMS 25 MAY 2014SOCIAL MEDIA SUMMARY SINCE FEB. 15 2014 Politiczz by BELGIAN ELECTIONS D-31