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  1. 1. What’s in a name? <br />HAROLD CRICK<br />Harold- an old English name meaning “Army Commander”.<br />Crick- (Francis Crick) Famous for figuring out the structure of DNA.<br />In my opinion, the name Harold only has one relation to the story, despite how common and “plain” the name seems. Throughout the whole first half of the movie, Harold’s life was very basic and simple. Straight lines, the same routine every day, even down to the number of steps he took on the way to the bus stop. Everything was very exact and precise. Other connection I made was to the name Crick. Francis Crick was famous for the discovery of DNA and Harold Crick was pretty much the DNA to the story. Everything in the story related to him. He was also questioning the reality of his life, and DNA is the basis of all life.<br />KAREN EIFFEL<br />Karen- Scandinavian name meaning “Pure”<br />Eiffel- (Gustave Eiffel) Famous for being a structural engineer and building the Eiffel Tower<br />Karen means pure and Karen Eiffel was exactly that. She was very real and straight forward. Everything she said in the movie was exactly like she wanted it to be said. She didn’t side step any topic, or avoid conversation. She just spoke her mind and definitely didn’t “filter” her thoughts. Gustave Eiffel was famous for being a structural engineer. In many ways, Karen was the engineer of the story. She created the story by narrating Harold’s life and picking the events that were to happen. She configured the story of his life, which was very complex; much like the Eiffel tower.<br />PENNY ESCHER<br />Penny- Greek name meaning “Weaver”<br />Escher- (M.C. Escher) Famous for his mathematical drawings and other various forms of artwork<br />Penny much like the meaning of her name kind of weaved her way in and out of the story. She was not very common in the story and didn’t play an overly important role, but still had an effect on the tale. Her job was to help Karen create creative but yet constructive ideas on ways to kill Harold. M.C. Escher was famous for his creative mathematical drawings much like Penny’s job to come up with ideas. They had a purpose but were still displayed creatively.<br />ANA PASCAL<br />Ana- Hebrew name meaning “favored grace”<br />Pascal- (Blaise Pascal) famous for being a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Catholic philosopher. Father was a tax collector.<br />Ana is what you could call Harold’s “favored grace”. Everything changed once these two came together. Blaise Pascal was famous for many things. Ana was anything but normal. She had variety in her life. Harold saw her through different shapes and different windows of sight. Her philosophies were much different than those of the average citizen. She pushed against tradition to prove herself. Coincidently, Blaise Pascal’s father was a tax collector, as was Harold.<br />PROFESSER JULES HILBERT<br />Jules- a Greek expression meaning “Jove’s Descendant” <br />Hilbert-(David Hilbert) Famous for being a German Mathematician.<br />David Hilbert was famous for being a German Mathematician. Assuming he was very wise I can make the connection that Professor Jules Hilbert was also. He provided Harold with all of his information and help on how to figure out the narrator situation. He gave him advice to narrow it down to comedy or tragedy. And last but not least he helped Harold find the Narrator and try and save his life.<br />DR.MITTAG LEFFLER<br />Dr. - a person who holds Ph.D. degree (or the equivalent) from an academic institution<br />Mittag Leffler- (Gosta Mittag Leffler) Famous for being a Swedish Mathematician<br />A doctor is someone who is very educated and holds a Ph.D. degree. From this I can say that she is very smart in her field. However she incorrectly diagnosed Harold with schizophrenia. Gosta Mittag Leffler was a mathematician, so it could be inferred that she was also very wise with superior thoughts.<br />