Cogito ergo sum


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Cogito ergo sum

  1. 1. Cogito Ergo Sum<br />Thirteen letters in a Latin phrase can make a whole world question themselves as a being. Three words can push the limits of someone’s mind, and doubt their own existence. “I think, therefore I am” is a recognized quote originally spoken by a man by the name of Rene Descartes, in French. <br />To me at first it was interoperated that the “I am” was a referral to my mind only. If there was no mind, there would not be any thoughts in the first place. This made sense until you consider the situation. My mind is cased inside of a body. Your mind can’t just float around in space with nothing to operate it or carry out its functions. It is required that there is a driving force, nothing happens without a push or without effort applied to it. A body that moves, touches, tastes hears and sees. I can feel emotion. I can communicate, decipher between what is right and wrong. However, none of this would be possible without some push, which is the mind. <br />I know that I am not a character in a book, such as Harold Crick. If someone were writing my life for me, I would not be capable of making my own decisions. I can change my future by choosing what I want for myself and the judgments I make. You can’t change the ending or the context in a book, as it is already written for you. Also, if someone were writing my story, who would be writing theirs? And the next person after that? In a world of over six billion, there aren’t enough people for everyone to have someone write it for them.<br />Every person enters the cycle of life as soon as they are born. You breath oxygen, you will grow, you will learn how to be. Everything in your body interacts with each other. Its logic, the way it is. Despite any life threatening illnesses or incidents, most go on to reproduce. People are necessary for the creation of life on earth. Without us, there would be no earth. <br />After the creation of earth, we have been responsible for everything that has been created. All technology, computerized minds, and virtual lives are made by us. The cycle has to start somewhere. Our creator may have a creator. So where is the start? How did it all begin? It’s a cycle, there is no start or finish. No one or thing can decode how the system works, it just is.<br />So how do I know that I am real? There’s no reason that I shouldn’t be. No evidence that proves that I am not. I see change made by people in the world. I can make decisions. I can feel emotions and involve myself with other real things around me. Life is a cycle, and it does exist. One thing has to exist for another thing to exist. I am real because I think I am real. I am here.<br />