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EcoTas13 Turner AEKOS


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TERN's eco-informatics David Turner's presentation on AEKOS at EcoTas13 in November 2013.

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EcoTas13 Turner AEKOS

  1. 1. ÆKOS: A new paradigm for discovery and access to complex ecological data David Turner and Paul Chinnick ( Logos used with consent. Content of this presentation except logos is released under TERN Attribution Licence Data Licence v1.0
  2. 2. Open data?
  3. 3. Typical reuse cycle Identify problem Conduct analysis Draft approach Search for and acquire potential data Prepare data Modify approach Assess suitability
  4. 4. Regional practices
  5. 5. Diversity: Ecological Data covers a wide range of topics Source:Forestcheck: Fragmentation: Many different ways of measuring/observing/ expressing similar ecological concepts * Rapidly evolving Dispersal: Data is stored in many storage locations and formats © Alamay Complexity: Data usually needs explanation and context before it can be accurately used Characteristics of ecological data
  6. 6. © eResearchSA The information landscape © eResearchSA Plants Bats Birds
  7. 7. Data entropy
  8. 8. Variable effort based on cost benefit AEKOS approach Data transform tools Diverse data sources Indexing tools Description tools index Portal Data use Data viewer & Extract tools AEKOS warehouse Model maintenance Contribute to new research
  9. 9. Data handling Tree height Species DBH 8 Tree height E. camaldulensis Species 45 Life stage Mature Condition Condition C: 5 - 10 E. camaldulensis 4 Good Floristics Shape Age The challenge is to integrate the evolving diversity of data Fruiting C 20 - 30
  10. 10. Ontological modelling Study location Sampled area Landscape features Sampling unit Entity Attribute Value Org_gp 0001 Tree height Org_gp 0001 Species Org_gp 0001 DBH Org_gp 0001 Life stage Mature Org_gp 0001 Condition Good Org_gp 0001 Floristics Org_gp 0001 Shape 8 Organism group (vegetation association) E. camaldulensis 45 Flowering C Organism group (individual tree)
  11. 11. Discovery
  12. 12. Site level results
  13. 13. Project context
  14. 14. Site context and data
  15. 15. Data extraction and use
  16. 16. Current status ~ 100k sites by end of 2013 SHaRED tool online May 2014
  17. 17. Thank you Website: Portal: TERN booth @ EcoTas
  18. 18. Concept alignment •We integrate data from many different sources, using different classification systems •All datasets indexed with common set of search terms (vocabularies) •Taxonomy is a good example •Many other themes for search from project metadata to observation level data