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Aus plots atn_interpresentaion_ashleighburke


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Presentation from TERN AusPlots ATN summer intern Ashleigh Burke on time working at TERN.

Aus plots atn_interpresentaion_ashleighburke

  1. 1. Summer Internship Program with TERN- AusPlots and ATN Ashleigh Burke
  2. 2. Why I applied • Relates to degree • Have done little work experience in undergrad • Went to AusPlots field day October 2014
  3. 3. Funds Hosts
  4. 4. About AusPlots & ATN TERN- Research Infrastructure • AusPlots (Forests and Rangelands) - Plot Based Monitoring program - For consistent ecological monitoring • ATN (Australian Transect Network) -Patterns and trends along environmental gradients
  5. 5. AusPlots and ATN
  6. 6. Field Preparation • Permission to access land • Field Equipment, Vehicles and checklists in AusPlots Rangelands Survey protocols Manual
  7. 7. In the Field • 3 plots. Maireana sedifolia, Acacia papyrocarpa & Casuarina pauper Tech- setting up plots with DGPS, photopoints, LAI, Basal Wedge Vegetation- Collection of all present species and point intersect along transects Soil- collection of soil and metageonomics, assessing colour and texture, calculate EC & pH
  8. 8. Data and Sample Management of Genetics Tasks • replacing old silica • Catalog new barcodes • Change teabags Why • Maintains good samples • Barcoding quick identifier for research use
  9. 9. Data and Sample Management of Vegetation Tasks - Replacing vegetation samples back to site boxes - Choosing good samples to be sent to Canberra Herbarium - Database entering Why - Data location
  10. 10. Data Publication • Download LAI data back in office
  11. 11. Researcher Use Tasks • Herbarium to select vegetation samples Why • Readily Available for others • Win-win- Researcher doesn't need to collect samples and TERN is Acknowledged in a publication
  12. 12. Collaboration- ATN Tasks • Prepare maps for ATN brochure • Proof read and add publications to ‘Summary of Achievements List’ Why • To be presented in ATN brochure
  13. 13. Collaboration-NERP Tasks • Research government websites • Fauna Survey Protocols- permits required, methods, hygiene and security, access permission. Why • Collated information of each state to put into presentation for NERP AusPlots Fauna Survey Protocols Workshop
  14. 14. • Animal Ethics Sate Summary- general responsibilities, permit costs, penalties • Mostly standard across the Country • Differences in pitfalls, bird surveys, active searching and spotlighting and Camera traps NERP…(cont)
  15. 15. Collaboration- AWNR Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resources Tasks • Create map showing previously established plots Why • Ranger Training & how to modify methods
  16. 16. Challenges • GIS- Definitely out of my comfort zone • Balancing internship with summer school and project work Most memorable / Biggest achievements • Field work • Producing Final Maps
  17. 17. Skills Acquired • Teamwork • Flexibility • Data and Sample Management • GIS • Research Skills • Interviewing skills • Understanding of the importance of Collaboration
  18. 18. Future Prospects • Finish mid year 2015 • Travel & Work/life Experience (combined?) • Honours- Assessing Ecological change in coffee plantations