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Luxembourg: Datacenter and International Connectivity


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Luxembourg has created a global services package with advantages for Israeli companies that want to launch their business in Europe. This presentation describes Luxembourg's powerful ICT infrastructure and how Israeli companies can easily connect online with Europe's 500 million consumers. The Luxembourg/Israel European Business Initiative is led by P&TLuxembourg's TERALINK unit, with the collaboration of KPMG and the law firm of Lauer and Sartor.

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Luxembourg: Datacenter and International Connectivity

  1. 1. Datacenter and international connectivity your Hub in Europe Micaël Weber, International Sales Manager, P&TLuxembourg
  2. 2. Introduction to P&TLuxembourg•Leading Postal, Telecom Services, Data Centres and ITOutsourcing services provider in Luxembourg, the heart of Europe•With 3.500 employees, the fifth largest employer in Luxembourg•Owned by Luxembourg State (100%)•2009 turnover : € 564M 13 janvier 2011 2
  3. 3. Relationships with Israeli companies•P&T Luxembourg and LUXGSM selected Amdocs Software toreplace its incumbent charging and billing system following amerger between state-owned P&T Luxembourg’s telecom salesentity and its mobile subsidiary LUXGSM S.A. servingapproximately 600,000 subscribers (November 2010)•Peering with most Israeli Telcos (Bezeq International,…)•Business Consultancy with Israeli start-ups •Poketalk •Fring 13 janvier 2011 3
  4. 4. Global Network Services for start-ups• TERALINK International Backbone• Implementation of the national FTTH infrastructure plan of the government (by 2015 100 Mb/s, by 2020 1 Gb/s)• Data (Leased Lines, IP-VPN, Metro Ethernet services, Fiber optics services, Hosted services)• Internet (IP Transit, Broadband Access, ASP, Domain name registration)• Voice (GSM, UMTS, HSPA, PSTN, ISDN, Wholesale) 13/01/2011 4
  5. 5. Dedicated services for start-ups• Office space – quick and efficient way to start local activities• Managed PBX – host and operate your phone system• myOffice Exchange – host and operate your E-Mail Exchanger server• Mobile solutions – mobile subscriptions for any device, extensive roaming agreements• Audioconferencing system – local phone numbers in most international countries 13/01/2011 5
  6. 6. TERALINK International Broadband network • Trans-European Fibre Optic Network (4,000 km) • 15 Points of Presence in 6 EU countries • State of the art technology with reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers, up to 3,5 Tb/s • Available in all carrier hotels and data centers in Luxembourg13 janvier 2011 6
  7. 7. TERALINK Connectivity Services • Wavelength (from 1 Gb/s to 10 Gb/s) • Virtual Link, based on IP/MPLS backbone (from 100 Mb/s to mutiple Gb/s) • Bandwidth (Ethernet from 155 Mb/s to 2.5 Gb/s and EoSDH from 20 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s) • Global IP Transit, with 700 peering sessions and access to Internet Exchanges (LINX, DE-CIX, B-Nix, AMS-IX, Panap, LU-CIX)13 janvier 2011 7
  8. 8. Latency rates to Europe* London 10 ms Amsterdam 8 ms Latency rates (IP values) from Luxembourg to Europe were dramatically lowered thanks to newly built networks Frankfurt 6 ms Brussels 4 ms* Source : looking glass P&T Luxembourg TERALINK Paris 4 ms 8
  9. 9. LU-CIX • LU-CIX has been operational since March 2009 • Connect s content and eyeballs, and crucial for attracting small and medium-sized content business to Luxembourg • janvier 2011 9
  10. 10. Data Centre Services• World-class Data Centres up to Tier IV classified - Awarded Best Data Centre Operator in Europe (London - 2008) - Awarded Best Managed Services in Europe (London – 2009)• High density hosting services• Managed hosting services• High bandwidth European business zone access• Largest carrier hotel in LuxembourgISO 27001 certification13/01/2011 10
  11. 11. Business Continuity Services • 4 highly secured data centres spread on 3 remote sites • 12.000 m² of flexible IT infrastructure • Emergency Command Centres • +1,000 high-tech Business Continuity Positions • Storage and Backup facility • Mutualised Recovery Platform services • The largest Carrier Hotel in Luxembourg
  12. 12. Advanced IT services• Managed ICT Services• Business Continuity Services• Data Storage & Security services• Risk and Resilience Advisory Services• 24/7/365 Resilience Operations Centre Services13 janvier 2011 12
  13. 13. ebrc: A gateway to Resilient Business in the European Market Frankfurt13 janvier 2011 13
  14. 14. ebrc: A gateway to Resilient Business in the European Market Subscription fees Monthly subscription fee, Annual subscription fee, excl. excl. VAT VAT Private cabinet services 967 EUR 11 604 EUR @Resilience Centre Luxembourg West @ 1,500W recurrent 1 Gb/s IP Transit access @ Resilience Centre 2 450 EUR 29 400 EUR Luxembourg West Gigabit Ethernet port at LU-CIX 400 EUR 4 800 EUR LU-CIX Membership fees 167 EUR 2 000 EUR TOTAL 3 984 EUR 47 804 EUR Frankfurt13 janvier 2011 14
  15. 15. Any questions ? Thank you13 janvier 2011 15