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14 01 15 cloud_collaboration solutions by post telecom


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Cloud Collaboration (IaaS, SaaS, Paas) from POST Telecom - the first Telco in Luxembourg (Europe).

Find how how to easily setup your IT Infrastructure in Europe from Luxembourg

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14 01 15 cloud_collaboration solutions by post telecom

  1. 1. Gear up to collaborate  out of the Cloud 
  2. 2. Glossary • Types of Cloud • Public cloud, usually managed by big players for a large number of  customers; • Private cloud, usually manage internally, it provides IT services inside the  organization;  • Hybrid cloud, bring public and private cloud together and merge resources  (app, data, ..) between them. • Types of –as‐a‐Service • • • • Housing: colocation of rack space in a data center IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service PaaS: Platform as a service SaaS:  Software as a Service
  3. 3. Observation#0 who has never been on Skype ? Facebook ? Google Drive ? other cloud collaboration tool ?
  4. 4. Observation#1 “I have long hoped that my  PC would be as easy to use  as my phone. That’s it, my  phone is now equally  complex to my PC  ;‐)”
  5. 5. Observation#2 CxOs prefer their employees  to focus on their customers  and their work (and leave  the complexity to the  specialists !)
  6. 6. Observation#3 every piece of information need to be  consumed on “any” single device… in a  secured way !
  7. 7. Observation#4 we have been consuming commodity  services for “ages” why not go one step  further ?
  8. 8. The Big picture Cloud Computing Private Cloud POST Managed Network Trust Pool Control Mobility Self-Service Customizable Local Compliant Secure Elastic Usage Based It’s cloud dedicated to you. It’s your cloud Partner
  9. 9. POST Telecom The Cloud Factory for all your needs … and more to come
  10. 10. Service Offerings Cloud Services Project Services CaaS (SaaS) Managed Services On Premises PaaS IaaS
  11. 11. POST Telecom  Cloud Roadmap & offerings
  12. 12. We [shout] you the way Come and visit our Business Center where a complete cloud immersion awaits you. It is your Private Dive ! One of our Cloud Engineers helps you inventory you specific needs and identify the most suitable option. It is your Private Audit Our Cloud Transition teams works with you to ensure smooth transition from the existing layout to the Cloud. It is you Private Project Once moved to the cloud, the required services are delivered according to the SLAs. It is Your Private Cloud ! Reversible from Day One ! This is your Private Warranty !
  13. 13. SaaS RunCloud
  14. 14. SaaS ‐ Run your cloud at your own speed PRIVATE CLOUD Voice Business Mail Mail,Voice & More Collaborate Full Package Gear1  0Gb Gear2  5Gb Gear3  5Gb Gear4  10Gb Gear5  15Gb Microsoft Exchange 2013 Active Directory DNS Service Firewall Anti SPAM Certificats 5 GB Disk Space/user Voice + Business Mail+ Lync (Chat, PtP Video) Lync Edge Reception Desk Fax to Email Fix Mobile Convergence 5 GB Disk Space/user Managed Phone Optional: Fix Mobile Convergence Reception Desk Fax to email … Business Mail + Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 10 GB Disk Space/user Business Mail + Mail,Voice & More + Collaborate 15 GB Disk Space/user
  15. 15. SaaS ‐ Let us fully run your cloud PUBLIC CLOUD Voice Speed 1 IPCentrex 5‐10 users 100Gb 10‐25 users 200Gb 25‐50 users 500Gb Mail Communicate Collaborate CRM Speed 2 Exchange Speed 3 Lync Speed 4 SharePoint Speed 5 CRM TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD ‐x% TBD ‐z%
  16. 16. PaaS ‐ VM‐as‐a‐Service Small 0,5 Tb HC 0,25 Tb HP Large Extra Large 1Cpu 2Gb Ram Per VM Medium 2Cpu 4Gb Ram 4Cpu 8Gb Ram 8Cpu 16Gb Ram
  17. 17. How do we differ from O365 ? POST's messaging, collaboration and  communication suite delivered as a private cloud   service from POST Telecom datacentres in Europe  (Luxembourg) Microsoft's messaging, collaboration and  communication suite delivered as a shared service  from Microsoft datacentres • Service Provider : • Software Vendor : • Similar to Office 365 but can be enhanced  with additional services : • Project Services (PlanCloud, GoCloud,  StopCloud) – Migration Project • Added‐values functionalities (archiving,  voice, social, consulting…) • Exchange, Lync and SharePoint and  optionally Office 2013 on a subscription  basis • No migration
  18. 18. How do we differ from O365 ? • Strengths: • Strengths: • Private Cloud • Public Cloud • Standardized but customizable  • Highly standardized • Strong & reliable partner • Reliable service • Customer oriented roadmap • Software Editor oriented roadmap • European (Lux) Datacenters • WorldWide Datacenters • European Provider and Operator • US Provider • Comply with regulations (CSSF) • Commercial: • Priced per seat • Technology refresh included in price • Commercial: • Priced per seat • Technology refresh included in price
  19. 19. Fixed‐Mobile Convergence & LuxZone
  20. 20. The physical Architecture
  21. 21. PaaS UseCloud
  22. 22. PaaS ‐ VM‐as‐a‐Service Small 0,5 Tb HC 0,25 Tb HP Large Extra Large 1Cpu 2Gb Ram Per VM Medium 2Cpu 4Gb Ram 4Cpu 8Gb Ram 8Cpu 16Gb Ram
  23. 23. IaaS BuildCloud
  24. 24. IaaS ‐ POST Cloud Infrastructure Carrier Class Infrastructure multi‐site composed of 5  elements: 1.Hypervisor Computing Unit  (Blade with Hypervisor) or  Computing Unit (Blade without  Hypervisor) 2.Storage (2 types) 3.Backup Solution (VirtualR, DatastoreR, CustR) 4.Network & Security (UTM‐D,FW, AV,SSL‐VPN) 5.Connectivity  (layer 2 / layer 3)
  25. 25. Infrastructure ecosystem • Support:  • incident management with SLA • Change request • Experienced team, MATURITY against the product • Management: • vCenter: the customer can manage his virtual datacenter • VDR: possibility to manage backup and recovery policies • UTM‐D: management of FW rules, etc..
  26. 26. What makes us unique ! • A complete solution that seamlessly integrate: Connectivity, Fixed Phones, Mobiles phones & Tablets and associated  Collaboration & Communication Software • State of the art software bundles • State of the art Technologies • Fully redundant, Private & Secured • Luxembourg compliant
  27. 27. Thank you !