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  1. 1. Free ISSUe eNTeRTaINMeNT I FOOD I FasHION I lIFesTYle I aRTs the rhythm of your city A U G U S T 1, 2 010 THe cOOlesT MaGazINe IN THe Uae NOw wITH MObIle TaGs JONes IN abU DHabI CRAZY STUNTS K’NAAN SKATE space walkING caNaDIaN-sOMalI BOARDING IN THe capITal MUsIc seNsaTION ABU DHABI p.6 p.9 p.27
  2. 2. cONTeNTs VOLUME15 | AUGUST 1, 2010 FROM THe eDITOR Hello Abu dhabi, eNTeRTaINMeNT The capital has succumbed to summer, and a peaceful transition into ramadan begins. 4 Uspace The wonderful thing about the rhythm of the cosmos, and the energy of all living things is the periodic opportunity for rebirth and renewal. 6 cRazY sTUNTs For Muslims, ramadan carries the promise of spiritual realignment. It is a time to look 8 wHaT’s HOT inward; to review your life; your work, your contributions, and think of how you can 9 beaT wITH kaRaM become a better person. ramadan is a chance to refocus your energies on things that matter most. It engrains the values of caring, patience, truthfulness and giving-- 10 HaNGOUTs hopefully not just for the month, but for a long time afterwards as well. FasHION These hot months may offer little to do outdoors, but they are also a great time to come together indoors. To focus on family, friendships and our communities. 12 TReNDseTTeR It is a breaking of a fast, and a breaking of bread together. With great hope, gratitude 13 MY sTYle blUepRINT and forgiveness. FOOD embrace spiritual renewal, Abu Dhabi. 14 cITY bITes lIFesTYle eDITOR MaGazINe DesIGNeR eDITORIal cONTRIbUTORs 19 peOple MeTeR saNa baGeRsH pRaveeN pRabHakaRaN kaRaM bUkaIR 20 NeIGHbOURHOOD MaXINe GUaRNIeRI FeaTURes eDITOR websITe DesIGNeR RIzwaN peRvaIz OMaR el TeMTaMY 22 RaIsING THe baR alMa kaDRaGIc RaNDY paRkeR MaRkeTING cOORDINaTOR 23 YaNk IN saNDlaND eDITORIal cOORDINaTOR MaNJUl abHIsHek sITHaRa seTHUMaDHavaN 24 sOcIal NeT pRODUcTION cOORDINaTOR RIzwaNa sHaHID 25 TecH Talk 26 MY abU DHabI Address 28 MakING a DIFFeReNce To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@abudhabitempo.com If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. aRTs NoTe To ADverTIsers: Advertisers get free brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach 29 aRTIcUlaTe advertising call 02 6673349 or email: advertising@abudhabitempo.com 30 classIFIeDs disclAimer: 31 FUN paGe Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. Published by: MeDIa lIceNce NO. 1/105866/24295 3 easy steps to use mobile tags Click on tag beside Download run each article to have www.gettag.mobi Application fun with online to your smart phone content, videos and Visit abudhabitempo.com cool tags! on your mobile phone. Download www.gettag.mobi to scan this tag on your mobile. 3
  3. 3. Dear ed, SPACE around, especially for families. It’s informative Free ISSU e ENTERTAINM ENT I FOOD I FASHION I LIFESTYLE I ARTS saY I’m a tourist to Abu Dhabi and I took my kids swimming to the Corniche late afternoon, and fun to read. I like the colourful design and the pictures. the rhy thm of your city J U LY 16 IMpORTaNT FacTs abOUT RaMaDaN what I’ve learned about this special month - 31, 2 010 thinking that the best time to go to the beach - Asmi is after temperatures cool off. I was extremely TAgS disappointed when the lifeguard and security by sithara sethumadhavan H MObILE guards told us we couldn’t swim after 7pm. Dear Ed NOw wIT The beach should stay open, I believe, as the My brothers and I are at home in summer. It’s early evening is actually the best time to enjoy hot outside and we’re getting really bored. Imagine spending a whole month in prayer and reflection, while refraining from food, drinking, IN THE UAE We really need more things to do than go NEw YORk the Corniche!! gUggEN ’S HEIM gIRLS smoking and any excesses from dawn until sunset. That’s exactly what the Muslims do during MAgAzINE Samira Shardi to the malls....there need to be more events, AMAL & AF competitions and fun challenges. ALL ABO RA Ramadan. Fasting is meant to teach patience, modesty and spirituality... THE cOOLEST SHAF RAIUT TEn REA SI spain Wosons Dear ed, n the Dave S TELLING p.8 World Cup THE WOR LD ABOU THE UA T p.24 E p.10 I enjoy reading Abu Dhabi Tempo because it express your thoughts and views. email us: ramadan is the ninth month on the feelings of Muslims during the month, to God, and the fast reminds them of tells me about the things that are happening editorial@abudhabitempo.com islamic calendar since the fast involves refraining from their devotions. The idea is that only “moisture” and sustenance -- like drink Allah knows who breaks their fast and The Islamic calendar is different from Review and food -- during the daylight hours. who fulfills their obligations with full the Gregorian calendar used in the devotion. However, in certain countries, West. Whereas the Western uses the if you’re sick, you get a fasting Muslims caught not fasting during solar calendar (based upon the sun’s by karam bukair exemption. ramadan can be punished. movements), the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar and each month begins The fast is obligatory for all mature Yo, basketball fans, check out this shoe! I just couldn’t resist buying it when I saw it in New York City. It is manufactured eid al-Fitr is a three-day celebration with the sighting of the new crescent adult Muslims. Children get a pass, by Nike and known as ‘six rings’. The ‘six rings indicate how many times Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls won the moon. While the Western calendar has although parents usually begin eid is an Arabic word meaning championship. The story behind ‘six rings’ is very interesting: every time MJ won a championship he took the colours of 365 days in a year, the Muslim calendar teaching them to refrain from eating or “festivity,” while Fitr means “to break the team he defeated in the play offs and put them on his shoe. so basically he has a pair of shoes representing each of has 354 days. Because the lunar year is drinking for certain periods of time to the fast.” It begins on the first day the opponent teams. shorter, each date on it falls about 10 or prepare them for the ritual later in life. of shawwal, the month following This particular shoe represents Chicago Bulls’ defeat of the seattle supersonics in 1996. If you look 11 days earlier than the solar calendar. People who are mentally handicapped ramadan. People who can afford to closely, you will see little clues and hints on which team the shoe is about. There is a blurred since each month begins upon the or sick are exempt, so they do not have donate rice, barley, dates, and money image of the iconic building in seattle, the ‘space Needle’. There is also a silhouette of one of sighting of a new crescent moon, the to fast. If you’re pregnant or nursing you to people in need do that so everyone Jordan’s famous dunks against seattle. There is a picture of a glove with it labeled ‘The beginning of ramadan can only be are also excused from fasting. can have a holiday meal. This donation Glove’ on the picture, referring to one of seattle supersonics top player’s predicted then. This why atmospheric is known as "sadaqah al-fitr" (charity of nickname. There also is rain everywhere within the design and weather conditions can delay ramadan is a time to remember fast-breaking). That first morning of eid, because seattle is known as ‘The rainy City’. There are sightings. religious devotion Muslims gather in outdoor locations several dates around the shoe, some saying ’96 which or mosques to perform the eid prayer. Chapter 2, verses 183-203 of sura is the year when the sonics were beaten. The main ramadan means "scorched earth” Afterward, they break off to visit various Al-Baqarah in The Qur'an speaks of clue is the colors of the shoe; yellow and green family and friends, exchange gifts, call which are the supersonic team colors. There are less The word is derived from an Arabic the need to fast during ramadan as distant relatives with holiday wishes, obvious clues such as a coffee cup with the Jordan root ramad, which means ashes or a way to develop “taqwa.” This is an and feast. These activities traditionally Logo on it and this is because starbucks Coffee is depending where you look, it means: Arabic term for “God-consciousness” continue for three days. In most Muslim from seattle! scorched ground, shortness of rations, or being aware that Allah is watching countries, the entire three-day period scorching heat, parched thirst, or sun- even if the person is not aware. People is an official government or school baked ground. Those are the general develop “taqwa” through obedience holiday. FacebOOk & TwITTeR QUOTes Vote Or vote through your phone Vote D In last issue Tempo asked Do you think the age eligibility to do you think teenagers should be monitored while using the Beankssidous sethu ThankTank start driving should be 16 years? internet? @AbuDhabi Tempo Thanks! good work. i like the bright @AbuDhabi Tempo Thank Visit Abu Dhabi You have been very helpful colors and the youth feeling that you very much!!! Tempo’s website the magazine has. I cannt wait to Yes No on your mobile phone. Yes: 29 % Download www.gettag.mobi grab the next issue of Tempo to scan this tag on your mobile. No: 71% Got to www.abudhabitempo.com to vote 4 Tempo August 1, 2010 5
  4. 4. CrazyStunts Karam “The thrill it gave us as we were lifted off our feet was incredible” spacewalk IN abU DHabI ever since the sPACeWALK in Abu Dhabi Country Club opened, all I’ve by karam bukair & Omar el Temtamy been hearing from my friends was how breathtaking it was, and how everyone photos by abdul Rahman should get the chance to have such an experience. so my friend omar and I Summers can get boring especially when all your friends are holidaying in the cooler parts of the decided to go together to see what all world and sometimes frustrating when they get back and tell you of all the cool stuff they did. Well the hype was about! then we have news for you. There is something that Tempo recommends everyone this summer- the SPACE WALK! Eliminate gravity and fly! Human flight can be accomplished by everyone! The thrill it gave us when we first leaned into the 90km/h wind and it lifted us off At sPACeWALK the emphasis is our feet was incredible. At that instant on FUN, it is perfect for first time I felt fear, shock, and excitement. The flyers looking for some adventure experience was definitely worth every to experienced skydivers wanting penny (Mom’s, that is—she paid for it). to improve their skills. It is Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. recommended that people with high It’s a feeling you’ll never get anywhere blood pressure and heart conditions, else! Totally recommended by me! pregnant women and people with shoulder neck and back injuries avoid Karam on top! taking part in this activity. sPACeWALK is not a ride or a Omar simulator. You can actually fly on a “We left the building feeling proud column of air and you require no and tall” prior experience. This is achieved by the propellers fixed at the top of the My excitement was over flowing especially when I tower sucking the air in the tunnel. saw the massive structure standing bluntly in the Abu Dhabi Country Club, seeming like a rocket “sPACeWALK can be enjoyed by ship ready to take off any second. The structure anyone from the age to 4 to 99 years is an eye-catcher standing almost 50 feet above and we can guarantee that the time the ground. It certainly made me wonder about you are spend sPACeWALK will be how technologies have become so advanced in cherished for life long, “ says Ihab the past decade. But right then, the thought of me Mahfouz, Marketing Manager at the flying in it sent a chill down my spine. Omar taking his safety class before the SPACE WALK Abu Dhabi County Club. “All flyers must attend a 15 minute safety When Karam and I first entered the building, we FAcTs precaution video before the flight felt curious, like astronauts ready to explore space • SPACEWALK is inspired by parachute skydiving. and then the instructor will take you for the first time. We geared up in their grey “space • This sport gained prominence in the ‘50s in the United States. through it.” suits.” The trainer Jason russell taught us all the • Compared to actual skydiving, the risks involved in this is minimal. safety tips we needed. • Ideal for people over 18 to engage in this sport. The first flight experience includes • The popularity of indoor skydiving or SPACEWALK grew after it was all equipment rental such as a We then entered the colossal air vent, and within used in military applications. flight suit, goggles and helmet and minutes were totally airborne, flying against • A Canadian Company, Aerodium was the first company to built private after an introduction video and the gigantic fans. It was certainly an amazing tunnels for this fun sport. personal briefing by one of the experience that I loved, and was definitely worth flight instructors you will be ready to the price! We left the building feeling proud and Omar with the adreline rush sPACeWALK Abu Dhabi is a vertical wind tunnel (vWT) enabling almost experience human bodyflight! tall. But we also felt a little wobbly. everyone to experience the thrill of free falling or skydiving, without Tempo tried the sPACe WALK and is jumping out of an airplane. It can be done by almost anyone regardless of absolutely excited about it, read on. sPACeWALK is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 11 pm. age, gender or experience. However, last possible arrival is 10: 15 pm. For information call 02 657 7601 6 Tempo August 1, 2010 7
  5. 5. What’sHOT Beat withKARAM by karam bukair Abu Dhabi residents will now witness the The main entrance will have a traditional NIGHT spirit of sharing and fellowship at Al Wahda Mall starting from August 11th onwards entrance arch with stone effect pathways. This meandering paths will lead visitors k’NaaN: caNaDIaN-sOMalI vIbes sOUQ this ramadan season. Al Wahda Mall says through a bazaar-like atmosphere in which that the Night souq will have a colourful open fronted shops and galleries spill onto “Born to a throne, stronger than Rome The World Cup buzz must be over but He credits learning english from the and vibrant ambience that would resemble the paved walkways. separate souqs will be But Violent prone, poor people zone, the world is yet not over with it! rap legends Nas and rakim, and so a market of an Arabian city for shoppers placed along the pathways with merchants But it’s my home, all I have known, now we know the reason for his unique Where I got grown, streets we would Cheers and claps, curtain up, and here style. From there he went on to make When: From 11 August to experience the spirit of this season. selling traditional & cultural wares inside roam. But out of the darkness, I came you go! contacts with record labels and landed Where: Al Wahda mall The mall will be thematically designed the mall. with the traditional bazaar look & feel. the farthest, Among the hardest doing albums before touring with survival. Learn from these streets, People, we present to you K’naan- the Damien Marley and others. it can be bleak, Except no defeat, poet, rapper, singer, musician- all rolled surrender retreat, into one. He who has been called “a K’naan aka Keinan Abdi Warsame cIRcUs FUN IN capITal So we struggling, fighting to eat and sound that fuses Bob Marley, conscious American hip hop, and brilliant protest doesn’t fit the bill of a typical rapper nor the stereotypes of a gangster, poetry” has a style that has also been despite his past. From 23 July to 3rd August We wondering when we’ll be free, compared to eminem. or maybe we So we patiently wait, for that fateful straight from the New York City, the Big Apple Circus makes its debut in day, It’s not far away, so for now we say” should just say the guy who presented K’naan makes urgent music with a Middle east as a part of summer in Abu Dhabi. Founded in 1977, the Big the World Cup Anthemn! message, talking about the situation -Song Waving Flag in his homeland somalia and calling Apple Circus is now one of the world’s largest, most exciting attractions; Keinan Abdi Warsame, somali - for an end to violence and bloodshed. complete with a stellar cast of international stars from europe and russia. Canadian, spent his early years in He denies that he is overtly political, New York’s acclaimed social web site whomyouknow.com calls it, “Nothing somalia during the civil war. As a boy, but instead he says that he shows “the short of spectacular.” our take on it...especially cool for the little ones. his father used to gift him American state of the world [and] if you call it like rap music, and K’naan was amazed it is, you’re being political.” cost: Adults 200 Dhs, Children 75 Dhs though he didn’t understand a word. Venue: ADNeC Later on when he had relocated with This is what he thinks about his own his family to Canada, American hip-hop music – it’s a “mix of tradition and kind continued to intrigue him. of articulation of my own life and my past experiences.” knaan’s lyrics Knaan’s lyrics are already winning many accolades, and attracting comparisons to rapper greats. “Do you see why it’s amazing, When someone comes out of such a dire situation And learns the English language, RaMaDaN IN sUMMeR FUN Just to share his observation!” Song: SOMALIA kHalIDIYa! kIDs caMp “Mother knows; my mother she suffered blows From 12th August, Venue: Khalidiya mall 21st July to 11th August, Venue: Khalidiya mall I don’t know how we survived such violent episodes” Khalidiya Mall offers than shopping this August. The mall Lulu presents a happening summer camp at Khalidiya Song: Take A Minute is organizing special ramadan event with lots of activities Mall. The kids will be treated to fun activities such as magic including fun camel and pony rides, a special falcon display shows, collage painting, language games, treasure hunts, “This is K’naan and still reppin’ the S show (the latter on the weekends only) and an exhibition face painting, cookery shows, kids film screening and lots Comin’ out of Mogadishu and still draped in on wool weaving. What’s more, you can catch the Freej of sporting activities. especially considering this is all on the mess” characters roaming in the mall (who will surely love to pose offer for free....should make parents happy as well. Song: Take A Minute for a photo with you), techno dabke and andalusian dance. 8 8 Tempo August 1, 2010 9
  6. 6. Abu DhabiHangouts At a table for four on the side sat Mohamed Al Amimi, an engineer with emirates Nuclear energy Company who works in Al Mamoura, JONes THe GROceR with Ihad Husseini from Canadian Xpert Marketing solutions and rana Traboulsi from Kiwi Properties. Ihad and rana by Alma Kadragic • photos by abdul Rahman don’t come that often because they work elsewhere. However, Mohamed is a regular Jones the Grocer opened on 29 September 2009, and in less than a year has become the premier hangout in who comes every day to collect takeout to the UAE capital which is why we're launching this new Tempo feature with Jones. Every issue or as often as eat at his desk or to eat at Jones if he has we can, we'll feature another Abu Dhabi hangout where people go to meet, to relax, to eat, and sometimes to working lunch. “on weekends,” he added, “I get their photos taken by Tempo. come with my family.” Nearby, Daniela Assaad who works at the Abu Dhabi education Council - not in Al Mamoura but on the other side of the alley - was lunching with husband Ziad. They’ve lived in Abu Dhabi seven years and found Jones to be “something Abu Dhabi needs, canteen style with healthy food.” Daniela was enjoying the tuna with egg sandwich, Ziad a salmon bagel. They were about to leave on vacation and squeezed in a last visit to Jones. They would be back after ramadan. Paul Langsdon, an architect, and his wife Kathryn ryan, an artist, came to Abu Dhabi 30 months ago. since then they have alternated living in sydney and Abu Dhabi Location plays a big role. Jones the Grocer in Al They learned about Jones the Grocer coming Mamoura B, on 15th street and Muroor (also known as to Abu Dhabi through Facebook. Australians 4th street). our cover (and above) shows Dr. erin Brady here and at home “spread the word,” and the who came for lunch with James and sarah LeMesurier ones here or about to be here were waiting at from Good Harbor Consulting. They were at Jones the door when Jones opened. Why? Paul says, before a business meeting at Mubadala, the anchor “we came here because the coffee is exactly tenant of Al Mamoura. erin says she lunches at Jones like in Australia.” weekly. James and sarah who are married come even more often, he daily, she with him sometimes during the week and together with their baby on weekends. There’s no way in the space available to show everyone who was at Jones that day. At a corner “I like it because it’s multi cultural,” said James, and table in the back were the Thompsons, an “has great buzz.” He also likes the mixing that goes Australian family who live in the UAe. steve and on. “It’s the one place you can come in and sit next daughter Lucy came to Jones to have lunch to emiratis,” because of the long tables that allow with Jane who works at the Al Jazira Football Jones the Grocer is open: people who don’t know each other to sit together, and Club. They say Jones here is “very similar to Sunday to Thursday 8 am to 10: 30 pm sometimes start a conversation. James also likes the sydney.” The only “challenge” was finding it the Friday and Saturday 9 am to 10:30 pm “competent and well informed staff.” first time. For information call 02 443 8762 10 Tempo August 1, 2010 11
  7. 7. TrendSetter My Style BLUEPRINT Guys its summer, and NaUTIca at al wahda Mall has a cool collection for summer 2010! belT Dh 169 Tempo spots fashionable and smart dressers around Age: the ecity.do : nan Namha Fer mal s 20 na lity: Natio nkan a to sri l ory l ac cess fit vita e it wU ,a Mak pris Forever 21 ello ade ith ca Y e sh best w Dh 72 ke ep th caps Dh 89 y Trend nt Cool n eme Stat wHITe sHIRT Style Dh 309 What do you do? i am a medical student Your most valued fashion possessions? Splash bROwN walleT my handbag Dh 60 Dh 89 FlIp FlOps The one Thing I regret Dh 109 Buying: Nothing, really. OUr FAsHiON blUe sHOes eXPerT sAYs: The one Thing I Dream Dh 349 of Buying: malsha, you’re right Jimmy choo shoes on the money, with kHakI sHORTs Penny’s comfort as your style inspiration: Dh150 Dh 309 driving philosophy! magazines mostly but i wear what i like With this look you prove that one can My style Philosophy: be comfortable and yet utterly stylish! or and i like to be ks f s-on comfortable. , wor Step Of f Coo l Show ell ch r as w e bea l wea of f th casua 12 Tempo August 1, 2010 13
  8. 8. City Bites PeopleMeter by sithara sethumadhavan People Meter is an offbeat way to learn more about our community and its people, who come from different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. e GOlDeN TOweR bipimol saban Nationality: India some people never get tired of Chinese, and we Occupation: Head Nurse wouldn’t blame them especially after feasting at Time in abu Dhabi: 3 years Other places lived: India Golden Tower’s food. This restaurant located right in between the hustle bustle of Madinat Zayed is What brought you here? if Abu dhabi were a coffee, what especially recommended place for Chinese seafood.... A better standard of living kind would it be? and it’s not at all pricey, like some of the fancier strong black coffee (stronger than eateries. some of the regulars we spoke to swear What were your first expresso shots) impressions of this city? by the Hot n sour Chicken soup. We recommend Cool but hot Any advice to a new arrival? the steamed dim sims dumplings (also healthy and Get all your cotton clothes to tasty), for starters followed by the famous chicken Where can we find you hanging this place. You will need them all out? prawn noodles. The good news however is that all the QUIck HITs through the year shopping malls and cinemas items in their menu are also available in a vegetarian shawarma or Falafel? ....... shawarma How has living here changed version, which has made this place a hit among the vegetarians in the town. Another dish you surely beaches or sand dunes? ..... beaches you? Well much happier and of course don’t want to miss after visiting this place is their Dates or chocolate? ........... chocolate extremely hectic special toffee bananas, the perfect way to end your Do you speak arabic?........ shweya Chinese feast fare. And for apple lovers, they also offer shweya toffee apples. bITe RITe Maliha enam Nationality: bangladesh It’s summer and most of you are on diets... boring Occupation: Insurance professional and tasteless eating regimes that are driving you Time in abu Dhabi: 23 years up the wall! Well, we have found a nice option Other places lived: No where else, abu Dhabi is home that allows you to stick on to your diet but still enjoy real food (that tastes like food). This What brought you here? How has living here changed you? eat out provides you with tasty options Dad’s working here....I spent all my which of taboo items like rolls and life here Hopefully I am growing everyday pastries, but offered in healthy and What were your first if Abu dhabi were a coffee, what sensible versions. (Think of sweets impressions of this city? kind would it be? made of double skimmed milk and Well I don’t remember my first Café latte (I suppose) QUIck HITs impression but I am amazed at the sugar substitutes). You can even go Any advice to a new arrival? way it is progressing and I love the for a plate of fries to pep up your shawarma or Falafel? ........ shawarma fact that I am progressing along Apply sunscreen and drink loads meals. Yes, real fries, but fiber rich beaches or sand dunes? ........ beach with it. of water alternatives that appeal to your taste buds Dates or chocolate? ........ chocolate Where can we find you hanging as well please your dietician. And the best part is out? that the menu offers a counter so you know Do you speak arabic?........ No Any of the malls can keep a count on those calories! 14 Tempo August 1, 2010 19
  9. 9. Around the Neighborhood by alma kadragic around the Neighborhood: a Fast visit to Doha Doha, Qatar, is 35 minutes from Abu Dhabi on etihad are many international hotels in Doha, more than in or Qatar Airlines and makes a perfect weekend Abu Dhabi. getaway. The city is similar to what we’re used to here but at the same time different. I left Abu Dhabi at 9 Besides seeing my friend and getting an orientation am on a Friday and arrived in Doha at 9 am - because to the festival, I was especially interested in visiting Qatar is one hour behind the UAe. I returned on the the Museum of Islamic Art, a beautiful building 610 pm flight saturday and arrived in Abu Dhabi designed by I.M.Pei that overshadows the collections at 810 pm, making up for the lost hour. That’s long inside. However, inside and out, it is worth a visit. enough to get a good sense of the city which seems I spent close to three hours there Friday afternoon. smaller than Abu Dhabi although it combines Dubai It wasn’t crowded although there were families with and Abu Dhabi in being capital and economic center Porto Arabiya small children, mainly Indian or Arab expats with at the same time. some Qataris. exhibits are labeled in english and I stayed at the W Hotel because a friend of mine who Arabic, and each room is identified at either end by Highlights of the collection for me are the Persian it will look like, a huge area with traditional low is working in Doha for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival a small poster that explains the links between the carpets with intricate designs of people, animals, buildings where the Film Festival’s offices will be lives in the residential part. I can recommend the W as displays. and plants in colors that remain strong today even located and other non profits, along with a mosque, very comfortable with extraordinary service, but there Souk Waqif after 500 years. exquisitely tooled and inlaid wood theater, restaurants, and gift shops. At the center is doors and shutters are displayed as well as numerous the amphitheater stadium that will seat 5000 people bowls, plates, and other earthenware from Iran, syria, for various big events. Iraq, egypt, and spain which maintained a tradition of Islamic art long after the armies of King Ferdinand As you drive back to West Bay where most of the and Queen Isabella conquered the last Moorish hotels and new office towers are located, you stronghold in 1492. pass one tower that exemplifies old and new. superimposed on the outside are window and The Museum typifies what I found in Doha that corniche motifs that recall traditional construction surprised me: the old along with the new. None of and in front is a low wall that exemplifies it. the examples of Islamic Art date from later than early 1800s, and most seem to be from the 11th-16th centuries. They live in an iconic one-year old building: Museum of Islamic Art state of the art modern to preserve state of the art old. I first saw the Museum from across the road at the souq Waqif which was completed three years ago but looks traditionally Arabic, two stories at the most with alleys upon alleys of tiny shops selling tourist items; coming out of any alley, I see long rows of cafes and restaurants with outdoor tables and chairs. The urban planners of Doha seem to be committed to expressing traditional culture in public spaces. Another example is the Cultural village that is under construction. I was able to get a preview of what 20 21