Driving Customer Satisfaction via Corporate Culture (Call Center World, Berlin)


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Presented at Call Center World 2014, Berlin – Europe’s largest call center industry event. Learn about the latest trends in customer satisfaction and how corporate culture holds the key. See where customer service is headed and why Generation Y is critical to business success.
Key takeaways from this presentation include:
 Gain insights into North American & European customer satisfaction trends
 Understand the business impacts of culture on employee engagement, attrition & CSAT
 Learn how our call center teams in Bulgaria & Romania developed a unique culture serving clients in 32 languages, including 20 clients served in German

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Driving Customer Satisfaction via Corporate Culture (Call Center World, Berlin)

  1. 1. Call Center World 2014, Europe Driving Customer Satisfaction through Corporate Culture Gearing up for the Multilingual Gen Y in Global BPO CCW 2014, Europe February 19, 2014 Jeffrey Puritt President, TELUS International @TELUSint telusinternational.com | telusinternational-europe.com
  2. 2. Our parent company: a full service telecommunications provider & global leader in telecom financial strength  Top 500 global brand worth over $3.6 billion (2.66 billion EUR) - Brand Finance  $11.3 billion (7.5 billion EUR) in annual revenue  Over 13 million customer connections spanning wireless, data, Internet, TV 13 consecutive years – Dow Jones Sustainability World Index 2 Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures World’s Top Philanthropic Corporation
  3. 3. Nevada, USA Philippines Romania / Bulgaria & UK 1,200 workstations 3 sites 7,500 workstations 5 sites 1,500 workstations Guatemala El Salvador 4 sites 6,000 workstations 3,000 workstations TELUS International  Over 16,000 highly-engaged team members  Customer support solutions in over 30 languages 3Serving the world’s largest brands
  4. 4. Global delivery, local expertise TELUS International Europe – “one stop shop” for BPO in Europe Bulgaria Romania  20,000 employees working in call centers and BPO  35,000 employees working in call centers and BPO  10,000 graduates every year with skills suited to the outsourcing industry  23,000 graduates every year with skills suited to the outsourcing industry Including:  4 20 clients served in German, 7 of them with headquarters in Germany
  5. 5. Insights & Trends Big shifts are underway  Generation Y is a game-changing force:    Generation Y will be nearly half (50%) of all U.S. workers by 2020 Generation Y is 80% of our workforce at TELUS International Consumers are mobile:   Social media is expected:   Within 5 years, social media interactions at call centers will be equal to the number of voice interactions (DMG Consulting) Brands realize the value of culture to attract & serve customers  5 By 2015, more U.S. consumers will access the Internet through mobile devices than PCs (IDC) Companies see the effect of behavior on performance – example: Zappos Culture Book – captures what culture means to employees
  6. 6. Insights & Trends How we see it What’s impacting customer satisfaction today? 1 Generation Y – the next big customer service & employee wave 2 Omnichannel service – access to brands in all channels at all times 3 Culture holds the key – brands need to stand out from the crowd 6
  7. 7. Trend 1: Generation Y The next big customer service & employee wave 1  Generation Y matters to business:  Generation Y world population (ages 14-34) is just over 2.4 billion people  Generation Y will be nearly 50% of all US workers by 2020  Generation Y is spending almost $200 billion (153 billion EUR) / year  By 2017, Generation Y will have more spending power than any other generation The workforce is changing. Consumers are changing. 7
  8. 8. Trend 1: Generation Y Adopting the Generation Y mindset  How do you hire & attract employees that communicate like this? “Omg jk!! LOL u kno ily. Nyway watchu doen 2nite? I g2g 2 din wit da rents but bbl. U hangen out?” Translation: “Oh my gosh I’m just kidding! Laughing out loud. You know I love you. Anyway, what are you doing tonight? I have to go to dinner with my parents but I’ll be back later. Are you hanging out?” 8 Tap into Generation Y communication trends – work socially. Video: http://youtu.be/OEtgkWV1oSM
  9. 9. Trend 2: Omnichannel Service Customers demand omnichannel service 2  Virtually ALL channels are growing (voice, email, chat, social) with customers creating more interactions than ever before  Serve customers where they are, when they want, in the language they choose – consistently across all channels Case study: Customer support via voice & email Social media monitoring for Facebook & YouTube 22 languages 32 countries Over 100 agents Support for all client’s products 9
  10. 10. Trend 3: Culture! Brands need to stand out – but how? 3  Corporate Culture!  Great companies are enabled by great corporate cultures Attracts & keeps the best people  Makes emotional connections  Creates memorable moments  Encourages quality customer service  10
  11. 11. Trend 3: Culture! Why corporate culture holds the key? What we’ve found: A “Culture Value Chain” impacting top-line growth Top-Line Growth Higher NPS/CSAT Lower Attrition Agent Engagement Corporate Culture 11 Source: TELUS International & Frost & Sullivan, 2014
  12. 12. The Culture Value Chain The Culture Value Chain Culture = people  Focus on attracting & retaining the right people to serve your customers:  Generation Y serving Generation Y  Gamers serving Gamers  Economics Graduates serving Financial Clients  Corporate Culture Invest in your frontline where happy, engaged agents = happy, satisfied customers Team members in Romania & Bulgaria 12
  13. 13. The Culture Value Chain Culture = community  Build a community – not just a company  Bring emotion into the workplace  Measure happiness Our community walls around the globe 13 Corporate Culture
  14. 14. The Culture Value Chain Why culture matters? Agent Engagement:  Happy, engaged employees = happy, satisfied customers “Our focus on putting customers first” – 91% “Respect for team members’ diversity” – 92% “Our role in the community” – 89% = Best Employer Status Source: Pulsecheck Survey, Aon Hewitt 2013 Best Employers 14 Agent Engagement
  15. 15. The Culture Value Chain Why culture matters? Lower Attrition Attrition:   Tenured agents = efficient customer experiences  15 Attrition is expensive (recruitment, training, productivity lags) Our attrition is 50% below industry average
  16. 16. The Culture Value Chain Why culture matters?  Higher NPS/CSAT Customer Satisfaction: “culturally aligned” teams/partners = better NPS, CSAT & more Top-Line Growth A customer-centric culture drives customer satisfaction 16
  17. 17. The Culture Value Chain In closing: create a culture with meaning  Both consumers and employees want companies to stand for something bigger Video: http://youtu.be/JN OLh0PNDrA 17
  18. 18. Questions? TELUS International Europe – who are we?  1 500 Arbeitsplätze an 5 Standorten in der EU  ONE-STOP-SHOP Servicemodell in 30+ Sprachen  Kundenbetreuung der DACH-Klientel von 20 PartnerUnternehmen  “DACH-Fit” : 300 deutschsprachige Mitarbeiter (30%)  Spezialisierung auf folgende Branchen: e-Commerce, Touristik und Freizeit, Finanzdienstleistungen, BITKOM und Pharma Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf! Wir sind für Sie da: CCW, Halle 4, Stand C14
  19. 19. Danke! Connect with us! TELUS International Europe http://telusinternational-europe.com TELUS International http://telusinternational.com Philippe OUGRINOV VP, Sales, Marketing & Solutions, Europe Sofia | +359 88 600 88 64 philippe.ougrinov@telusinternational.com Jeffrey PURITT President, TELUS International Toronto, Canada René LÜDEMANN Director Sales & Business Development, Germany Düseldorf | +49(0)171-5550833 rene.luedemann@telusinternational.com Stefan ABADZHIEV Sales Manager, DACH Sofia | +359 894 37 77 14 stefan.abadzhiev@telusinternational.com