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5 Tips to Adjust with Culture when Teach Abroad


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It is very difficult to survive in Abroad when you go to teach English. Here is some tips to adjust with their culture.

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5 Tips to Adjust with Culture when Teach Abroad

  1. 1. Learning the local culture will help you in connecting and communicating with your students.
  2. 2. Learn language is always appreciate by your local community and the teachers with which you work.
  3. 3. Don’t forget that you will be there for teaching not spending time or holidays.
  4. 4. When you will teach another country’s classroom always keep it in mind that you’re to be both an effective teacher, as well as one that avoids causing offence or worse .
  5. 5. Try to make good relation with your student , colleagues and try to get their culture.
  6. 6. Presented By : American TESOL Institute
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