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About TED

TED is an annual event where some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future. And in fact, the event is broader still, showcasing ideas that matter in any discipline. Attendees have called it “the ultimate brain spa” and “a four-day journey into the future.” The diverse audience — CEOs, scientists, creatives, philanthropists — is almost as extraordinary as the speakers, who have included Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Frank Gehry, Paul Simon, Sir Richard Branson, Philippe Starck and Bono.

TED was first held in Monterey, California, in 1984. In 2001, Chris Anderson’s Sapling Foundation acquired TED from its founder, Richard Saul Wurman. In recent years, TED has expanded to include an international conference, TEDGlobal; media initiatives, including TED Talks and TED.com; and the TED Prize.

About TEDx, x=independently organized event

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.*

*Subject to certain rules and regulations.


At TEDxCLE event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. TED provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including TEDxCLE, are self-organized. TEDxCLE was organized by Clevelanders Hallie and Eric Kogelschatz in an effort to bring Cleveland innovation, development, and positive change to the world.

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  1. 1. TED 5 TEDx 7 TEDxCLE 7 IMPORT/EXPORT 13 Thank You 17 Community 17 After Party 18 Connect 18 Schedule 21 Jonah Bayer 23 Brian Michael Bendis 25 Jennifer Coleman 27 Art Falco 29 Andrea Lane 31 Jeffrey McClellan 33 Angelo Merendino 35 Alonzo Mitchell III 37 Megan Moynahan 39 Lisa Peng 41 JD Samson 43 Baiju Shah 45 David Shimotakahara 47 Michael Williams 49 TEDTalks 51 TABLE OF CONTENTS IDEAS WORTH SPREADING INTERACT + SHARE INSPIRE + INNOVATE
  2. 2. Eric & Hallie Kogelschatz 57 Jessica Melton 61 Lisa Salamon-Handel 63 Brian Schultz 65 OVERVIEW 67 PLATINUM 75 Cleveland Museum of Art 77 The George Gund Foundation 78 shark&minnow 79 SILVER 81 CLE Clothing Co. 83 Downie Photography 84 University Circle Inc. 85 BRONZE 87 Jakprints 89 MailChimp 90 Microsoft 91 Oliver Printing Co. 92 PARTNERS 93 Cleveland Public Library 95 ORGANIZERS STAFF SPONSORS & PARTNERS
  4. 4. TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a four-day conference in California almost 30 years ago, TED has grown to support those world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives. The two annual TED Conferences invite the world’s leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes on a diverse mix of topics. Many of these talks are then made available, free, at TED.com. TED speakers have included Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Isabel Allende and former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The TED2014 Conference will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia, along with the TEDActive simulcast in neighboring Whistler. TEDGlobal 2014 will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. IDEAS WORTH SPREADING TED
  5. 5. TED’s media initiatives include TED.com, where new TED Talks are posted daily; the Open Translation Project, which provides subtitles and interactive transcripts as well as translations from volunteers worldwide; the educational initiative TED-Ed; and TEDBooks, short e-books on powerful ideas. TED has established the annual TED Prize, where exceptional individuals with a wish to change the world get help translating their wishes into action; TEDx, which supports individuals or groups in hosting local, self-organized TED-style events around the world; and the TED Fellows program, helping world-changing innovators from around the globe to amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities. • Website: TED.com • Facebook: facebook.com/TED • Twitter: @TEDNews 6
  6. 6. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self- organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self- organized (subject to certain rules and regulations). TEDxCLE was organized by Hallie and Eric Kogelschatz in effort to bring Cleveland innovation, development, and positive change to the world. IDEAS WORTH SPREADING TEDx TEDxCLE
  7. 7. 8 CLE
  8. 8. IDEAS WORTH SPREADING TEDxCLE 2010 Rustbelt Rebirth TEDxCLE.com/2010 Sean Bilovecky Danielle DeBoe C. Martin Harris Benson Lee Aaron LeMieux Dana Myers Patrick Perotti Michael Ruhlman Terry Schwarz Chris Yanc
  9. 9. TEDxCLE 2011 Guardians of the Evolution TEDxCLE.com/2011 Hannah Belsito Chris Clark David Franklin Paul Hill, Jr. Matt Hlavin Ted Howard Jonathon Sawyer Jeff Siegler Rhonda Sincavage Thomas Starinsky Ari Maron Valerie Mayen John Zitzner GUARDIANS of the EVOLUTION 10
  10. 10. IDEAS WORTH SPREADING TEDxCLE 2012 The Maker Class TEDxCLE.com/2012 Brian Grimberg Cloud Nothings David Rabinsky Dar Caldwell Genna Petrolla Josh Taylor Justin Bibb Lisa Damour Lolah Brown Mort Epstein Philip Niles Tom Benson Yohannes Haile-Selassie
  11. 11. TEDxCLE 2013 Bonfire // Ignite TEDxCLE.com/2013 Gary Allen Brandon Chrostowski Michael Fleming Mansfield Frazier Greg Harris Elliott Ingersoll Kipum Lee Jen Margolis Marilyn Sanders Mobley Michael Pultz Joy Roller Pablo Ros Scott Simon Dominic Smith Felton Thomas 12
  12. 12. Flags. More than a simple declaration of “YOU ARE HERE,” these markers function to say something about the landscape, their creator and the people that choose to display them proudly. What does it mean when one displays a banner from their homeland, while they are stationed far away - and why do they do it? There is something about a place that shapes one’s vision and their work. In our region, our flag - our badge, our moniker - is one of mixed emotions. Clevelander. When existing within her boarders we can look at that label as tinged with antiquity, cynicism, despair. Or opportunity, change, flexibility and support. Our choice. For those of us that have lived or traveled elsewhere, Clevelander often has a completely different meaning. It speaks of hard work and perseverance. It speaks of rock and roll and professional sports. It doesn’t spark images of glamour as other places might, but more and more it is less something to poke fun at. It’s changing - it’s a badge of pride. If you’re a native, transplant, boomerang or export - think about what Cleveland has done for you. Speak of her fondly when you can. Understand that whether you live here now or not, this place has had an impact on your life - never take it for granted. Clevelander: A name for the curious, the passionate, the dreamers and the makers. Also refers to our most valuable imported or exported commodity: our people. Carry the Cleveland flag proudly. Eric & Hallie Kogelschatz, TEDxCLE Founders & Curators, 5 Years & Counting 14
  13. 13. INTERACT + SHARE 16
  14. 14. INTERACT + SHARE Thank You Community Thank you. For being a creator. A catalyst. An entrepreneur. An artist. A technologist. A designer. A scientist. A thinker. A doer. But more than anything, thank you for doing this in the name of building Cleveland’s brand as one of innovation, creativity & prosperity. TEDxCLE was created to bring the curious among us together. To share ideas that have the power to inspire our community. To share Cleveland innovation, development & positive change with the world in hopes of changing our civic brand. To facilitate this effort, please blog, update, chat, photograph & share your thoughts from today throughout your network during/ following the event. See you there. Eric & Hallie Kogelschatz, TEDxCLE Founders & Curators
  15. 15. Following TEDxCLE, attend MIX at CMA in the atrium and share ideas worth spreading with other TEDxCLE attendees, speakers, sponsors, organizers. Website TEDxCLE.com Email info@tedxcle.com Facebook facebook.com/TEDxCLE Twitter @TEDxCLE #TEDxCLE Instagram @TEDxCLE LinkedIn TEDxCLE.com/LinkedIn eNewsletter TEDxCLE.com/contact 18 After Party Connect
  16. 16. INSPIRE + INNOVATE 20
  17. 17. Opening Jennifer Coleman Notes From the Precipice: How to Prepare, Transform & Thrive Baiju Shah Bridging the Valley of Death Megan Moynahan Breakthrough Medical Technologies: Better by Design Jeffrey McClellan The Student Success Triangle Andrea Lane Thinkers to Tinkerers Art Falco Staging Success: The PlayhouseSquare Story Alonzo Mitchell III Blow Up the Box: A Novel Approach to Rejuvenating a City David Shimotakahara The Art of Not Knowing Break (15 minutes) INSPIRE + INNOVATE Schedule
  18. 18. TEDTalk: Jack Andraka A Promising Test for Pancreatic Cancer ...From a Teenager Lisa Peng Passive Acceptance, Active Scrutiny JD Samson The Cost of a Token Angelo Merendino Community on Social Networks: Sharing Experiences & Healing Break (10 minutes) TEDTalk: Kathryn Schulz On Being Wrong Jonah Bayer Living Without A Roadmap Michael Williams Paris, Milan, Tokyo & Cleveland, Obviously Brian Michael Bendis The Little Boxes Closing After Party 22
  19. 19. TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/jonah-bayer 24 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Jonah Bayer Living Without A Roadmap #jonahbayer Jonah Bayer is a Cleveland native and former Music Editor of Alternative Press magazine. He settled in Brooklyn in 2007 where he wrote the Fuse television program Steven’s Untitled Rock Show. He currently co-hosts the weekly podcast Going Off Track and is co- creator of the Web series Sound Advice With Janessa Slater. Jonah’s writing has appeared online and in print for publications such as SPIN, Penthouse, Thrasher, Revolver, Guitar World, The AV Club, The Plain Dealer, The Believer, Filter and more. He also plays guitar in the screamo supergroup United Nations, who will release their second full- length album this summer. Website jonahbayer.com Twitter @mynameisjonah
  20. 20. TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/ brian-michael-bendis 26 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Brian Michael Bendis The Little Boxes #brianmbendis Brian Michael Bendis is an award winning comics creator, New York Times bestseller and one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics. For the last fifteen years, Brian’s books have sat on the top of the nationwide comic and graphic novel sales charts. Brian completed 9 years helming Marvel’s popular AVENGERS franchise. Brian has won five EISNER awards, including ‘Best Writer of the year’ two years in a row and was honored with the INKPOT award for comic art excellence. Brian is the recipient of the Cleveland Press ‘Excellence in Journalism’ Award and was named “Best Writer of the Year” by Wizard Magazine and Comic Buyer’s Guide for three consecutive years. Twitter @BRIANMBENDIS Tumblr brianmichaelbendis.tumblr.com
  21. 21. Instagram @cityprowl_jen TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/jennifer-coleman 28 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Jennifer Coleman Notes From the Precipice: How to Prepare, Transform & Thrive #jennifercoleman Exploring the intersection of design, urbanism and innovation, Jennifer Coleman has over 24 years experience in the field of architecture and has managed a diverse array of building projects. Her company, Jennifer Coleman Creative, is dedicated to improving life in the city through smart design. She is the founder and CEO of CityProwl, a company producing urban audiotours. Ms. Coleman is Chair of both the Cleveland Landmarks Commission and Downtown/Flats District Design Review Committee and was appointed to the Mayor’s 2010 Group Plan Commission. Ms. Coleman holds a bachelor of architecture degree from Cornell University. She was one of Cleveland Magazine’s Most Interesting People of 2013. Website cityprowl.com Facebook facebook.com/cityprowl Twitter @cityprowl_jen
  22. 22. YouTube youtube.com/playhousesquare TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/art-falco 30 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Art Falco Staging Success: The PlayhouseSquare Story #artfalco After graduating from Bowling Green State University (B.S. in Accounting), Art J. Falco began his career as a CPA. He joined PlayhouseSquare as Finance Director in 1985 and became President and CEO in 1991. During his aegis, PlayhouseSquare has become the nation’s largest performing arts center outside New York, the largest theater restoration project in the world, and one of only a few centers to present Broadway touring productions for two weeks or longer. Falco and his wife, Maryann, reside in Shaker Heights, Ohio and are the parents of two daughters. Website playhousesquare.org Facebook facebook.com/playhousesquare Twitter @playhousesquare
  23. 23. TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/andrea-lane 32 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Andrea Lane Thinkers to Tinkerers #andrealane Andrea started her Fab Lab career as a founding class freshman in MC2 STEM High School where she gained knowledge and experience in fabricating. While traveling to regional STEM schools as one of the first student volunteers in 2010, she displayed passion and leadership that granted her a manager position. In 2011, she traveled to Lima, Peru as one of the youngest students to attend MIT’s International Fab Lab convention. Andrea is a trainer and technology consultant for Fab Lab technologies teaching students, teachers and community members how to use a Fab Lab within a school. After graduating in 2012 from MC2 STEM High school, Andrea continues to represent Fab Labs at community events and conferences. Website alfablab.wordpress.com Twitter @FABLab_AndreaL
  24. 24. Twitter @MC2STEMHigh TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/jeffrey-mcclellan 34 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Jeffrey McClellan The Student Success Triangle #jeffreymcclellan As Founding Head of MC2 STEM High School in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Dr. McClellan has stretched the boundaries of STEM education in the 21st Century. MC2 STEM high school spans the city of Cleveland, with 9th-grade classrooms at the Great Lakes Science Center and 10th-graders on GE’s Nela Park Campus, making it the nation’s only high school on the headquarters campus of a Fortune 500 company. 11th and 12th-graders moved this year to their new location on the campus of Cleveland State University. Students at MC2 STEM High School participate in a year round, project based curriculum that is supported by many members of the professional STEM Community of Greater Cleveland. MC2 STEM High School is noted as the first High School in the United States to house a MIT Fab Lab. MC2 STEM High School has a Fab Lab at each site and has a Mobile Fab Lab that it uses to support the spread of Fab Lab experiences to other schools and communities around the country. Website mc2stemhighschool.org Facebook facebook.com/mc2stemhighschool
  25. 25. Twitter @angemerendino Instagram @angelomerendino TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/angelo-merendino 36 Websites angelomerendino.com theloveyoushare.org Facebook facebook.com/ MyWifesFightWithBreastCancer INSPIRE + INNOVATE Angelo Merendino Community on Social Networks: Sharing Experiences & Healing #angelomerendino Angelo Merendino is a photographer whose photo-documentary, The Battle We Didn’t Choose – My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer, has received worldwide recognition. It is intimate, honest, and moving. More than a story about loss, it is a story about love and life. Currently based in Cleveland, Ohio, Angelo is a freelance photographer with Corbis News and Getty Images. Angelo started a blog before his wife Jennifer passed in 2011. He has since maintained the blog which chronicled their life together in Manhattan before her illness and during his time as her caretaker. Presently, he continues to write about his life after this experience and as a 40-year old widower. Like his photographs, Angelo’s posts are open and raw. With his writing and photographs, he hopes to encourage conversation about topics that are often kept at arm’s length, provide a more accurate representation of both day-to-day struggles and triumphs with cancer and describe the challenge of rebuilding a life after surviving a traumatic experience.
  26. 26. Photo: The James Douglas Studio
  27. 27. Twitter @ohiohomecoming Instagram @ohiohomecoming TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/alonzo-mitchell 38 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Alonzo Mitchell III Blow Up the Box: A Novel Approach to Rejuvenating a City #alonzomitchell Alonzo Mitchell III is the visionary, founder, and Managing Partner of Ohio Homecoming, a grassroots movement whose goals are to educate, unite, and organize the positive energies inside and outside of Cleveland to elevate the city to her rightful place among the world’s top towns. Alonzo is a “boomerang professional”: He was born, raised, educated, and cultivated in Cleveland, and later left to work near the nation’s capital. After years of soul searching, he returned to his home, excited to act on his passion for Northeast Ohio. Today, he leverages the skills he earned in the corporate world to create positive change within disenfranchised communities. To date, he has created several projects that are destined to change the way outsiders and Clevelanders view our town on Lake Erie, including: Cleveland’s birthday celebrations, days of service, the resurgence of New Year’s Eve on Public Square, and The Village Project— an innovative approach to Cleveland’s vacant property problem. Website ohiohomecoming.com Email alonzo@ohiohomecoming.com Facebook facebook.com/ohiohomecoming
  28. 28. TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/meganmoynahan 40 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Megan Moynahan Breakthrough Medical Technologies: Better by Design #meganmoynahan Megan Moynahan is the Executive Director of the Institute for Functional Restoration, a non-profit organization based at Case Western Reserve that brings technologies out of research and into real use for people with paralysis. Megan works with world-renowned researchers who are developing an “artificial nervous system,” giving people with paralysis the ability to do what would otherwise be impossible. Megan enjoyed a 17-year career at the US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, most recently serving as Associate Director for Technology and Innovation. Website casemed.case.edu/ifr Twitter @MegMoynahan
  29. 29. 42 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Lisa Peng Passive Acceptance, Active Scrutiny #lisapeng Lisa Peng, seventeen years old, is the daughter of Chinese human rights and pro-democracy activist Mr. Peng Ming who was kidnapped in Burma by Chinese secret police and sentenced to life in prison in 2004. Lisa was born in Beijing and suffered doubly as a second child by being denied official legal recognition. In 2000, her family fled government persecution and was accepted by the United States as UN refugees in 2001. Lisa is working with the China Aid Association, the State Department, and members of Congress to advocate for the release of her father and other prisoners of conscience. She has testified before the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, the EU Parliament, and the Taiwanese Parliament. Lisa is currently a senior at Laurel School. She has been accepted by Princeton University into the Class of 2018. TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/lisa-peng
  30. 30. Twitter @jdsamson TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/jd-samson 44 INSPIRE + INNOVATE JD Samson The Cost of a Token #jdsamson JD Samson is a native Ohioan and best known as leader of the band MEN and for being one-third of the electronic-feminist-punk band and performance project, Le Tigre. For more than a decade JD’s career as a singer, producer and DJ has landed her at the intersection of the music, art, activism, and fashion. During that time she has toured the world, produced songs for the likes of Christina Aguilera, written for publications such as Huffington Post and Talkhouse, appeared in Vogue Hommes, and engaged in direct support with a wide-range of progressive social and political causes. Websites menmakemusic.com letigreworld.com
  31. 31. TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/baiju-shah 46 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Baiju Shah Bridging the Valley of Death #baijushah Baiju R. Shah is CEO of BioMotiv, the therapeutic accelerator aligned with The Harrington Project, a $250 million national drug development initiative whose mission is to accelerate breakthrough discoveries into medicines. Prior to BioMotiv, Mr. Shah was President, CEO, and a Founder of BioEnterprise, a business acceleration initiative for Cleveland bioscience companies and industry. He is Chair of Global Cleveland and serves on the Boards of Great Lakes Science Center and Positively Cleveland. Shah has been named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and has been recognized as one of Cleveland’s most influential leaders. He received a J.D. from Harvard and his B.A. from Yale. Website biomotiv.com
  32. 32. Twitter @GroundWorksDanc TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/ david-shimotakahara 48 INSPIRE + INNOVATE David Shimotakahara The Art of Not Knowing #davidshimotakahara David Shimotakahara was a member of the Atlanta Ballet, Boston Repertory Ballet, Kathryn Posin Dance Company, the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, and Ohio Ballet. In 1998 he founded GroundWorks DanceTheater, for which he is Executive Artistic Director, the company is committed to creating and producing new work in dance. David has received 7 Individual Artist Fellowships for Choreography from the Ohio Arts Council. He was awarded the 2000 Cleveland Arts Prize for Dance. His work with GroundWorks was voted “One of 25 to Watch” by Dance Magazine. David is a two time recipient of a Creative Workforce Fellowship in 2010 and 2014, The Creative Workforce Fellowship is a program of the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture, and supported by the residents of Cuyahoga County through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture. Website groundworksdance.org Facebook groundworksdance.org/facebook
  33. 33. Twitter @acontinuouslean TEDxCLE TEDxCLE.com/michael-williams 50 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Michael Williams Paris, Milan, Tokyo & Cleveland, Obviously #acontinuouslean Originally from Cleveland, Michael Williams is a writer and creative strategist living in New York City. In 2007 he founded the popular men’s style site A Continuous Lean, which looks at the world through the lens of craftsmanship, quality and provenance. Through ACL Michael has become one of the leading advocates for American manufacturing. In 2009, Michael co-founded The Pop Up Flea, a one-weekend at a time menswear marketplace. Michael is also a founding partner of the communication firm Paul + Williams, as well as the marketing agency Tennis Partners, working with clients like Levi’s, Patagonia, Amazon, Club Monaco and Google, among others. Website acontinuouslean.com Email contact@acontinuouslean.com Facebook facebook.com/misterlean
  34. 34. 52 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Jack Andraka A Promising Test for Pancreatic Cancer...From a Teenager #jackandraka About the Talk Hope. When we first saw Jack Andraka on 60 Minutes in October of 2013, he represented hope for us and the thousands of individuals and their families who have been touched by pancreatic cancer. Over 85 percent of all pancreatic cancers are diagnosed late, when someone has less than two percent chance of survival. How could this be? Jack talks about how he developed a promising early detection test for pancreatic cancer that’s super cheap, effective and non-invasive — all before his 16th birthday. - Laura Kubinski & Rachel Herman About the Speaker Jack Andraka is a Maryland high school sophomore who at age 15 invented an inexpensive and sensitive dipstick-like sensor for the rapid and early detection of pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancers. After a close family friend died of pancreatic cancer, Jack (then a ninth grader) became interested in finding a better early-detection diagnostic test. He learned that the lack of a rapid, low-cost early screening method contributed to the poor survival rate among individuals with pancreatic cancer. After thinking further about the problem, he came up with a plan and a budget to put his ideas in motion
  35. 35. 54 INSPIRE + INNOVATE Kathryn Schulz On Being Wrong #kathrynschulz About the Talk Most of us will do anything to avoid being wrong. But what if we’re wrong about that? “Wrongologist” Kathryn Schulz makes a compelling case for not just admitting but embracing our fallibility. About the Speaker Kathryn Schulz is a journalist, author, and public speaker with a credible (if not necessarily enviable) claim to being the world’s leading wrongologist. Her freelance writing has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, TIME Magazine, the Boston Globe, the “Freakonomics” blog of The New York Times, The Nation, Foreign Policy, and the New York Times Book Review, among other publications. She is the former editor of the online environmental magazine Grist, and a former reporter and editor for The Santiago Times, of Santiago, Chile, where she covered environmental, labor, and human rights issues. She was a 2004 recipient of the Pew Fellowship in International Journalism (now the International Reporting Project), and has reported from throughout Central and South America, Japan, and, most recently, the Middle East. A graduate of Brown University and a former Ohioan, Oregonian and Brooklynite, she currently lives in New York’s Hudson Valley.
  36. 36. ORGANIZERS 56
  37. 37. Facebook facebook.com/sharkandminnow Twitter @sharkandminnow Instagram @sharkandminnow 58 ORGANIZERS Hallie and Eric Kogelschatz, Founders & Curators Upon returning to Cleveland from Boston in 2009 Hallie and Eric founded TEDxCLE. Their goal remains to bring positive thinking from Cleveland to the world, helping to reshape the way that citizens and those outside of the region think of Cleveland. Outside of TEDxCLE, Hallie and Eric act as creative problem solvers who collaborate with many organizations in Cleveland and beyond. They do this through their innovation and action consultancy, shark&minnow, as well as by sitting on several boards and volunteering. The Kogelschatz duo is honored to have you here and look forward to more innovation, growth and positive change in Cleveland because of big thinkers like you. Website sharkandminnow.com Email hallie@sharkandminnow.com eric@sharkandminnow.com
  38. 38. STAFF 60
  39. 39. 62 STAFF Jessica Melton, Production Manager Jessica is a native Clevelander with a passion for helping promote the amazing things happening here. Aside from TEDxCLE, Jessica also helps out with TechPint, a group that hosts mini tech conferences, in bars, for Cleveland’s robust entrepreneurial scene. Jessica earned her BA in history from The Ohio State University, where she completed a study abroad program working on an archaeological dig in Greece. Since returning to Cleveland, she has earned her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Kent State University. She lives in University Heights with her husband and more importantly, her pets! Email jessica@TEDxCLE.com
  40. 40. 64 STAFF Lisa Salamon-Handel, Production Coordinator After spending her childhood in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Lisa attended John Carroll University and gained a love for urban landscapes and life closer to the city. As a child she often journeyed into Cleveland with her family to experience the numerous cultural opportunities the city provides, something she credits for inspiring her creative nature. After completing her BA in Philosophy at JCU and an adventurous backpacking trip through Europe, she attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI to obtain her MA in English literature and teaching certification. While residing in Milwaukee, she gained a greater respect for rustbelt culture and increased her love for the hardworking and proud Midwestern cities full of unique opportunities. After four years away, Lisa returned to Ohio with her husband, also Cleveland native, and infant daughter to be closer to family and the comforts of their hometown. Having spent a few years teaching English Composition at Cleveland State University she has since dedicated her energy to raising her three young children, encouraging her entrepreneurial husband, event planning, and non-profit strategy. Lisa is an avid reader, creative type, nature lover, Cleveland foodie culture enthusiast and is hopeful that she can someday devote more time to researching, writing, and creating. Email lisa@TEDxCLE.com
  41. 41. 66 STAFF Brian Schultz, Production Coordinator Brian is a Cleveland native with a strong love of the city and enjoys visiting its many locals. Brian has a B.A. from Xavier University in International Studies and has studied in Austria and France. He currently works at the Foundation Center-Cleveland office where he served as fellow in The Cleveland Foundations Summer Internship program. He has experience as a City Year Corps Member in Cleveland doing a year of service at an elementary school in Slavic Village. While in college he served as an archiving intern with the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education in Cincinnati, and an Educational Interpreter with the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Brian enjoys going to musicals at PlayHouse Square and attending the Cleveland International Film Festival every year. Email brian@TEDxCLE.com
  42. 42. A special thank you to all of the sponsors and partners that made this event possible.
  43. 43. SPONSORS & PARTNERS 68
  44. 44. SPONSORS & PARTNERS Cleveland Museum of Art #cma The Cleveland Museum of Art is renowned for the quality and breadth of its collection, which includes almost 45,000 objects and spans 6,000 years of achievement in the arts. The museum is a significant international forum for exhibitions, scholarship, performing arts and art education and recently completed an ambitious, multi-phase renovation and expansion project across its campus. One of the top comprehensive art museums in the nation and free of charge to all, the Cleveland Museum of Art is located in the dynamic University Circle neighborhood. For more information about the museum, its holdings, programs and events, call 888-CMA-0033 or visit www.ClevelandArt.org. • Website: ClevelandArt.com • Facebook: facebook.com/clevelandmuseumofart • Twitter: @ClevelandArt
  45. 45. Cleveland Public Library #cpl The Cleveland Public Library system, founded in 1869, includes the main downtown library as well as 27 branches scattered throughout the city. Boasting close to ten million items, CPL has one of the largest and most extensive collections in the country. Recently, Cleveland Public Library launched TechCentral MakerSpace, a creative and collaborate design and fabrication space that allows you to turn your ideas into reality. The MakerSpace is available to all Cleveland Public Library and CLEVNET member library card holders. To access the TechCentral MakerSpace, you will need a library card in good standing, and a Photo ID. • Website: cpl.org • Facebook: facebook.com/clevelandpubliclibrary • Twitter: @cleveland_pl • Pinterest: pinterest.com/clevelandpl • Flickr: flickr.com/photos/clevelandpubliclibrary • YouTube: youtube.com/clevelandpubliclib CLE Clothing Co. #cleclothing Spreading Cleveland Pride One T-Shirt at a Time! • Website: cleclothingco.com • Facebook: facebook.com/cleclothing • Twitter: @cleclothingco 70
  46. 46. SPONSORS & PARTNERS Downie Photography #downie Jeff Downie is a versatile and energetic photographer living in Cleveland, OH. He has over 10 years in the industry, working with some of the biggest brands in the US. His focus is on people, fashion and fun. • Website: downiephoto.net • Email: jeff@downiephoto.net The George Gund Foundation #georgegund The George Gund Foundation was established in 1952 as a private, nonprofit institution with the sole purpose of contributing to human well-being and the progress of society. Over the years, program objectives and emphases have been modified to meet the changing opportunities and problems of our society, but the Foundation’s basic goal of advancing human welfare remains constant. • Website: gundfdn.org • Email: info@gundfdn.org
  47. 47. Jakprints #jakprints More than a decade ago, co-founders Dameon Guess and Jacob Edwards had to market their bands. They discovered that a printer willing to produce high-quality t-shirts, stickers, postcards and flyers on short deadlines didn’t exist. The two paired their backgrounds in screen printing and graphic design with unique insights into the printing needs of musicians, designers and artists. Fast-forward 10 years, and Jakprints has more than filled that niche from our Cleveland, Ohio, headquarters. We’ve taken our dedication to customization, turn- around, quality, environmental responsibility and customer-service that drove our success in the underground community and applied it to other industries that face the same needs—whether it’s a metal band in Europe, a church group on the West Coast or a sushi restaurant down the street. • Website: jakprints.com • Facebook: facebook.com/jakprints • Twitter: @jakprints • YouTube: youtube.com/user/jakprints Mailchimp #mailchimp MailChimp makes it easy to design exceptional email campaigns, share them on social networks, integrate with web services you already use, manage subscribers and track your results. You’ll love mixing and matching MailChimp’s templates, features and integrations to suit your needs–think of it as your own personal newsletter publishing. • Website: mailchimp.com 72
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  49. 49. shark&minnow #sharkandminnow shark&minnow is an innovation and action consultancy that focuses on research and insights, strategic planning, marketing communications and civic engagement. Veterans of brands such as Cadillac, GE Lighting and Progressive Insurance, Eric Kogelschatz and Hallie Bram Kogelschatz founded shark&minnow in 2008. • Website: sharkandminnow.com • Email: info@sharkandminnow.com • Facebook: facebook.com/sharkandminnow • Twitter: @sharkandminnow • Instagram: @sharkandminnow University Circle Inc. #uci UCI is the development, service, and advocacy organization responsible for the growth of University Circle as a premier urban district and world-class center of innovation in healthcare, education, and arts & culture. • Website: universitycircle.org • Facebook: facebook.com/universitycircle • Twitter: @inthecircle 74
  51. 51. Technology. Entertainment. Design. We’ve got plenty of that. MIX at CMA First Friday of each month, 5:00–9:00 p.m. An ever-changing mix of art, music and cocktails. Come see amazing. www.clevelandart.org Solstice Saturday, June 21, 2014 Cleveland’s hottest summer music festival. Tickets on sale May 12 Column & Stripe Become a member of Cleveland’s next generation of artists, arts consumers, and philanthropists.
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