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Las oportunidades que ofrecen los centros de innovación digital en la robótica de la salud


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María Pascual de Zulueta.
DIH-HERO INFO DAY: Las oportunidades que ofrecen los centros de innovación digital en la robótica de la salud

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Las oportunidades que ofrecen los centros de innovación digital en la robótica de la salud

  2. 2. Surface area: 7,234 km2 GDP per capita 2017 (€): 129% / EU Population: 2,171,877 inhab. Expenditure on R&D: 1.87% GDP Population density: 300.2 inhab./km2 London Berlin Brussels Paris Vienna Basque Country Milan Barcelona MadridLisbon Rome Global Investment in R&D: 1,434 M€ Basque Country in figures
  3. 3. The country with the longest live expectancy in the EU (83.4 years). Highest Human Development Index in Spain. R&D expenditure levelled with European average: 1.89% of GDP. Highly qualified human capital: 45% of population aged 30-34 years having completed tertiary education. Wealthiest region in Spain (134% of the Spanish average). Export-oriented, wealthy and competitive industry, focused on internationally diversified markets: 33.5% exports on GDP Second ranked country in the EU of productivity per employee. Highest rates of productivity in Europe. 128,5% (EU: 100). Basque Country, leading competitiveness pole in Southern Europe
  4. 4. Basque Country Tech infrastructures Basque Technology Park Network: four technology parks BILBAo VITo RIA SAN SEBASTIAN Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park 1997 Garaia Innovation Pole 2007 Bizkaia Science and Technology 1985 Alava Technology Park 1995Promotion and participation of public and private administrations: The Basque Government-Spri, Regional Governments, Town Councils, the Mondragon Group, Kutxabank.
  5. 5. Basque Country Tech infrastructures Basque Technology Park Network: four technology parks Installation of advanced technology companies, by providing quality spaces. Technology and knowledge transfer. Creation and development of new technology-based companies (incubation). Cooperation between companies, technology centres and universities. Innovative and technology-based business development. Internationalisation of companies.
  6. 6. Basque Country 4 Universities 50,000 students. 5 Higher Technical Colleges & 22 University Colleges. Top ranked country in the EU in Terms of science and technology graduates (43%). UNIVERSITY OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY UPV/EHU DEUSTO UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF MONDRAGÓN E.I.S.- NAVARRA (DO NOSTIA)
  7. 7. Basque ecosystem of science and technology Multifocalized Technological Centres Singular Agents Research Structures Universities BERCs Dissemination Agents Health Research Institutes Health R&D Organization Sectorial Technological Centres Cooperative Research Centres Enterprise R&D Units Supply-Demand Intermediate Agents Science, Technology and Innovation Basque Network Vocational Trainig
  8. 8. Specific bioscience policy since 2001/2 and government support, with a pro- business orientation, demand-side philosophy, and experienced in public- private partnerships. 150 companies, 20 research centers and universities, 6 leading hospitals, 20% growth in the sector. Unique blend of converging technologies, know-how and interdisciplinarity underpin biosciences-health sector development. Basque Bioregion An attractive business location for life sciences in Southern Europe
  9. 9. Basque Bioregion An attractive business location for life sciences in Southern Europe BioBasque is recognized as a BioRegion at national and international scale. +2,000 people in R&D More than 150 life sciences companies. Biotech R&D expenditure (11% of total domestic expenditure on R&D ) 60% of biotechs, less than 10 years old. 90% internationaliz ed Strategy 4th community in Spain regarding nr of biotechs The companies invoice more than 1,448 M€. Strategic commitment by the Public Administration. BIO/HEALTH one of the priorities of Basque RIS3
  10. 10. Macro and Micromechanics Electrochemistry Micromachining tools Microfluidics Materials research Medical image Robotics Automation Nanotechnology Biophysics Genomics Proteomics Metabolomics Bioinformatics Glycobiotechnology Plant Biotechnology Nanobiotechnology Cell biology, Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering Organic, Pharmaceutical, and Polymer Chemistry Molecular Imaging: MRI, SPECT-CT, PET-CT, Cyclotron & Radiopharmacy. Structural Biology: Electron Microscopy, NMR, X-ray. State-of-the-art specialised facilities Specialised fields, convergent technologies Nanoscience & nanotechnology, microtechnologies Engineering, automatization, electronics, materials, fabrication Genomics, genotyping, gen silencing, proteomics, metabolomics, cell biology, etc. Nanobiotecnology, Biomaterials, biosurfaces Chemical, Biophysical, Farmacology, molecular biology, genetics, etc. Basque Ecosystem of Science and Technology
  11. 11. Biotechnology, biomaterials, robotics and ICT focused on health Rehabilitation Neuro-rehabilitation / Orthopaedic rehabilitation. Assistive technologies Solutions with easy access for interaction /Support solutions for cognitive disability. E-Health Tele-assistance / Tele-health / m-Health. Biological structures’ analisis by artificial vision Bio-processes and Preservation Novel food / Preservation/ Enology. Biomaterials Devices and materials for using in vivo /Biological evaluation / diagnostic devices and cell-based assays. Surfaces biofuntionalisation. Tools GLP/GMP test for drug development and production Industrial microbiology. Genomics and Proteomics. Molecular Biology. Instrumental : microscopy (electronic, x-ray,inverted, fluorescence, AFM…), RAMAN, HPLC M/M, flux cytometry, radiopharmacy, cyclotron, NMR… … Biosensors. Bioelectrochemistry/Immunosensors + + + = + 16 centros, 3540 profesionales, 283M-€
  12. 12. Basque Ecosystem of Science and Technology Development of innovative enterprises The Basque Country offers an incubation model in which science and technology transfer, business models, private finance and institutional support are coordinated and accessible to bioentrepreneurs. Two bioincubators in the Basque Country have been fostered as the result of institutional commitment for the creation and development of innovative enterprises in the Bioscience sector. Bioincubators
  13. 13. Basque Ecosystem of Science and Technology Health System Aim: To promote innovation and research in Basque Health System. INNOSASUN Acceso a la colaboración con el sistema de salud público vasco BALIOSASUN Valorización de la I+D+i del sistema público vasco Nodal Biobank within the health system. Health Research Institutes.
  14. 14. Most relevant industrial clusters Energy Electronic&ICT Automotive Industry Machine Tools Aeronautics Maritime Industry Biosciences Health Basque Country, leading competitiveness pole in Southern Europe
  15. 15. COMPANIES SSPV Basque Biosciences-Health Ecosystem
  17. 17. • Non-profit, entrepreneurial biotech association. Established in 2011. • Basque Government’s industrial Cluster support programme. • Provincial Governments in the Region also play a very active role in this effort • Network of scientific facilities, research centres and companies. More than 150 life sciences companies Basque Bioregion An attractive business location for life sciences in Southern Europe
  18. 18. Basque Bio DIRECTORY • 150 companies • + 7500 jobs • + € 1448 million
  19. 19. new approach, new dimension, objectives focused on the needs of companies
  20. 20. Pharma-Biotech Health-careMedical Devices To structure the capabilities and business areas of the Bio-Health Sector we select four differentiated Value Chains. Diagnostic Basque Health Cluster’s four Value Chains
  21. 21. Basque Bioregion An attractive business location for life sciences in Southern Europe Regenerative and personalized medicine In vitro assays for diagnosis and prognosis Advanced ophtalmics Inmunology Health care Services to clinicians More than 150 life sciences companies 2% GDP Digital health Electromedical devices Medical image Biomedical cosumables Orthopedic and rehab. Tech. Drug discovery • 70 members • 80% of the sector • 1,45% GDP
  22. 22. Members:
  23. 23. Members:
  24. 24. Members:
  25. 25. PRIORITY AXES OF ACTION Cooperation / Collaboration • Intra-Cluster • Inter-Cluster • With other entities Internationalization Technological innovation Business innovation Education and trainig Financing Dimension
  26. 26. María Pascual de Zulueta Eskerrik asko zuen arretagatik Muchas gracias por vuestra atención