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A2 Media Evaluation


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A2 Media Evaluation

  1. 1. Advanced Portfolio: Evaluation <br /> Taran Draycott<br />
  2. 2. For my project I worked in a group of two which consisted Alex Holden and myself. For the brief we were told that we would have to create a Music Video. <br />Initially we planned to use the band that Alex was a member of alongside his twin brother and his cousin but with restrictions on time available to record the songs within college we wouldn’t have been able to produce a track in time to fit with the deadline.<br />Luckily Alex was able to contact his older cousin who is part of a band currently in America, The King Cheetah, we gained permission to use their, quite upbeat track, ‘Squaddie Meat’ with relative ease.<br />It matched perfectly with any research we had done and linked to our chosen genre of ‘Punk’ perfectly.<br /> Click one the images below to be sent to their website.<br />
  3. 3. In what ways does your media product, use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?<br />We decided our video would follow the conventions of the typical ‘Punk’ music video, these being usually that there is a performance aspect to the video as well as usually one or more other locations. ‘Punks’ also have a very distinct way of dressing that makes them stand out, this usually consists of Jeans and Shirts, with varying colours and vibrancies. During our research we also picked up on how similar our ideas where to a popular music video released for Green Day’s song; Jesus of Suburbia of which the screen shots are around this page. <br />The derelict locations and fashion style in this video give our video a more authentic look as it uses and develops upon the conventions of a ‘real’ Punk video. <br />Further conventions we used in our video include;<br /><ul><li> Large of amounts of graffiti seen in many Punk videos.
  4. 4. Editing uses cuts between both locations and make for a fast paced video.
  5. 5. Lots of camera movement typical of a Punk video.</li></li></ul><li>What have you learned from your audience feedback?<br />In our questionnaire we asked a group of 16-18 year olds how authentic the music videos looked when compared to a professionally made music video.<br />Once we collated the results we found that the majority of the 20 people we asked rated it with a 4 or above mark, meaning that we succeeded in our editing and filming in making the video look as authentic as possible.<br />When asked whether the our video was one they’d expect to see on a music channel we had quite a positive feedback with many agreeing that it followed many typical conventions of videos that they have previously seen within videos currently showing on the air at the moment.<br />Some comment we had include:<br /><ul><li> ‘Yes, as it is split into different parts, with band performance mixed in with locations, which is what many bands do in their videos.’
  6. 6. ‘The shots and editing used were similar of the typical Punk video, so it would likely be shown.’
  7. 7. ‘Yeah because it seems to have a professional feel about it.’</li></li></ul><li>What have you learned from your audience feedback?<br />When asked if they would research this band more due to viewing this video the feedback again was quite good;<br /><ul><li> ‘The band were very enjoyable, I’d definitely try to listen to more of their music now!’
  8. 8. ‘They weren’t to my musical taste, but if they were, from the video and the catchiness of the video, I would.’
  9. 9. ‘I’d try to find them on facebook or myspace for definite!’</li></li></ul><li>What have you learned from your audience feedback?<br />- These are just images from our six minute long audience feedback, of - - which the full video can be found on our Blog or the link at the bottom -<br />After looking back over our video of audience feedback we are confident in the success of our Music video as a whole, due to the fact when asked to rate out of 5 the majority of the audience rated 4 or 5.<br />This said, it would have been more constructive to have shown it to an audience of which the preferred genre was Punk music as most of the negatives came with the statement, ‘if it was to my taste’.<br />When asked if they would look into the band on the internet after viewing our video the responses, along with the line about tastes. Where more positive than we expected and the audience seemed to find the band interested after viewing them through the medium of our video.<br />Our Audience Feedback Video<br />
  10. 10. How did you use media technologies in the construction of your products?<br />Before we could start to actually put together our video we had to get the footage recorded, and for that we used the video cameras supplied to us by college, and for any stills we used either our phones or we borrowed our friends camera. For example the locations shots needed to be in high quality so we used our friends professional camera.<br />When we were creating our video we were instructed to use Final Cut Express by our Media technicians as they pointed out that it was a lot more advanced than iMovie which we had used previously. After being taught to use it and by following tips we had been given we started to build our video. We desaturated the majority of the performance footage to get rid of the ‘bright’ look of the music recording studio in our college and give it a slightly more ‘Punk’ image with the dark that was created. <br />A lot of the software proved to be hard to use without practice and only after extensive use, and multiple crashes did we get the hang of it. Using the programs we were recommended and the equipment supplied to us I believe our product has been made to look as realistic as possible, and our Audience feedback reflects that.<br />
  11. 11. How did you use media technologies in the research and planning stages of your project?<br />Throughout our research we spent a lot of time on the video sharing site ‘Youtube’ to look for videos similar to what we were aiming to achieve and posting the on our college ‘Blogger’ account so we could refer back to them at a later date. These included several videos from the band Green Day and one of ‘Red Flag’ by Billy Talent. We also spent a bit of time browsing the music sections of several social networking sites such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Myspace’.<br />We also spent quite a lot of time researching other band’s magazine adverts and CD covers, we found that the two bands we researched into for the videos, Green Day and Billy Talent, were going to be very useful. Both used very plain colours of Black, Red, and White that are similar to most punk band’s advertising campaigns which is the reason we chose to use these colours as the basis for our ancillaries.<br />
  12. 12. Overall Conclusion of Evaluation<br />In conclusion of the evaluation I feel that the extent to which we researched to being with was a major factor in the product we created as without spotting the similarities between two quite well known Punk bands our products may have had no clear patterns to follow or adapt to unless we made them up ourselves. The planning of the product against the research we did obviously helped us to get it as close to the ‘real deal’ as we could and from our audience feedback I believe our product comes quite close to that.<br />With our ancillaries being less worked on than our video they were not what I expected when we first planned. With lack of time and resources we ended up without feedback on our ancillaries but overall I was pleased with them. <br />The strengths of it are that we stuck to our colour scheme and it worked quite well to the extent of putting across the image that was needed. The weaknesses however come with the lack of software on my home computer, without Photoshop I was forced to use other less advanced programs and the quality was not what we had hoped for. The brand image was still there but not as well as we had hoped, and would maybe not stick in the mind of the audience as much as we’d hoped. <br />On the topic of my own contribution I believe I put a fair amount of effort into the project seeing as Alex and I both had a lot more to do as a group of two. I believe we handled the workload to the best of our abilities and that our products are created to a standard that we hope would be authentic enough to be used if the project was meant for a real world band.<br />Sayonara!<br />