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Introduction to Google+ at University of Hawaii's Pacific New Media. 10/30

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  • I need to quicky introduce you to some of the products that impact and effect G+
    They all work together, so it’s sort of hard to talk about G+ without mentioning the others.
  • Receive AND share based on interests, passions, locations,
    I call this Contextual Sharing & Contextual Privacy
  • You can choose to organize your circles however you’d like. I have organized mine by place as well as interests, organizations.
    Last one is different from Facebook and Twitter.
    Empty circles
    Circles can be extremely small.
    Very consistent, not always changing.
    We’ll talk about “Shout” a little later.
  • We’ll talk later about search benefits, but the thing I really want to impress upon you is pros and cons of “public”
  • Extended Circles, probably most confusing “Friends of friends”
  • Probably most confusing.
    “you set the circles you want included in your circles”
  • Comments are editable and deletable
    Business pages can comment on their own content
    @mention someone
  • Hashtags
    Google suggests hashtags based on searches and trends
  • BTW: Business Pages can interact by +1ing too
    +1 the poster and the people who the post was shred with see it Creator resceicves notification.
    +1 a post and ppl in your extended circles who also have you in circles may see this “activity update” in their streams.
    +1 are more than likes
  • 52,000+ Google Communities
    Interests, passions, help
  • Blocking
    Posting to multiple communities is considered “spammy”
  • Circles are also import
  • Google is using +1, commenting, following as part of it’s endorsements.
    Your endorsements are ONLY shown to people you’ve chosen to share information with. And it only applies to ads.
    Privacy: You can remove this feature from your profile by signing on to your account go to SHARED ENDORSEMENTS and UNCHECK the box.
  • social signals - +1, likes, shares, back links (varying articles)
  • Set up “Local Business or Place”
    Includes maps and local hours
    Verification postcard or phone call
    Insights =
    views & actions last 7 days
    including driving directions from Google Maps
  • SMCHI business page, who’s got us in circles
  • Welcome to Google+

    1. 1. Welcome To Google+ You. Your Community. Your Content. #higplus Tara Coomans @taracoomans /taracoomans Chief Brainstormer, Akamai Marketing Captivatepreneur, Go!Captivate
    2. 2. •Introduction to Google+ •Using the Google+ Platform •Google and SEO •Benefits & Risks you and your business •Reaching your customers on G+ •Case Studies #HiG+
    3. 3. Meet the Google+ Family The Beginning, the Middle, the End: Search YouTube Video for Everyone Drive Cloud Storage for Docs Docs Cloud Based Documents Smart Mail?
    4. 4. QuickTime™ and a h264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    5. 5. What’s The Big Deal? Supercharges Online Relationships 359 Million Active Users Quick Stats 52,200+ Communities 60% Active USA Users Male 60% USA Users 18-34 60% USA Users 18-34 60% USA Users 18-34 60% USA Users 18-34 Content Control Search Blogging Communities #HiG+
    6. 6. Google+ Circles The Backbone of Google+ “Speak, Shout or Whisper” Contextual Sharing Contextual Privacy
    7. 7. QuickTime™ and a h264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    8. 8. Circle Volume
    9. 9. “Speak, Shout or Whisper” Circles can be ANY size, including 0. People can be in multiple circles. You can define who you SHARE to and RECEIVE from.
    10. 10. Circle Choices Searchable on Google #HiG+
    11. 11. Circle Choices
    12. 12. Circle Choices
    13. 13. Circle Choices
    14. 14. Circle Choices Contextually Private Sharing
    15. 15. Circle Choices Circles Aren’t Just For Profiles!
    16. 16. Responding & Engaging Comments +1 #hashtags #HiG+
    17. 17. Google+ Posts 101 #HiG+
    18. 18. More Than A “Like” Public Inside & Outside of G+ Used in Shared Endorsements Bookmarking
    19. 19. Google+ Ripples Visual Representation of Shares Identify Key Influencers Identify Key Advocates #HiG+
    20. 20. Google+ Communities Find: Help Interests Passions Ideas
    21. 21. Google+ Communities Features Public or Private Customizable Subtopics Moderated Spam Filter Public = Searchable Membership Control
    22. 22. Google+ Hangouts
    23. 23. Google+ Hangouts Up to 10 People Can Be Recorded & Shared on YouTube (Hangouts on Air) Hangout on Air Can Be Embedded on a Website Integrates with Google Docs Can Be An Event
    24. 24. Search Benefits of G+ Searchable on Google Authorship
    25. 25. Shared Endorsements
    26. 26. Signed In Not Signed In
    27. 27. Search Benefits of G+ for profiles and business pages Social Signals (?) Seen Like a Website #HiG+
    28. 28. Business Pages on G+ QuickTime™ and a h264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    29. 29. Google+ Pages brands, organizations Multiple Managers Start a Hangout Tailor Posts to Audience Custom URL Slowly Coming
    30. 30. Google+ Local Pages During G+ PageSet Up Verification “Insights” Activity Searches Driving Directions
    31. 31. Google+ Pages Examples https://plus.google.com/+nike/
    32. 32. https://plus.google.com/+SEOmoz/
    33. 33. Google+ Business Pages Know more and share more Find and be found Actually engage
    34. 34. Resources G+ on YouTube: googleplusupdates http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/ GooglePlus Help Community Gplus Helper Slideshare.com/TCoomans https://support.google.com/plus/#topic=3049661