The Ultimate Wrap Experience


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The Ultimate Wrap Experience demonstration was conducted several times each day at SGIA. Large crowds gathered to learn the latest and greatest in vehicle wraps. The Ultimate Wrap Experience covered every step of the wrap process. From concept to installation and everything in between.

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The Ultimate Wrap Experience

  1. 1. THE ULTIMATE WRAP EXPERIENCE A Professional Vehicle Wrap Workflow Demonstration From Start To Finish Sponsored By
  2. 2. DESIGN & LAYOUT The most important factor in any wrap / partial / graphic is the art itself. The art or “the look” is what the client is buying, and its the image that the vinyl shop will ultimately print, tranfer onto vinyl, laminate, and apply to the vehicle. Aurora Graphics Is All About The Art! Our website contains the largest library of wide and grand format digital art in the world. Visit us at SGIA as we demonstrate how to use the art including the Aurora Graphics “Wrap Design Studio”. The “Wrap Design Studio” quickly and easily creates virtual mockups before final approval & printing. Remember The Art Is What Your Client Is Buying The vinyl is a means to transfer it to the vehicle. For more information about vehicle layout & graphics, please contact Aurora Graphics at: 1-316-838-2000
  3. 3. PREFLIGHT& RIP The Raster Image Processor, or RIP, is the vital component to get the artwork to print correctly for size, position, shape, and most importantly color. Vehicle graphics must be printed with exactly the right size and color. Multiple strip graphics must also align perfectly and match perfectly. ONYX® PosterShop® and ProductionHouse™ software products provide the most powerful functionality for vehicle graphic producers. They drive even high-speed printers like the ColorPainter H series flawlessly and take advantage of the extreme 8 color ink set offered by the ColorPainter - including the ability to RIP true monochrome images using just 3 colors (black, gray and light gray). PosterShop Feature Highlights Printers Supported • 2 Active Printers • Print to 2 Aqueous Ink Jet, Entry Level Solvent, Large Format Solvent, UV Flatbed Printers • RIP / Processing Support •1 Active RIP (Native PDF, PS, and Raster Image Process) • RIP-and-Print on the Fly Top Product Benefits/Features • Smooth Smart 16-Bit color gradients and blends for perfectly-looking large vehicle wraps • Includes standard media color profiles for top vehicle wrap media • Easy installation that gets you into production quickly • Automated and custom tiling and nesting tools for maximum media savings • Reduce production costs by building automated and unattended Print-only and Print-and-Cut workflows • Native PDF, EPS and Raster image processing for efficient and reliable reproduction from creative applications • Automatic PANTONE®, RAL and HKS Spot Color Matching • PrintMetryx JobView job and cost tracking For more information about vehicle preflight and RIPing, please contact Onyx Graphics at: 1-800-828-0723
  4. 4. PRESSURE SENSITIVE FILMS The Avery MPI 1005 Supercast Series, a line of super conformable cast vinyl films, is the newest line of vehicle wrap products developed by Avery Dennison. Supercast films are digitally printable and feature enhanced conformability and stay down over complex curves and rivets with no tenting or lifting – a new option that is ideal for vehicle wraps, fleet graphics and architectural applications. Avery Dennison films featuring Easy Apply and Easy Apply RS technology allow most Avery Graphics offers a full spectrum of installers to achieve high quality results and cast and calendered overlaminates with typically complete the job in less time than Gloss, Luster and Matte finishes. As a rule, with most other films. When combined cast overlaminates should be paired with with Avery Digital Overlaminates, it’s a cast vinyl and calendered overlaminates strong combination that can be applied to should be paired with calendered vinyl. complex curves and rivets. Overlaminates provide durability through resistance to abrasion, scratching and “I’ve been installing vehicle wraps for UV-light and in general increase the many years and the Avery MPI 1005 lifespan of the graphic, meet functional Supercast films are simply one of the most requirements such as UL approval for conformable films I’ve worked with,” said floor graphics and are available with a Justin Pate, a globally recognized graphic variety of finish options. installer with 14 years of experience. “It’s like driving a super luxury car and it did everything I have always wanted a film to do with the greatest of ease. The print quality is top shelf and wraps are faster and easier to install and the colors really pop.” Visit Avery at booth # 3069 For more information about Avery Graphics Films, please contact us at: 1-800-282-8379
  5. 5. PRINTER & INK Creating eye-popping vehicle graphics is a business, so your printer and ink must give you a competitive advantage in the area of output quality, turnaround time, output longevity, and/or long-term reliability. Today, only solvent printers can provide the rich glossy colors required by vehicle wrap customers, and only solvent printers can deliver repeatable prints day in and day out without heat-related distortion and color imperfections associated with Latex printers. Avoid yellow inks without nickel as they will fade substantially faster than yellow Solvent printers come in many sizes and inks with nickel. Eco-solvent inks that have prices, but the most common size for a lower odor, and lower levels of solvent vehicle graphics is 54” - 64” wide, with true inks often sacrifice adhesion, lightfastness 720 x 720 dpi and at least 6 colors. Higher and color gamut. Seiko’s line of low- resolution printers are often too slow to be solvent inks have the very largest color commercially viable in the vehicle graphic gamut in the industry and the longest business where “time is money”. And outdoor durability. And they offer superior high-volume printers are better served rich glossy blacks and reds - which cannot by buying a printer with industrial piezo be achieved on other printers with less inkjet print heads versus a printer based on sophisticated inks. desktop Epson inkjet heads. ColorPainter printers from Seiko Instruments have been the leading Solvent inks also printer for professional vehicle graphics come in many for over 7 years. And ColorPainter is the flavors such as only solvent printer line in the industry eco-solvent, low-solvent, real solvent, to give customers two choices: the etc. For rich, glossy colors that have the ColorPainter V-64s for professional vehicle outdoor durability and graphics producers, and the high-speed lightfastness required for ColorPainter H-74s for high-production vehicle graphics, choose facilities. Both are backed by the industry’s a low-solvent or true best output warranties from leading PVC solvent ink. manufacturers, and excellent after-sales support and service. For more information about printing and vehicle inks, please contact Seiko Instruments USA at: 1-800-264-1272
  6. 6. LAMINATE & LAMINATION Lamination is a critical and sometimes overlooked step in creating “THE ULTIMATE WRAP EXPERIENCE”. Lamination gives graphics additional weight and body that will make installation easier. Lamination can also enhance colors, making graphics more vivid while providing an important layer of protection from UV rays, road debris, To compliment AGL’s industry proven dirt and grime. Remember, lamination equipment are AGL’s industry proven is just as important to enhancing and laminates. AGL laminates are made of protecting digital graphics as clear coat the highest quality materials to provide is to enhancing and protecting painted consistent, high quality output every surfaces. time. AGL’s Cover-Rite V2 laminate revolutionizes the industry by providing What puts AGL laminators in a class by the only step saving, mistake proof itself? AGL laminators are built in the laminate on the market. This single United States using American made product incorporates a built in pre-mask components. You won’t find flimsy plastic to protect the surface of the image. It covers and supply shafts that look more also absorbs any excess film tension, like rotisserie skewers on our equipment. ensuring your output is flat and ready for And the heart of every AGL laminator installation. are all steel, non crowned rollers with a high release silicone rubber covering. Visit booth 2435 to see how AGL Our roller design ensures graphics and can help your company work laminates feed flat and evenly and will smarter! greatly reduce the amount of prints destined for the trash. In addition, all AGL laminators are pneumatically controlled, giving operators absolute precision and control at their fingertips. Now, more than ever, it’s important to understand your applications and to have the right tool for the job! For more information about vehicle laminates and laminators, please contact AGL at: 1-800-276-2664
  7. 7. VEHICLE PREPARATION Just like building a home, a wrap is similar and follow the manufacturers in the preparation stages. Similar in the instructions and ALWAYS follow up sense, that the final product (the wrap) is with IPA to clean off the film that will only as good as it’s foundation. Not paying be left behind. attention to the details when preparing the • De-badging: In the event you intended surface to be wrapped can defeat need to remove decals and badging you before you even start. Here are a few from the vehicles surface be sure to tips to help insure you’ve properly prepared exercise caution with this as some your surface. adhesives that are used by the OEMs can be quite aggressive and Squeaky Clean is the key to good adhesion! can possibly cause damage to the To execute this, there are steps you’ll need intended surface during the removal to take to insure a solid foundation that will process. promote adhesion. • Ambient Temperature: Planning • Wash the vehicle thoroughly 24 hours ahead is absolute on either end of the before you intend to apply media. temperature spectrum, where and • Pay close attention to all the Nooks and when you need to choose. Note any Cranny’s (if the materials going to fail this is issues in this area can compromise most likely where it will begin) your project. So pick and choose your • Just prior to installation you’ll want to areas and timelines well as you’re hermetically clean the intended surface with the one that’ll be warranting the Ideally, isopropyl alcohol. Again the Nooks application! (Ideal installation Temp: and Cranny’s. 65-75degreesF) • In the event the vehicle is damp or wet Too high and material will become just prior to installation you will need to very supple! (Over 80F) absolutely dry the expansion joints and Too Low and the material will seams thoroughly. As the Digital medias become brittle! (Under 60F) for wrapping vehicles today are all dry • Cleaning Solutions needed for installations!! good prep: Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), • Road tar and bug removal: In many Xylene, Terry cloth towels, Microfiber, cases it is necessary to use more aggressive Box of Rags. chemistry to remove these types of contaminants. We use Xylene in this situation. Though not as aggressive as During SGIA 2010, we’ll spend time on this area some other cleaning solutions if applied of surface preparation. And we will answer questions regarding specifics during the show properly to an OEM painted surface it will times posted at the booth. easily emulsify those contaminants. Be safe For more information about vehicle preparation, please contact Apewraps at: 1-619-435-0624
  8. 8. WRAP INSTALL Now that you’re vehicle/surface is Squeaky Squeegees: Teflon® type, Soft style fabric/ Clean It’s time to apply. Here is a checklist of micro-fiber and Felt how to get it right the First Time. Gloves: Wrap Gloves™ specifically designed for graphics. They conform to the Area: It’s imperative that the area that you hands and easily slide across the surface will install in is clean and free of debris, without transferring oils and contaminants preferably well lit space with 4 feet of clear to the finished surface. perimeter to install comfortably. Knives: We specifically use Placement: “Measure Twice Stick it Once” is the brand the old adage, that is spot on for a successful OLFA® as this install. With either Tape or Magnets, you’ll manufacturer has knives and place the graphic onto the vehicle (backing is blades that are still on the media). In most cases magnets are precise and quality built. best, as this will allow you to easily move your Heat Gun/Torch: Our people primarily graphic into position. Once in position, use use an Automatic propane torch for your a marking system (e.g. grease pencil/stabillo) everyday installations. However, you may that will help you hunt those marks upon want to start with a heat gun until you removal of the backing. In the case of our car become familiar with the torch. here at the show the body is aluminum so Burnishing tools: Brushes that come in we’ll be using the other method of pinning various sizes for tight areas like rivets and seams. the graphic, Tape (med tack painter type). Tapes: Painters style tape (Med tack clean Media: There are many types of media used removable), Pinstripe tape, not masking tape today in vehicle graphics, primarily all being but an elastic type that will not break when applying pressure(See the Blue pinstripe an air-release type system. However, most of tape). those adhesives are High Tack in nature and Air Release Tool: There are many brands can be more difficult to apply and reposition of this type of tool. Find Two and stash one than others. So check to see how aggressive away. you media is to determine how you’ll make Tape Measures: We carry different styles your first moves in applying! but primarily you’ll want two types (1) that conformable (e.g. 12 footer ½” width) and Installation: As you’ll see here at the show a larger 25 footer rigid for longer runs. it’s easier to show you than write a novel on Tool Belt: So you’re not chasing tools How To. Tooling is one area that is imperative when you need em! for a successful installation. Here is a tool list Cleaning Solutions: As spec’d on page 7. and a few tips on the installation phase: During SGIA 2010, we’ll spend time on this area of application and discuss the specifics on tools and installation and will field questions regarding specifics during the show times posted at the booth. For more information about vehicle preparation, please contact Apewraps at: 1-800-xxx-xxx