Charlie McMillan, Spaces 2012


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Charlie McMillan from SAMH presentation at Spaces 2012

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Charlie McMillan, Spaces 2012

  1. 1. Scottish Association for Mental Health Charlie McMillan Director of
  2. 2. People Recover Better in Gardens WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  3. 3. SAMH: For Scotland’s Mental Health• Scottish Association for Mental Health – Community based services including employability and employment – National Programmes (x5) – Lobbying and Campaigning – Fundraising• Operate in 27 of 32 local authorities• Other highlights: Resource Centres, ‘see me’; respectme; training• Reach over 5000 people every month through all our activities WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  4. 4. “Workingtogether inthe garden builds a sense ofbelonging.” WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  5. 5. Greenspace Activity in SAMH• Sprout Market Garden (first service: 1983)• Redhall Walled Garden (Edinburgh)• Chrysalis (Dundee)• Evergreen (Kirkcaldy)• Part of Get Active (Forestry Commission)• Part of Business Development Agenda WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  6. 6. “Being outdoorshas helped me to live indoors” WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  7. 7. What do the current services provide?• Crisis Intervention• Individual work – therapeutic interventions and skills based• Group work – therapeutic interventions and skills based – Tools for Living TM• Promote self management• Formal learning opportunities• Employability• Employment WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  8. 8. What do the current services provide?• A safe and nurturing environment• Peer support• A sense of belonging• Recovery• Hope• A highly cost effective and impactful intervention! WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  9. 9. Some feedback… “It’s such a lovely feeling “When I first came to be part of a to Redhall I felt team.” broken. Now I can actually begin to see the possibility of becoming a whole human “ Its inspiring to watch being again.” the garden grow through the seasons.” WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  10. 10. Get Active CommunityEngagement Pilots: Evaluation • Walking, tennis, cycling, forestry, football! • Interim report has highlighted significant outcomes for participants: – 78% reported improved fitness – 90% felt happier – 87% felt more confident – 95% learned a new skill – 84% made new friends • Need to disseminate this learning further and communicate this with key partners WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  11. 11. Other benefits included:• Improved mood• Better sleep• Feeling happier• Having more energy (the buzz!)• Improved internal and external confidence (how they felt about themselves and how they felt others perceived them)• Improved relationships with friends and families (many made new friends as part of the process)• Reduced isolation• Increase self-worth and self-belief• Increased aspirations WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  12. 12. Development Activity• Greenspace Based Recovery TM – Developing the model• Partnerships (existing and new) – Scottish Natural Heritage – Forestry Commission Scotland – Edinburgh City Council - Redhall – NHS Tayside/Dundee City Council/Dundee College/DAMH – Chrysalis – Fife Council/Elmwood College - Evergreen• Service potential…. – Glasgow? – Borders? WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K
  13. 13. “I was given dungarees and boots and for the firsttime since I was ill, I had the sense that I was able to do something and a little spark of hope ignited.” WWW.SAMH.ORG.U K