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TCUK 2013 - Using technology to simplify export documentation


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Using technology to simplify export documentation

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TCUK 2013 - Using technology to simplify export documentation

  1. 1. Using technology to simplify export documentation
  2. 2. Enablescompanies to trade internationally •Bristol Chamber of Commerce founded in 1823 • Leading regional provider of export documentation, Letters of Credit and international trade services •We process in excess of 35,000 certified documents annually • Won the British Chambers of Commerce Award for Excellence in International Trade Services 2012 • Won the Best International Project at International Chambers of Commerce World Championships, Doha, Qatar April 2013
  3. 3. Enablescompanies to trade internationally • i2i Innovate to Integrate – 27 years supplying export documentation software • UK’s Leading supplier of online software applications for international trade • We supply to some of the UK’s largest manufacturing exporters Bentley cars, Murco Fuels, British Sugar, Thatchers Cider & 80 Chambers of Commerce • British Chambers of Commerce Approved Service Partner • Microsoft Silver Partner • HMRC Developer Network member • Association of Freight Software Suppliers member
  4. 4. Enables companies to trade internationally 2011 export survey to our clients revealed: • 88% stated that they would be interested in a platform which assisted in all aspects of international trade • 50% of businesses that are new or inexperienced in export • Over 50% of exporters were reactive or accidental • Exporters did not know where to go to find information, advice and in particular the tools to carry out their export processes
  5. 5. 2011 export survey to our clients revealed: • An exporter can have to complete in excess of 20 forms for each shipment • Any inconsistency within these documents can result in •Delays •Fines •Refusal of entry to destination country • Clients have a habit of changing orders at the last moment, requiring all the documents to be revised…..
  6. 6. What do export documents do? • Relatively short life span •They communicate information globally for one specific shipment •Instruct carriers and other parties •Prove compliance with regulations •Act as document of title to the goods •Enable exporter to get paid
  7. 7. What are the challenges with export documents? •Which documents – different for each market / customer/ product •Document production – accuracy across multiple documents •Time is of the essence – can’t hold up goods •Are the documents presented genuine?
  8. 8. International business can help you survive and grow. There are real opportunities to trade internationally; UK products, services and expertise continue to be in demand across the world. source: UK Trade & Investment
  9. 9. Acorn Shipments enables you to: • Create all documents online • Enter data once • Copy and edit previous shipment • Meet latest UN standards • Send data to obtain certified documents • Give freight forwarders access to shipment data • And much more
  10. 10. Competitive advantage for Chamber partners Chamber Partners • Working with 13 UK chambers • Additional member benefit/acquisition • Profit stream for Chamber • Roll-out across the rest of the UK planned Profit generation for Chambers
  11. 11. Competitive advantage for Chamber partners Exporter Benefits • Saves time & money • Increase efficiency • Reduce stress Profit generation for Chambers
  12. 12. Competitive advantage for Chamber partners Acorn Clients Profit generation for Chambers
  13. 13. Competitive advantage for Chamber partners Working with Profit generation for Chambers
  14. 14. How do we use technology to avoid moving documents? •Acorn – how to export, tools to export •Central platform for data about your shipment •Data to Customs – documents where needed •Mobile technology smartphones / tablets – QR codes •Twitter and Apps to keep exporters informed.
  15. 15. Scalability can be used throughout UK and replicated across the world Acorn Interactive