TCOMM Member Survey 2013


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TCOMM Member Survey 2013

  1. 1. TCOMM MEMBER SURVEY FEBRUARY 2013 OBJECTIVES Establish existing and desired states of generosity and community building among Colonnade members to guide TCOMM annual planning Compare common question responses to 2012 survey to identify trends Inquire on new areas of generosity, specifically influences TACTIC On-line/off-line survey to Colonnade members. N = 96 (vs. 107 LY).
  2. 2. Agenda & Executive Summary SURVEY DOMAIN KEY TAKEAWAY State of Generosity Members continue to consider themselves above average in overall and volunteer-based generosity, and believe inspiring others to be generous is important. Areas of Generosity Members continue to exercise their generosity across a wide variety of issues and areas, with “Church” the most common and increasing area compared to last year. Influencing Generosity Members cite Parents, God, and Church as most influential in shaping their principles and practices of generosity. As a means of introducing others to the benefits of generosity, members would prefer sharing generous activity and experiences vs. stories and conversation.
  3. 3. State of Generosity On a scale of 1-10, how generous do you see yourself? 35 30 25 20 2013 15 2012 10 5 0 Not very generous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Very generous 10 2013 average: 7.01 Self-reported generosity trending consistently high to 2012, with TCOMM members averaging 7 out of possible 10 score.
  4. 4. State of Generosity Which of these statements best describes the role volunteering plays in your life? It's very important to me and I prioritize it regularly. I really enjoy opportunities to volunteer and try to do it as much as I can. I wish I had more time for it. 27% 31% Compared to 2012 : 26% 42% 29% 45% Spirit of TCOMM volunteerism trending consistent to 2012, with over 70% of members actively engaged.
  5. 5. State of Generosity How important do you think it is to help others develop a spirit and practice of generosity? Not important at all - people need to come to generosity on their own time and terms Somewhat important - but generosity is a personal matter and shouldn't be forced upon anybody Important - everybody wins when everybody's generous Very important - we're all called to be generous and we should do whatever we can, whenever we can to increase generous behavior 13% 52% 35% The vast majority of TCOMM members believe it’s important (35%) or very important (52%) to influence generosity in others.
  6. 6. Areas of Generosity Outside of home, where do you give most of your time, talents, and treasures? COMMUNITY GROUP COLLEGE 3% 4% FAMILY 7% CHILD'S SCHOOL 9% Compared to 2012: CHURCH 39% WORK 9% CHURCH 29% NON PROFITS 29% TCOMM areas of giving remain diverse in nature, with marked increase in church-related generosity in 2013.
  7. 7. Generous Influences Who or what have been your biggest influences of generosity? (choose 3) 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Parents Extended family members Employers Friends Teachers Clergy Celebrities Mentors Children Media Church Professional advisors, counselors, or of people God Inspiring stories or videos consultan Parents, Church, and God are among the top influencers of generosity among TCOMM members ...
  8. 8. Generous Influences Who or what has been your single biggest influence of generosity? (choose 1) 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Parents Extended family members Employers Friends Teachers Clergy Celebrities Mentors Children Media Church Professional advisors, counselors, orof people I d God Inspiring stories or videos consultants . . . with Parents and God emerging as the primary influencers when members were asked to identify just one.
  9. 9. Generous Influences If someone admired your generosity and wanted you to “teach” them how to be generous like you, how would you do it? Share your personal philosophy and/or stories of generosity Invite them to join you in a generous act (i.e. volunteering) Reference them to one of your own generosity influences (i.e. a book, a pastor, a friend) 8% 43% 49% Nearly half of TCOMM members would prefer to share an experience of generosity with others, in addition to talking about it.
  10. 10. Generous Influences How has your relationship with the Colonnade Group influenced your perceptions and practices of generosity? Not at all A little 13% More than a little A lot 20% 25% 42% 4 out of 5 TCOMM members cite some level of generous influence resulting from their relationship with the Colonnade Group.
  11. 11. Connecting with TCOMM What type of activities would you prefer to help you connect with other members of Thrivent-Colonnade? Larger, semi-annual or quarterly events where everyone is invited to attend Smaller, more frequent group gatherings organized by interests/hobbies (e.g., sports, music, outdoors, etc.) On-line "virtual" communities and experiences that connect you to and with members (e.g., websites, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc.) 25% 39% Compared to 2012: 18% 47% 35% 36% While still least preferred, 2013’s increasing interest in “virtual” connections among members was perhaps driven by TCOMM’s “Generous Living” e-newsletter and links.
  12. 12. Connecting with TCOMM What digital media do you use? Instagram 4% Skype 11% Pinterest 6% Email 38% Linkedin 15% Compared to 2012: Instagram 3% Twitter 5% Skype 12% Pinterest 6% Facebook 21% Email 42% Linkedin 14% Twitter 2% Facebook 21% Digital media trending consistent to last year, with email predominant among TCOMM members.