Tcl performance testing services v1 00 aks 191011


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Tcl performance testing services v1 00 aks 191011

  1. 1. a global vision for software testing TCL PERFORMANCE TESTING SERVICESPERFORMANCE TESTING Overview Performance Testing has become a core testing service in almost all modern systems. The prime objective of Performance testing is to gain End User satisfaction, plan for capacity and reduce operating costs. In TCL, Performance testing is an umbrella activity which also encompasses load testing, stress testing, volume testing, endurance and destructive / failover testing. Using a proven methodology and test tools, TCL India examines the performance of an application and provides valuable system metrics that are useful for the analysis of system capacity, resource utilisation, transaction response times and overall system performance. In general, performance is not seen in isolation, but as a correlation of applications, users and infrastructure that creates the total experience for all the users of the system. TCL Performance testing process is customised in line with TCL S.M.a.R.T, thus building performance of the system right from the start of the project / programme. TCL is an independent Software Testing Consultancy, started at the beginning of 2000, with offices in the UK in London, Bristol and Exeter; in Burlington, Massachusetts in the US; and in Bangalore in India. Services Offered TCL’s Performance Testing Services helps clients to identify critical performance issues & bottlenecks across application, network & infrastructure Benchmarking - Performance snapshot in relation to industry standards & forecasting product capability before production Load Testing - Finding breakpoints for expected user load, concurrency, maximum load limit & identifying bottlenecks Stress Testing - Reveals defects that surface only under high load conditions; Evaluating data corruption by overstressing the system Volume Testing - Identifying the components that becomes large over time & causes performance degradation Endurance / Soak Testing - Identifying serious memory leaks that may result in memory crisis Failover / Recovery Testing - Evaluating failover & recovery from variety of malfunctions Capacity Testing - Determining system capacity to meet the performance goals ©TCL 2011
  2. 2. a global vision for software testing TCL PERFORMANCE TESTING SERVICESPERFORMANCE TESTING Scalability Testing - Identifying scaling strategy to determine scale up or scale out On-Demand Cloud Testing - Delivers an unparalleled ability to scale to 10s of millions of concurrent users from around the world within minutes, testing sites in the Cloud or behind a firewall Performance CoE setup - Establishing a cutting edge performance Cen- ter of Excellence to serve customers globally using industry leading tech- nologies, tools & TCL SMaRT methodology and thus proving a cost effec- tive & proven solutions Performance Testing Model TCL uses optimal onsite/offshore model for conducting performance testing. Project initiation and requirement gathering is done at onsite and requirement documents are submitted to CoE. Once requirements are reviewed and project signoff happens, performance test environment setup is done and test suite is prepared in parallel, environment/setup validation is done and based on best approach (onsite/offshore), test scripts are executed, the test results are generated, analysed and compiled report with current status and recommendations are submitted for walk thru with client. Project signoff happens with final report submission. Key Deliverables Performance Test Strategy Performance Test Plan Test Scripts & Test Data Test Results Final reports ©TCL 2011
  3. 3. a global vision for software testing TCL PERFORMANCE TESTING SERVICESPERFORMANCE TESTING Delivery Model Benefits Reduce risk of downtime Improve deployment quality Find performance bottlenecks Increase customer satisfaction Create system benchmarks useful throughout SDLC Improve scalability of your application Minimize risk related to application performance Reduce costs of failure Optimize hardware and software costs through accurate capacity metrics Reduce risk associated with SLAs Support continuous process improvement by supporting performance tuning Provide KPIs to executives for resource utilization ©TCL 2011
  4. 4. a global vision for software testing TCL PERFORMANCE TESTING SERVICESPERFORMANCE TESTING Testimonials “TCL was entrusted to take the end to end ownership. TCL Team members have scaled up by reaching out to client contacts and helped them setup/ change/document the test environment as per offshore requirements.TCL consultants have been flexible, adjusted to our client’s challenging require- ments/environment changes. The efforts taken and ownership shown dur- ing such instances is highly appreciated” - Client Manager, eMids “You have helped in making this day little more special to us!! Application deployment is placed on production today (pre-launch readi- ness) and is running successfully..... Your hard work contributed in making it happen and thanks for being a part of our journey” – Client Manager, Santech “Thanks to the TCL team, their contributions were highly valuable in identi- fying the performance bottlenecks and getting the performance tuning done in time for the launch. The site has gone live successfully this weekend. We appreciate the commitment shown by the team” - Client Manager, PA Our Clients - a partial list For more information please contact: Arun Kumar. S +91 959 197 0773 ©TCL 2011