Fb daily news tuesday 15 may 2012- v1.00 vs 150512


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Fb daily news tuesday 15 may 2012- v1.00 vs 150512

  1. 1. Daily News T u e s d a y, 1 5 t h M a y 2 0 1 2 HeadlinesQueen should remain Defender Obama ad blasts Mitt Romney SC refuses to quash Sachins nomi- Money laundering fears leapof the Faith Bain Capital job record nation to Rajya Sabha after Arab SpringAlmost 80% of people in England US President Barack Obamas re- Refusing to quash batting maestro money transactions in Switzerlandsupport a religious role for the election campaign has released an ad Sachin Tendulkars nomination to the received by the Money LaunderingQueen, a BBC poll suggests. In a poll seeking to undercut Republican rival Rajya Sabha, the Supreme Court asked Reporting Office Switzerlandby Comres to coincide with the Mitt Romneys record on jobs. petitioner Ram Gopal Singh Sisodia, a (MROS) increased by some 40 perQueens Diamond Jubilee, 79% of The video features former workers of former Delhi MLA to rather approach cent last year, following the Arabrespondents said she still had an a steel plant that was bought and later the high court with his plea. The peti- Spring uprisings. Part of the reasonimportant faith role. shut down by Bain Capital, the private tioner had challenged the nomination for the increase was a new require-Meanwhile, 73% said she should con- equity firm co-founded by Mr Romney. on the ground that Sachin was not ment for Swiss banks and othertinue as supreme governor of the "It was like a vampire. They came in entitled to nomination as Article 80 financial institutions to reportChurch of England and keep the and sucked the life out of us," one prescribes that only persons of emi- shady deals surrounding foreignDefender of the Faith title first given former GST Steel employee says. nence in the fields of art, literature political events. Last year wit-to Henry VIII. Comres polled 2,591 Mr Romney has repeatedly attacked and science are to be nominated to nessed social unrest across Northpeople about links between the the president for failing to create jobs. the Rajya Sabha. A vacation bench of Africa and the Middle East, result-Church and monarchy. The former Massachusetts... justices Deepak Verma and... ing in the downfall of several... Tech NewsLightSquared Files Bankruptcy for cloud-computing, months after the vaulting the worlds most popularAfter Network Blocked $3.4 billion purchase of SuccessFac- social network to the first $100 billionLightSquared Inc. filed for bank- tors Inc. valuation of a U.S. company at the Pixar’s Magicruptcy, saying it will seek to resolve Sony, Panasonic eye next genera- time of its public debut.the concerns of U.S. regulators who tion TV tie up Dell Apologizes for Hiring ‘Shut Adobe appoints three newthwarted the company’s plan to de- Japans cash-bleeding electronics gi- Up Bitch’ Moderator board membersliver high-speed wireless to as many ants Sony and Panasonic are looking In an era when women are running Yahoo investors applaudas 260 million people. LightSquared, to join forces to produce next genera- two of the world’s largest computer change, fear limbobased in Reston, Virginia, listed as- tion televisions in a bid to claw back companies — IBM and HP — Dell Amazon aims to launch front-sets of $4.48 billion and debt of $2.29 market from South Korean rivals, ac- only succeeded in making itself look lit Kindle in Julybillion as of Feb. 29 in a Chapter 11 cording to a report. The firms want to small when it hired an expert in mi- Kaspersky exec calls Mac OSfiling today in U.S. Bankruptcy Court speed up the development of large- sogynistic humor to MC a partner really vulnerablein Manhattan. screen organic electroluminescence event attended by Michael Dell him- Infosys Seen Needing FrenchSAP Seen Boosting Cloud to Vin- (OEL) televisions… self. Deal to Lift Valuedicate SuccessFactors Deal Facebook will raise stock price, Intel Feeds China’s Supercomput- First Intel-Powered Windows 8SAP AG (SAP) plans to show this could be first U.S. company worth ers With New Xeon Chip Tablets: Coming in Novemberweek it has learnt from a flawed ven- $100 billion at IPO China took the world by surprise last Apple drops 4G from iPad adsture into Internet-based software Facebook will raise the price of shares year when it unveiled a previouslyfive years ago with its new strategy U.S. court revives Apple claim for its initial public offering, possibly unknown supercomputer called... on Samsung tablets Testing News AgitarOne Wins 2012 Jolt Award for Best Software Testing uTest to Bring In-the-Wild Testing Services to the Communications Industry Cigniti Technologies Expands Executive Management Team Coverity Appoints Chief Revenue Officer Coverity Wins SIIA CODiE Award for Best Software Development Solution Worksoft Announces Certify 9 Suite for End-to-End Test Automation in Support of SAP(R) Solutions Panaya now automates the upgrade of SAPs entire range of ERP functional and technical updates Fuzz-o-Matic finds critical flaw in OpenSSL Qualys adds security experts to CTO/CSO advisory board Testing video: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words -Andy Glover Editor’s Pick: BURGER KING IMMORTALIZES ITS CHEESEBURGER IN EYESHADOW Condensed Wisdom “Opinions founded on prejudice are always sustained with the greatest violence.” ~ Hebrew Proverb