Fb daily news thursday 10 may 2012- v1.00 vs 100512


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Fb daily news thursday 10 may 2012- v1.00 vs 100512

  1. 1. Daily News T h u r s d a y, 1 0 t h M a y 2 0 1 2HeadlinesPublic-sector workers stage Black history undertaker loses Delhi high court terms AI strike World Heritage city celebratesstrike in pensions dispute treasures illegal, pilots still defiant its patron saintUp to 400,000 public-sector workers Nathaniel Montague spent more Armed with a Delhi high court order Legend has it that the monk Gallusare expected to join a 24-hour UK- than 50 of his 84 years chasing his- terming the strike by Air India pilots built a hermitage 1,400 years ago inwide strike in a dispute with the tory, meticulously collecting rare illegal and restraining them from a spot that would later became thegovernment over proposed pension and one-of-a-kind fragments of reporting sick, the airline manage- World Heritage city of St Gallen.changes. Unions say the changes Americas past. Slave documents. ment has warned agitating pilots to The city’s anniversary is now beingwill leave their members paying Photographs. Signatures. Re- report to work by 10am on Thurs- marked, but questions still lingermore and working longer for lower cordings. Montague -- Magnificent day. Taking a tough stand, the air- over Gallus’ origins.pensions. Montague, as hes been known since line sacked 26 pilots on Wednesday Documents put Gallus as comingBut the government says current his days as a pioneering radio DJ -- and 10 on Tuesday. It now plans to from Bangor in Northern Ireland,pension schemes are unfair - and amassed an 8,000-piece collection initiate contempt proceedings but not everyone agrees. Recently,unaffordable because people are reflecting names from the well- against those who continue to ab- historian Max Schär published aliving longer. Meanwhile, about known to the forgotten to those stain from work and sack more strik- book arguing that Gallus came20,000 off-duty police officers are history never thought to remember. ing pilots. However, officials of the from Alsace because he could un-expected at a rally in London to pro- Its valued in the millions; some call now derecognized Indian Pilots derstand and preach in German.test against cuts. Among the public it priceless. One assessment of just Guild hinted that their sick pilots But according to Ernst Tremp, headsector workers taking place in the 24 five of the pieces puts the total may still not report to work. "We librarian of the St Gallen Abbey-hour strike are civil servants, NHS value of those treasures alone some- are open to negotiation and dia- Library, which is running an exhibi-workers - including paramedics …. where between $592,000 and... logue. tion devoted to... >Tech News ClickFacebook announces App Cen- versy surrounding CEO Scott egy, and to our delight, there waster Thompsons educational back- one session dedicated to "Style"For the over 900 million people ground. Meets Function," during which Vicethat use Facebook, the App Center Groupon Investor Plans to Raise 2.6 President of Industrial Design Stacywill become the new, central place Billion for Fund Wolff talked about his design phi-to find great apps like Draw Some- New Enterprise Associates, the big- losophy and design goals for thething, Pinterest, Spotify, Battle gest venture capital investor in current market.Pirates, Viddy, and Bubble Witch Groupon Inc. (GRPN), plans to raise Symantec Leapfrogs McAfee inSaga," Facebooks Aaron Brady said $2.6 billion for its new fund, the Mobile Security Pentagon approves use of Black-in a blog post. "Everything has an largest raising of its kind in more With mobile security on the radar Berry 7 modelsapp detail page, which helps people than 10 years. New Enterprise Asso- of corporations, the race is on be-see what makes an app unique and ciates 14 LP already has raised $2.1 tween Symantec and Intel-owned Obama Gets Huge Twitter Boostlets them install it before going to billion, the investor said in a filing McAfee to solve the big headache After Gay Marriage Supportan app." [CHARTS] today with the U.S. Securities and troubling IT: bring-your-own deviceInvestor wants Yahoo CFO or Exchange Commission. (BYOD). For now, Symantec has Scenes From Facebook Road Showmedia boss as temp CEO HP on laptop design similarities with the edge with its latest announce-Yahoo Incs largest outside share- Apples: its a struggle as we ment from its annual Vision confer- CloudOn Microsoft Office supportholder said the Internet company drive to simplicity ence. On Tuesday, Symantec rolled comes to Androidshould make its finance chief or HPs spent the afternoon here in out mobile application manage- Social Media Dashboard Bottlenosehead of media the interim chief Shanghai to share some details ment technology stemming from Gets Smarter, Adds Support Forexecutive because of the contro- about its latest products and strat- the acquisition last month of Multiple Accounts, Facebook Pages Nukona, a brand Symantec plans… Testing News Apple releases OS X Lion 10.7.4, fixes FileVault password bug BlazeMeter CEO Speaks on Application Performance Testing at Ubuntu Developer Summit on May 10th The CERT Basic Fuzzing Framework Gnodal Selects Spirent for Low-Latency Data Center Switch Fabric Testing Red Hat and IBM Achieve Top Security Certification for KVM Hypervisor on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and IBM Servers How to Be an App Security Consultant BreakingPoint FireStorm ONE, Worlds Only Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Fast Appliance for Massive-Scale Performance and Security Testing Anywhere, Anytime Testing Video: Introduction to CloudTest Analytics Editor’s Pick: 6 Ways to Anticipate the Future of Digital Behavior Condensed Wisdom “We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.” ~ Albert Einstein