Fb daily news monday 28 may 2012- v1.00 vs 280512


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Fb daily news monday 28 may 2012- v1.00 vs 280512

  1. 1. Daily News M o n d a y, 2 8 t h M a y 2 0 1 2 Tech NewsFacebook reportedly building NBCU parent Comcast Corp is con- Box is releasing a number of newphone with ex-Apple engineers ducting due diligence and the partner- features today, with the broad themeInteresting how the very week ship with NBC News could be un- of addressing “the needs of our larg-Google became a hardware maker wound by this summer, said Adweek, est enterprise customers in deploying The curse of free cloud ser-with the closing of its acquisition of which first reported the talks. this kind of technology,” according vices: a cautionary taleMotorola Mobility, theres talk of Falling prices to kill off half of to CEO Aaron Levie. Those featuresanother Internet giant doing the Chinese LED chipmakers include the ability to search files Lift barriers to mergers and acquisitionssame. The New York Times Nick Bil- In China, surplus capacity and sliding across an entire company, a newton reports today, citing unnamed prices are sounding the death knell for dashboard offering more granular SpaceX capsule docks at space station, opens new erasources, that Facebook is hoping to half of the companies making light controls for company administrators,release its own smartphone by next emitting diode (LED) chips used in mobile security options… American Fortune Mergers & Acquisitions Releases Top Tipsyear. Samsung television panels and Sharp Browser wars flare in mobile for Positioning and PreparingNBC may buy Microsofts computer monitors, with only the space an Owner to Sell a BusinessMSNBC.com stake large, state-backed players likely to The browser wars are heating up HPs latest do-over: SkepticismNBCUniversal is in talks to buy out pull through. again, but this time the fight is for aboundsMicrosoft Corps 50 percent stake in Box Aims For Bigger Deployments dominance of the mobile internet. Exclusive: Hands-On Withjoint venture MSNBC.com, media With New Features Like Enter- Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo BMW’s Most Advanced Info- tainment Systemreports said. prise-Wide Search are all in the struggle, along with the Norwegian-made Opera browser... RIM Said to Plan to Lay off 2,000 Staff Testing News Shunra Software and Sogeti Launch Mobile Performance Efficiency Test Solution Closed for Renovations. Sorry for the Inconvenience – Sincerely, The Internet Hackers threaten fresh wave of anti-capitalist web rioting Marrying Scrum methodology with XP and other advice from Agile expert Mitch Lacey Test Automation – Is it a Specialized Career? Can Normal Testers Do Automation Also? Testing video: Cloud Testing Myths Busted by SOASTA at Avaya Editor’s Pick: Sears Explains Its Success In Content Marketing Condensed Wisdom “Make no little plans: they have no magic to stir men’s blood.” ~ Daniel Burnham