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TCL ecommerce newsletter 30th May 2012

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Ecom newsletter 30052012

  1. 1. TCL India Ecommerce: 5 Things to know this week Newsletter Date: Wednesday 30th May 2012 E-commerce becomes star attraction Not just seasoned entrepre- Bhupathi today launched his e- neurs, but celebrities are also commerce portal, hooked by the growing e-, to exclu- commerce segment. After Bol- sively market sports goods, lywood and sports stars such apparels and footwear. For the as Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan, past seven months, Sports365 Karisma Kapoor, Salman has been operational in the Khan, Yuvraj Singh and Za- business-to-business segment, heer Khan, tennis ace Mahesh physically.“I am a sportsman 27.2m individuals – or Celebrities jump onto the 58.6% of the online popula- Bhupathi has jumped on the and I think there is a lot of po- ecommerce bandwagon. tion – logged on to ecom- fledgling e-commerce band- tential for sports e-retailers in merce platforms during wagon to exploit opportunities. the country… Read More November in 2011, 18% higher than a year before. More Amazon Wishlist Widget We have seen wishlists in part of this widget is, when you a website where the cus- are browsing product informa- tomers can add the prod- tion on non amazon sites, it ucts they wish to buy at a throws up an option to add to later point of time. I came wishlist and that product lands across a new widget from up in Amazon wishlist. Amazon which has a new This wish list can be shared concept of wishlist widget. with friends and family where This is a plug in which asks they can gift them to the wish- A wishlist can be a powerful you to choose the browser list holder. Amazing use of this Inside this marketing tool. and install there. Now best wishlist is... Read More issue: Ralph Lauren sees more global e- 2 5 Business Factors That Can Make or Break CRM commerce coming soon CRM is often referred to heavily influence CRMs Rich Snippets for as a foundation on which effectiveness for good and Ecommerce: 2 other things are built, but for ill, based on how well and CRM itself needs to sit on the business executes on GoodRelations a solid foundation as well. them. There are many What is that foundation foundational things that built on? A bunch of things every business should that are, in general, never strive to master even be- considered when we talk fore they have a CRM, but CRM needs to rest on a about CRM, but which can here are... Read More solid foundation.Disclaimer: You have been sent this newsletter as a part of our relationship marketing efforts, if you wish to unsubscribe, please mail me at
  2. 2. Ecommerce: 5 things to know this week Page 2 For the 2012 fiscal Ralph Lauren sees more global e-commerce coming soon year ended March With e-commerce sales at April 1, will expand to Japan, 31, Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Corp. growing chief operating officer Roger reported: Web sales annually by 30%, the apparel Farah told Wall Street analysts grew about 30% to this week on the company’s manufacturer and retailer has around $479.9 a big appetite to take on more year-end earnings call.“We will million from $369 international expansion. continue to invest in this high- million. The web Ralph Lauren, No. 69 in the growth global channel with accounted for 14.8% 2012 Internet Retailer Top 500 more dedicated marketing, of total sales already is selling online in more sophisticated technology compared with Austria, Belgium, Canada, and more focus on delivering a about 13.3% in France, Germany, Luxem- best-in-class customer experi- bourg, the Netherlands and ence,” Farah told analysts. fiscal 2011. the United Kingdom. But with “For fiscal 2013, we intend to a fast-growing e-commerce launch e-commerce in Japan Ralph Lauren’s ecommerce channel, Ralph Lauren in its in the second half of the year. sales are growing by 30% 2013 fiscal year, which began We will also be doubling the YoY How colors capacity… Read More affect Purchase. Rich Snippets for Ecommerce: and GoodRelations Infographic You may have noticed some “schema” has been developed search results seem to get a and evangelized by bit of extra search engine love, and GoodRela- – star ratings, prices, stock tions has added a vocabulary information, and even bread- for ecommerce sites. Google crumbs. calls enhanced search listings Free Apps To Ever wonder what’s their se- “rich snippets,” which benefit cret? websites by standing out more, Help You Sell These sites have taken ad- which may drive more traffic. More: Justuno vantage of semantic markup Though using semantic markup Find out more here read by search engines that will not give you a ranking boost exposes additional informa- directly, if click through im- Ecommerce vocabulary is tion about page content. A set proves, rankings may also im- important, talk the talk. of conventional vocabulary, or prove...Read More TCL is a specialist consultancy in software testing. Originally founded by Stewart Noakes at TCL India the beginning of 2000, the company exists to meet the needs of our clients who strive to en- sure that their IT projects create value and demonstrate return for their investment. The first TCL company was based in the UK (Transition Consulting Limited) and the group has now Level 15 Concorde Tower expanded to include enterprises in the US and India. A further expansion into Australia or UB City, Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore 560001 New Zealand is expected within the next five years. India Tel: 91(80) 4030 0648 Click links below to know more. Software Testing Case Studies Software Testing - Managed Service PESIT Tech Park 2nd Floor, 100 -ft Ring Road Health Check TCL Introduction Short Film BSK III Stage Bangalore 560085 Crowdsourcing Our Company Vision Customer Commendations India Tel: +91(80) 26426498Disclaimer: This is a free publication for limited private circulation only.TCL only curates and distributes this content which is already freely available on the internet.TCL does not claim ownership of any content used here, except the TCL logo and name.If you have any objection to the contents of this newsletter, please mail us at and we shall try and address the issue immediately.