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Ecom newsletter 21052012

  1. 1. TCL India Ecommerce: 5 Things to know this week Newsletter Date: Friday 18th May 2012 Global E-Commerce: Unique Capabilities Required Over the next few years, the and process capabilities. Cross growth in online retail sales in -border shipping is more com- markets such as Western plex than domestic package Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin handling, and international America is expected to out- buyers do not like surprises. pace U.S. growth. Given this Organizations that fail to ad- increase in cross-border e- dress complexities up front end commerce , many retailers are up with a poor customer ex- rushing to reach new markets. perience, low sales revenue Organizations that fail to International buyers do address complexities up However, the unique circum- and higher-than-expected not like surprises front end up with a poor stances of international ship- costs. In order to avoid these customer experience, low ping call for unique systems problems...Read More sales revenue and higher- than-expected costs. E-commerce cos hiring talent from IITs, IIMs The booming e-commerce market, the number of job of- space in India is likely to be fers would certainly look up," e- the game changer for job commerce firm market as online retailers CEO and have bullish hiring plans founder Sundeep Malhotra this financial year, say in- said. The online retail segment dustry players. is expected to report strong "With the growing e- growth in the coming years commerce industry in the owing to growing Internet con- e-commerce companies country and major interna- sumer base thanks to increas- Inside this recruiting big numbers at premier institutions . tional players entering the ing use of...Read More issue: Tech Leaders See Smartphones 2 Replacing Credit Staples Successful, Uncomplicated Strategy 7 Key Ecommerce- 2 Like most guys, I’m not a (usually, I’m sitting on a Infrastructure Deci- sions shopper. I don’t often buy mall bench reading while clothes for myself and my wife goes from store when I need to I usually to store). Occasionally I’ll just visit a men’s shop conduct a surgical strike where I buy the same at a Target or Walmart things each time. I go to when I’m in need of socks the mall maybe twice a or sweatpants. However, It’s all about using technol- year and that’s only be- and as a small business ogy to enable speed, con- cause of the food court owner...Read More venience and choice.Disclaimer: You have been sent this newsletter as a part of our relationship marketing efforts, if you wish to unsubscribe, please mail me at
  2. 2. Ecommerce: 5 things to know this week Page 2 Tech Leaders See Smartphones Replacing Credit Cards, Cash By 2020, the majority of U.S. well as professors and other There are still a few consumers will use smart- thought leaders. issues to resolve phones to pay for goods and Whether that makes the study before mobile services, concluded a new more or less predictive re- study from the Pew Internet & mains to be seen. What is payments become American Life Project and clear, however, is that these ubiquitous, but a Elon University. The survey is industry insiders fully believe new survey unusual in that Pew queried that smartphones will be a suggests those tech stakeholders and leaders major form of transmitting pay- hurdles will largely about the subject, as opposed ments within eight years. be cleared within to a random sample of the Some sixty-five percent said the next eight general population. Execu- that most consumers will have years. tives from such companies as accepted the smartphone as a Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) mobile payment device and will Phones will replace Cards. and Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) be comfortable using it to pay were included in the mix, as for items the way they use a debit card now. Read More 7 Key Ecommerce-Infrastructure Decisions Every business requires an pain in every aspect of your infrastructure to support its business. Here’s an example. customers and operations. If your value proposition is to How Social This includes facilities, equip- provide the highest level of ment, and processes to sup- customer service for premium Login port all the functional areas of products, then your infrastruc- Impacts your business. Choosing the ture should include processes correct infrastructure to match to deliver quick and responsive Ecommerce. your business strategies en- service, including live chat, self ables your operations to run -service tools, and quick turn- Infographic efficiently. Conversely, if an around on questions and or- element of your infrastructure ders. I addressed strategies for Know what you do well is out of sync with your strate- value propositions earlier… and know what you do gies, you will likely feel the Read More not do well. TCL is a specialist consultancy in software testing. Originally founded by Stewart Noakes at TCL India the beginning of 2000, the company exists to meet the needs of our clients who strive to en- sure that their IT projects create value and demonstrate return for their investment. The first TCL company was based in the UK (Transition Consulting Limited) and the group has now Level 15 Concorde Tower expanded to include enterprises in the US and India. A further expansion into Australia or UB City, Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore 560001 New Zealand is expected within the next five years. India Tel: 91(80) 4030 0648 Click links below to know more. Software Testing Case Studies Software Testing - Managed Service PESIT Tech Park 2nd Floor, 100 -ft Ring Road Health Check TCL Introduction Short Film BSK III Stage Bangalore 560085 Crowdsourcing Our Company Vision Customer Commendations India Tel: +91(80) 26426498Disclaimer: This is a free publication for limited private circulation only.TCL only curates and distributes this content which is already freely available on the internet.TCL does not claim ownership of any content used here, except the TCL logo and name.If you have any objection to the contents of this newsletter, please mail us at and we shall try and address the issue immediately.